Dumplings: Sharing Theatre, Sharing Culture—Vancouver—Playwrights Theatre Centre—Thurs, Nov 3, 2016

Dumplings: Sharing Theatre, Sharing Culture—Vancouver—Playwrights Theatre Centre—Thurs, Nov 3, 2016

There will be dumplings (THE DUMPLING CHALLENGE: Derek Chan, Bob Sung, and Jovanni Sy test their skills at making dumplings and serve them to the audience).

Playwrights Theatre Centre, Heart of the City Festival, Hua Foundation, and DTES Neighbourhood House in Vancouver present the Sharing Theatre, Sharing Culture conversation livestreaming on the global, commons-based peer produced HowlRound TV network at howlround.tv on Thursday, November 3 at 6:30pm PDT (Vancouver) / 8:30pm CDT (Austin) / 9:30pm EDT (New York) / Friday, November 4 at 01:30 GMT-UTC (London). Share your thoughts in Twitter with #howlround, and follow @HowlRoundTV for updates.

Sharing Theatre, Sharing Culture is a conversation of how theatre contributes to the fabric of Vancouver’s Chinatown—where food and language intersect on Coast Salish territory. Located at Downtown Eastside Neighbourhood House (573 E. Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC), the event begins with readings in English and Cantonese from Jovanni Sy’s play A Taste of Empire/稼盡莖苟, translated into Cantonese by Derek Chan. The play puts us into the audience of a fictional cooking show, and reveals truths about global food security and inequity while the master chef’s apprentice creates a fish dish. With Derek Chan, Bob Sung, Jovanni Sy, and Andrea Yu. Hosted by Kathleen Flaherty.

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dumpling Baker's you have 30 minutes to make as many nice-looking already well Giovanni obviously you have them probably the most experienced making dumplings so what would you say your dumpling making me kids experience hold it for right back here I think that's some ping-pong action going on yeah my technique is basically just alright well that's I think that's a good philosophy to have some folds over here I'll describe that for us fold there why why folds like a look a little fan shape everything really pretty you're a distracting mirror have a little bit of a gyoza more kind of form to it you know a little bit of the deform on top Oh Derek is very nice choose got smaller going on there to do in full how about you Derek where did you pick up this foldy technique ah my dad and my dad's mother actually um we did use you uh make quite a bit of dumpling so back home in Hong Kong oh so what kind of dumplings would you make a fortune yeah it's nice so probably yeah yeah or a pork it oh well porchetta sometimes we do a pork and bok choy Oh actually yeah I grand a few other things well now the reason peeking about some ingredients how about some Kevin you talk about a little bit it's you know some of the ingredients that are gentlemen you're working with tonight tonight we have pork and cabbage we had a recipe that's quite simple and straightforward kindly provided by Sunrise market local produce supplier and yeah all the ingredients are actually sourced locally to dumpling skin yeah it's actually a lot of connections to Chinatown that way in terms of Chinatown supplies the neighborhood with a lot of local produce and making sure that our residents and our local food systems are being supported so yeah are all the ingredients then here have been sourced locally so just right I'm here great so it looks like I think the numbers here you've got it's almost it's a dead even raised okay it's one of them have four going on come on different sort of shapes going on here I think we have more of a kind of like a pinching technique on the very top and then we have more sort of a gyoza effect going on here gotta make them pretty for the audience I want to tell story I was asked to tell a story so I'm going to tell so I was telling when I came in here late that this reminds me of Friday night's my dad to be out but my mom all of us would be in the kitchen my siblings and myself and this is what we'd be doing we'd be making about 300 to 500 700 dumplings for the next week and was a time not only making dumplings but also yelling and screaming at each other it was more or less like you know how was your week and the sort of like who wants to know and honey and my mother would say behave yourself and no we will not behave ourselves and basically we make about a hundred dumplings and we then we cook them and then we eat them so that's why we had to stay up late at night to cook from all that much many more dumplings so and that's my story I'm holding onto the ground and Giovanni with this fast hands like whole thing so Giovanni I know that you're actually watch the chef can you talk about sort of that your relationship with cooking so awesome so cooking as a means of professed nation that's not a bad technique and what kind of food I know that you cook a lot of filipinos we are five minutes how many why don't we can you make 50 within 50 each that's what we're looking for why don't we do a little tally a little town here so it's a dead heat right now ten across the board whose looks the best I don't know we'll have to judge well now you're talking probably probably bought yeah do you have to ask 500 yeah right how about you Derek coupled your relations are you big help me uh well I I haven't started cooking until I moved out like similarly so I left home when I was 16 home being Hong Kong um yeah and then out of necessity you know I I gotta eat so I just kind of started cooking for myself but I have come to find cooking fun okay um it's nice handiwork please make something nice yeah yeah eat afterwards which is always nice yeah and it's always a nice bonding experience if you cook with people I really like that there's that kind of your preference tamanna do the communal cooking kind of thing what two three people otherwise it gets crowded yeah yeah okay not alive some different techniques it's actually a very nice neutral way to meet people and having a dumpling wrapping a party where the you know them or not is just a question of getting together because this is what we have in the commonality is making dumplings and we get the final because eventually we're going to be eating in law we get to find out about each and every one of us yeah on making dumplings with friends who don't know how to make them to teach them and costly lesson yeah I would try to stuff way too much in the dumplings when I was a kid learning how to make them too when did you start making doublings oh when I was super young um yeah my parents and my grandparents well might yeah my parents my grandparents languages we've done thanks once in a while usually when it gets cold nice family bonding experience so we've got like a few different techniques going on here I noticed Giovanni like when you kind of lay in the meat it's a little bit more flat then we have a bit more like a rounded and a meatball over here with Derek if you talk about a little bit about you know the filling and you know how much are you how you decide how much goes into a dumpling bit of crunch yes and cut vegetables yeah you know what'd be really good use by I you can also use cars starch to thicken it up or things like this one is just I according to a mastery the meat before I use ground pork but he's a heavy butcher knife macerated to turn a really sticky and that's why will bind everything together sticking out I'm cheeky I'm sorry say it was questioned for Derek oh yes I left home when I was 16 I just turned 30 so about 14 years just about well how about our kind of your stepping technique I notice more of like the mall sort of thing going on so you talk about that a little bit oh I just do a spoonful and hope for the best all right how will we do another count see how you might want to take a look at your competitors and just kind of check out the other fellows up there see how they're doing see how we have 21 over here so see Jim 168 you have 18 17 oh honey might be a you know taking it away a little bit well I think Joe money needs to be asked it questions yeah what's the square root of 136 giovanni used to be and we went to engineer oh so he's actually excellent in math 60 do crazy equations in his head so okay how about a question of friend we're due anni oh what's the most famous artist then Mike that you mean my favorite or like who I think is the most famous for their lives just because you know like everybody knows and wanna leave so just wanted to make an announcement to avani is now in be stacking phase he has the first layer he's now stacking so Derek and ball get on any other distracting questions well what I've been taught is that dumplings represents little parcels of coal parcels of gold from a Taoist approach it's more or less like like dim sum now means touch the heart ok so the dumplings relate to the same way so that that's the significant meaning that I was that I was told yeah so so so how about we do a midway check in about the the form of the dumplings we're gonna have it almost a little bit of a vote all right weird 30 seconds away from 15 minute from 15 minutes so just Lonnie's dumpling shape right over here we have a bit of the gyoza they should and they are all standing up on their own very good we also have exactly we have over here mr. Derek's all manageable though all of them are goofy out and then and is that Bob yes oh oh yeah like a little bit of the flare so how about we do a little bit of a vote but who like so far live in maryville preliminary come in here and this is strictly for for not tasted so how about javonni's freestanding dumplings you can snap to okay how about over here mr. Derek very supportive and so this might be a volume of the winner I'm actually going to stand back here so how can hear me too hey how are out hey as wide world web so how round is an online Commons so that's like a knowledge center for performance all over North America so they have all kinds of articles journals interviews with theatre-makers from all over North America talking about the biggest ideas that are happening on stage from LA to Toronto to know too much so we are part of how around we like to try and bring events that are happening in Vancouver all over North America via hell round TV and it's a great service because they provide it free to theatre-makers all over North America so that we can try and share what happens and it's really important for us because theatre is really local right it's live it's all of us being in the room together and how run gives us a chance to be in the room with people from all over the continent so so thanks Hal round thank you bob is sort of catching up over here though I don't know Giovanni hauls pretty that's a pretty wide hall there yeah you got Derick I don't know I don't know pick it up a little bit here everyone has to be perfect they're just laying them win yeah the young guy right buddy yes bonnie is he's the distraction so okay I believe that is World War one yeah Jay honest board will report or 111 yeah like an engineer an artistic director and historian just right over here went to the dinosaurs go extinct your money Adele eyes you're my question is is there anyway like what one of the many ways in all this dumpling maker could screw this up all right what are the obstacles in the way of a perfect are we making you paranoid how about any thoughts from Derek and Bob cuz it seems like you guys have some technique so obviously that came with time no just basic get to it and practice if you screw up it's fine to screw up yeah just keep on doing it that's all that's one thing about dumpling don't thing like lightly how about you Derek any any tips for any novices there you can still eat it even if it falls apart in the water and all of the same in your stomach anyway so how about do we have any sort of not for stories but like kind of first time making dumplings sort of mistake stories at all how about you Bob what I did one time is that I put egg in the pork mixture became too runny Oh what happened is that I put the filling in and then only thing everything like I pastured pork dumpling soup min sport so basically the liquify liquefied all right how about you Derek oh we would when we were kids what would make dumplings with the weirdest shapes oh yeah like double dough and little legs and faces and and I mean they don't try not very tasty because there's too much better well it lasted yeah yeah how about you Giovanni here and there you get water on water and it doesn't stick so I figured out if you go to one side is water to flower all right right so just find better it seems like an air of all three of you have that technique which is great they're all binding really nicely yeah yes seems like we got a question how about back there oh that's all about Tamra deacon tim right I go to footsteps us across from old river park a yellow building I think Double Happiness yeah how about anyone else on our dumpling making challenge any dumpling recommendations in the neighborhood I guess anywhere if you off within this radius you'll find something for you I go to double happen double happiness and then on on pender street 200 block e spender there's cam why cam why they got good we got good one tons airing everything so Bob obviously you're with the work closely to Chinatown are there any two restaurants that you would recommend just within the neighborhood well right now there was J dynasty I guess they'll be reopening up what I'm really am happy about reading the papers about this taiwan beef noodle place opening up on kefir and main and that's me kind of exciting i think that will be exciting yeah it's a lot of like exciting sort of cuisine in chinatown going on right now well in one sense not so much as a traditional sense i mean right now because of what's happening is that the only one is florida and gain one turn traditional chinese but of course we have albay and sigh whoo which is more of a contemporary contemporary application I think it's all part of revitalization of having a healthy respect for the past but also thinking about the future even Chinese food is going to be in Chinatown just invite all of our competitors to take a moment put down the dumpling you're currently working on stand up ah yes cuz we're going in the last five minutes all right and five minutes to go go ahead I couldn't meet my blunders doing almost sounds oh my goodness 721 to 250 I think yeah I think seven 250 knew bonnie is speeding along here alright how about we do any of you have any stories Oh grandmother used to say if you if you don't give you if you eat them too quickly and they'll burn a hole in your stomach because there's because you're so hard and I used to be terrified when I was a kid so I would just soak them in vinegar until they were kind of lukewarm that's my dumpling reporter story how about you Giovanni how about you Bob I think the only one is that sitting by the family kitchen table on Friday night just making the dumplings and just eating them I can't there's no secret hero down playing back when I was a kid I was a shape of a dumpling so we have a very patient gentleman over there they are right Ukraine's Ukraine's yeah but isn't some of the Ukraine background isn't it partially asian too hey what would you say there is a Columbia exchange in the late 1700s and actually it was the Spanish explorers columbia columbus they brought the potato over from South America to Spain to Ireland he seems as though a job that's one thing about food migration but also it was the Spanish I brought all the Chili Peppers from Spain to India to China and it's only about 200 years of age that we have Szechuan cuisine it's a very young cuisine because before that original chili peppers in China did nothing spicy looks like Jonah fine on his last round I'll be do the countdown for 10 seconds away alright well let you know 10 second countdown I know we have one more rapper with your bio the last rap is always its speed and tasty if that's right its speed and look I did not I guess they would all taste the same I'm point of quality not quantity looks like Derek speeding up his technique a little bit riding up crying guys try one on and Bob is just steady said he's not going to compromise the quality of the dumb flavor for the Contras prepping already my goodness and they all stand up on their own to that is very impressive 30 seconds yeah this is my last one don't give up yet Derek it's not over boy ass technol echo you guys work soon evening for we remember before who your members exactly I haven't been I haven't way back home in a while so I've only been making it on my own for the most part anyway we open it like this actually back home kind of just in our tiny little kitchen and uncle but everybody has their own station the chairs are in the right spot okay we gotta check hi hi good idea I'll actually take care of that payphone


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