Eklavya - Short Stories from Mahabharata

Eklavya – Short Stories from Mahabharata

Eklavya – Eklavya’s story emphasis an important lesson for today’s generation of children – that of respecting one’s elders. This is a story about a young man’s loyalty to his guru and his deep and abiding respect and affection for him. Eklavya was a normal boy from a hunter’s family who had a tremendous interest in archery. He learnt archery on his own and proved his prowess to who he considered to be his guru. When his guru asked for the ultimate sacrifice from an archer, he willingly made it. Such was his commitment, which we should all follow as an apt example of a truly devoted student.

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#shortstories #cartoon #eklavya #animatedstories #englishstory – Eklavya – Short Stories from Mahabharata

this is the story of a boy who lived his life with great compassion and honesty he showed the world that faith and respect for your master could indeed take you places this is the story of a Colombian long ago in the jungles of northern India there lived a boy named Ekalavya he lived with his mother and his father who was the head of the forest Nicoll of years parents had brought him up with discipline and known other good qualities one day his father had to wage a war against his enemies to support the king of their country he died in the war leaving small Ekalavya and his mother alone although his mother tried to console him a Columbia was terribly depressed and saddened by the sudden death of his father upon his father's death a Columbia had to take up his father's responsibilities as the head of the forest from the time he was a child a Columbia loved animals and treated all the animals in the forest with great love and affection but he was terribly disturbed by the wild foods that would enter the forest and drag off the young cars deer and cattle their pitiful cries were unbearable to a Calif year he decided that he must help them one day he approached his mother saying mother can't you hear the low price of the cows and gear of the forest the wild wolves mercilessly killed young we must help them please tell me how can I protect them Ekalavya I know how compassionate you are but this is how nature is we cannot do anything about it these wild animals live in the bushes of the jungle and we cannot find out where they hide mother fear hunters and we all know archery then why can't we kill them when they are hiding in the bushes my son I appreciate your kindness and love for animals but to track and find an animal that lives in the bushes is very difficult and to aim at it and kill you need extraordinary skills and thorough practice you cannot sit in this jungle and learn all these skills and no one here is Leonard enough to teach you but I have to master this art what shall I do there is only one person who can teach you this art his name is dronacharya the teacher of pandavas and kauravas who are the princes of hastinapur the capital city of this kingdom dronacharya is a Brahmin who has learned this art from his father said parrot Raja the greatest sage of all time and also from his great teacher guru Parasurama how did Dronacharya become so famous he was a dedicated student of his guru parasurama who is an avatar of Lord Rama Dronacharya spin lies in his discipline and humility there is an interesting story about how he became the teacher for the Pandava and carava princes please tell me the story mother it sounds really interesting the pandavas and kauravas the princes of Hasina pour our castles king pandu sons are the pandavas and his brother king dhritirashtra sons are the Kauravas their grandfather was Bhishma one of the greatest personalities in the legendary epic of the Mahabharata Bhishma was the son of Ganga Debbi mother river Ganga without Bhishma there could be no Mahabharata he was highly talented and had great love for his father he sacrificed his life and did not marry for the sake of his father's happiness he was also a highly skilled Archer when Bhishma was in search of an able teacher to teach the princes he heard about dronacharya he already knew that parasurama the greatest master of all times was dronacharya master he wanted to meet him and request him to train the princess one day when the young princes were playing near a well Biya ball fell into the well they were distraught because they did not know how to get their ball out of the well at that moment they saw a Brahmin standing nearby watching them play they are the Brahmin to help them the Brahmin took a small piece of dry grass chanted some mantras and threw the stick of grass into the well where it got stuck to the ball similarly he sent blades of grass one after the other till they form a row touch the top of the well finally he pulled the ball out of the well with the Rope of grass and handed it over to the princess how did he do that mother he must be really great the princess were extremely happy and they took the ball and narrated the whole story to their grandfather Bhishma Bhishma knew that the Brahmin was none other than dronacharya as no one else could possess such skill in archery he immediately sent his soldiers along with the princess to ask dronacharya to come to the palace the soldiers brought their own acharya to the palace and Bhishma appeals to dronacharya to become the Guru for his grandsons the pandavas and kauravas dronacharya accepted the proposal and began teaching them he is now the great guru of the princes of Hastinapura mother I want to go right away and become his student but will he accept me he will definitely accept you as his student but you have to become obedient sincere loyal and humble he is a great person my blessings will be with you my son the next day full of expectations and enthusiasm Ekalavya set out towards Hastinapur to meet Ron Acharya but at the outskirts of the city itself he came across Dronacharya training the princess Dhiraj area was demonstrating how to stand erect on which leg one should rest more body weight how to position the hands and fingers how to position the arrow and mount the arrow how to concentrate upon the object to what extent one should draw the thread and when to release the arrow a Columbia got very excited seeing all this he waited for the right opportunity to talk to guru Dronacharya when the princess took a break between their practice a Columbia approached guru Dronacharya and fell at his feet get up my boy who are you and what do you want creakings oh great guru my name is Olivia I am from the nearby jungle I became the head of the forest after my father passed away I want to learn archery and protect the wildlife of the forest I don't have anyone to teach me or train me my mother has told me a great deal about you I am keen in learning archery and I would be honored if you would accept me as your student please help me guru Dronacharya was highly moved by the young boy's affection he really wanted to accept him as a student but as he was the teacher for the pencils he could not accept a mere jungle boy as his student and trained him alongside the princes moreover archana the third brother of the Pandavas had immense potential energy and other skills and Drona had promised him that he would make him the best archer in the world knowing all this he could not accept a Columbia but at the same time he did not want to disappoint him so in order to pacify you he said my dear boy I'm really happy to see your interest in archery and your love for animals you're highly intelligent go back to the forest and start practicing someday you will become a master Archer on your own Ekalavya was highly pleased and he felt as though he had received the greatest blessing in life Thank You guru I seek your blessings a Columbia my blessings are with you although I cannot be there to train you you will always be my student now go home and practice by yourself Inc Aliyev returned to the forest and made an idol popular acharya and started praying before him every day he used to adorn the idol with flowers and start his practice before him whenever he forgot something he would stand in front of the idol meditate on his guru and find the solution because of his high devotion to his master he was able to practice and improve his skills years past and a Columbia became a master Archer I was able to track and kill the wild animals hiding behind the bushes just fine listening to them own the cattle and other animals in the forest were very happy and light went on peacefully the people of the forest were very happy with the talent and a Columbia as the head of their forest one day the Pandavas went for a hunting expedition in the forest along with ashwathama the son of unit area eating the dog went for during in the forest when the dog saw a Columbia practicing archery dressed in a tiger skin it began barking at him Ekalavya tried but could not stop the dog from barking and disturbing him he sent a bunch of arrows at it and closed its mouth the dog ran away to Arjuna asvatthama look at the dog someone has closed his mouth with arrows only a highly trained doctor can do this it would be amazing to find such a skilled Archer in this forest extraordinary skill let us find out who has done this sooner and ashwathama followed their dog and reached the place where Ekalavya was practicing they were stunned to see a good-looking young man dressed in a hunter's clothes hey who are you how dare you curse my dog's mouth with arrows I am egg Libya the head of this forest your dog was disturbing me that's why I closed its mouth who is your master the great guru Dronacharya is my master Arjuna and Ashwathama were shocked to hear this what are you saying Dronacharya is my guru I am Arjuna the Pandava Prince dronacharya teaches one Lee Prince an odd jungle boys like you do not like my father has taught me all the noble qualities in life I don't lie my master is a great person he doesn't see any distinctions in caste and world he will teach anyone who has sincerity and devotion what do you mean my group promised to make me the greatest Archer in the world but now it looks like he has not lived up to his promise this is really shocking whatever you want to say about me you can go ahead and say it but not another word against my master or I will have to cut out your tongue ashwatthama took Arjuna back to hustling apoo to meet Dronacharya drew Rosario was shocked and at the same time immensely moved by a Colombia's devotion Dronacharya recalled how he had come to make a promise to Arjuna to make him the greatest Archer in the world Ron Acharya had made a vow when he was young which he still had to fulfill when he was a student he had a friend in the school called Drupada who is the son of again he was very rich after their school education came to an end Drupada sorted through raj area that he would be his true friend throughout his life and also asked him to come and meet him whenever he wasn't moved as years passed Superga succeeded his father and became the king after dronacharya studies he won't be difficult to lead a normal life as he did not earn enough remembering his childhood friend Drupada he approached him but Drupada did not receive dronacharya he told him that she was nothing better than a common beggar and a beggar like him could not be friends with a he humiliated Dronacharya and drove him and his wife and child away Dronacharya was penniless and did not know what to do he made a vow that one day he would capture Truvada destroy his kingdom and make him bow down before him when garage area was training the princes he narrated this story and told them about the vow he had taken at that very instance Arjuna came forward amidst all the students and promised guru Dronacharya that he would capture the avatar and fulfill his vow this incident moved dronacharya and for Arjuna there was another incident which made a large area understand Arjuna's determination after the practice session the Builder we're eating with a strong wind began and the lights went away suddenly in spite of this everyone completed it you know me after some time the lights came all again and Arjuna approached guru Dronacharya guru I have a small costume the lights went up a mild wave a beating but everybody was able to finish their meal and there was no problem the food was also not split on the fro how is that possible Arjuna you are really intelligent you're the only one who noticed this this happened through sheer practice if you are able to practice correctly you can achieve anything in this world nothing is impossible even with the slightest sound you will be able to find people in the dark and hit the right target you can achieve this through determination and through practice Thank You Guruji for this valuable lesson the next team dronacharya was amazed to see your chilla practicing alone in the dark guna chharia called out to him art you know what are you doing in this darkness guru yesterday you taught me that if we practice properly we can hit targets in the night without light uncle are hidden enemies Dronacharya was immensely pleased with his devotion Arjuna I am very proud of you I will make you the greatest Archer in the world no one will be able to outdo you in this week thank you I will make a hope a reality highly impressed with Arjuna's devotion and sincerity Dronacharya started training him Arjuna showed immense interest in archery and all other skills when Arjuna asked Dorit area how he could go back on his word after making him a promise that he would make him the greatest Archer in the world Dronacharya was unable to say anything he decided to accompany Arjuna and ashwathama to the forest news spread in the forest the garage area was coming to meet a Columbia a Colombia's happiness knew no bounds the whole forest was decorated with colors and lies the people were bright costumes and eagerly waited to great dural acharya and the Pandava Prince Arjuna John Acharya approached a Columbia and he was amazed to see his idol decorated with flowers Ekalavya Philip dronacharya speed tears started pouring down his cheeks and he could not control his emotions get up my boy you have made an idol of me and you have practiced archery in front of it why did you do this guru you are everything to me since you have accepted me as your student and asked me to practice in the forest I started practicing whenever I had a problem I would meditate in front of your idol and immediately I would find a solution that's how I learned this art master I want you to see my skill in archery Ekalavya made his master Arjuna and ashwatthama watch him perform various different fields in archery Dronacharya was amazed and even Arjuna started appreciating his skill completely forgetting the purpose of his visit guru Dronacharya was dumbstruck with a colombia's amazing devotion he did not have any words to express his feelings after some time Jorah chharia came to his senses he did not know what to tell the poor jungle boy he was also answerable to the prince he called a calabria and whispered to him Ekalavya I am blessed to have a student like you I am really moved with your devotion god bless you my son I am really proud of you but a Columbia I have something to tell you I don't know how to say this but your immense talent in archery has landed me in a lot of trouble my guru what are you saying I thought you would be happy I don't want to do anything against your wishes I will not do anything that makes you feel sad please tell me what should I do I am ready to sacrifice my life for you Dronacharya was unable to control his love for the poor jungle boy he controlled his tears when he remembered his promise to Arjuna Ekalavya for accepting you as my student I need guru dakshana from you will you give me what I need guru it is your right to ask me for guru dakshana ask me for my life and I will gladly give it to you I won't your right thumb as gue reduction saying this garage area was unable to control his emotions Arjuna who overheard this conversation is completely dumbstruck but before he could react everything was over upon hearing his gurus words Ekalavya placed his thumb bond store and aimed at it with his arrow with his left hand and cut it off he then offered his bleeding tongue to his master Dronacharya could not believe his eyes Arjuna was completely taken aback seeing the devotion of the poor jungle boy Ekalavya drawer acharya broke down completely and hugged Ekalavya Ekalavya my son please pardon me let god bless you with old sixes in life Dhiraj Arya left the forest along with arjuna and ashwatthama and returned to hasta Nepal after losing his right thumb a Columbia still practiced archery with his left hand and mastered the art once more during the Mahabharata war in the Pandavas and the Kauravas he was asked to join the Kaurava army as his father had belonged to the core of a kingdom but before he could participate in the war he was killed by Krishna Krishna had observed his skill at archery and knew that he joined the forces with the Kauravas the Pandavas would surely be defeated as he was as killed as Arjuna was even though he was killed by Krishna Krishna granted him eternal bliss


  1. Even without Dronacharya's guidance in person, Ekalavya was still able to be as great at Arjuna. It is very sad that only bad things had to happen to him because of Arjuna and everyone's partiality to Arjuna. It is very sad. Arjuna could not have done this.

  2. Ya to make Arjuna great because he was prince dhronacharya did wrong after seeing all these I don’t think Arjuna was a great he was great because of Krishna otherwise he was nothing in front of karna eklavya

  3. this story might not be correct bcz in some other YouTube videos dronacharya is a wrong person and he didn't want ekalavya to be his student because he was not a brahmin

  4. To all the people out there, those who use foul language please know that you guys are not even enough to talk about them nor be able to clean the feet of Arjuna. Arjuna and Krishna are the incarnations of Vishnu. Please know that Arjuna cannot be compared to anyone on the earth.Please be careful and use words carefully or else you would suffer after your death.

    For all those blind people who don't know the facts please read Mahabharatha.

    Ekalavya was definitely a sincere hard working and he learnt the archery skills through Dronacharaya Statue.
    One day when Dronacharya and Pandavas went to hunting, ( To test what they have learnt ) they had these hunting dogs with them.
    When one of the hunting dogs saw Ekalavya it started barking due to his forest attire of leaves on his body.
    So Ekalavya shot arrows into the dog's mouth in such a way that there were arrows all around the mouth of the dog and the dog has its mouth open with several arrows. When Dronacharya saw this incident he realised that the skill archery went into the wrong hands of the person and would cause destruction if not used properly. Because those who are skilled archery they should have mercy on whoever kneels down.
    When he found out he was his disciple he asked for Ekalavya's thumb Finger. He didn't ask to make Arjuna Famous.

    Dear Uploader please have all the facts before uploading a video about Mahabhartham and then upload, it may infect the minds of people and blind goat people still believe what they see but they don't have the anxiety to know the truth and ignorant people comment on Arjuna.

    Dear people Dronacharya was such a great person, to learn the archery skill kings used to come from several parts of the world.
    He taught Arjuna the Brahma Astra upsamharana but not to his son Ashwathdhama. That's his love towards students.

  5. And the moral of the story is don't be as awesome as you can be or your teacher may turn on you, (despite loving you,) and a god may kill you??? I guess every religion has its odd stories that don't make much sense today, or perhaps it is just this video isn't quite telling it properly. Perhaps an extended version of what happened later makes things clearer, but this is not an inspiring story.
    It seems like something more communication would have helped with. Perhaps Arjun would be understanding of the situation if it was fully explained to him & release his master from his promise, if that's possible. After all, the master didn't actually teach Eklavya. He only inspired him.

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