Easy essay - Introduction - Body - Conclusion - Essay writing in english for kids

Easy essay – Introduction – Body – Conclusion – Essay writing in english for kids

Easy Essay – When writing an essay for school or college: 1-Focus on the question 2- Have a plan 3- The Introduction 4- The Body 5- Conclusion 6- Proofread
These essay writing for beginner tips will help adults and kids

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they need to carefully look at the questions they're being asked the question should always have a key term it's usually the first first word of the question it may be later and they are things like explain discuss outline analyze identify have a conversation around that and really nut out the key points drop those key points down in each examination the verbs actually ask a really specific thing for example if they're asking you to evaluate what they're really doing is asking you to make a judgement about something if on the other hand they're asking you to just name and define something they're asking you to name it and explain what that thing is about but they are different things so a student really needs to understand what the verb of the question is asking for them to do it and very successful at responding to that circle the important words in the question and make sure you focus on what they're asking you to do not what you want to do essays follow a very specific formula practice your essay structure so that you're following the introduction body and conclusion they start with an introduction that introduces everything that's going to be discussed in the essay that will follow really make sure you're addressing what is the question asking and put forward your response to it and then just in very key short sentences the points that you're going to be discussing in your essay to support your answer those key points form your introduction and each point starts a paragraph topic sentences which introduce what each paragraphs going to be about in each paragraph you need to expand on that point to elaborate and explain and draw upon the text or the sources why it is that you are putting forward this point of view or this argument knowing your language features so metaphor simile personification you have an example from your text and then you explain the effect of using that language feature because authors don't use language features you know just a pad they use it to have an effect on the audience so it's important the students understand that and it's got to relate back to that question every new idea is a new paragraph so they don't end up with ginormous paragraphs one idea one paragraph student should be learning that from primary school then your conclusion needs to sum it all up but you never include any new information because that shows you have a plan so the introduction introduces all the points of an essay and then each point is expanded on in the subsequent paragraphs and then all of those points are rounded up and brought together in the conclusion we say essay writing instruction say what you're going to say what do you say it conclusion say what you've said


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  2. Please, I'm an Arabic person and I'm struggle with pronunciation. Especially, P+B , F,V could you help with it? However, I already stated studying at University, but isn't easy to handle the pronunciation.

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