Ep. 91 - AJ Hawk Is The Absolute Best : PMS 2.0

Ep. 91 – AJ Hawk Is The Absolute Best : PMS 2.0

On today’s show, Pat and the guys welcome on friend of the show, Ohio State legend, Super Bowl champion, 5th overall pick of the 2006 NFL Draft, and one of the funniest humans on the planet, AJ Hawk, for the entire episode. They discuss everything from AJ and Pat’s relationship, them calling NCAA Football games together, AJ’s relationship with Aaron Rodgers and how the Lake Tahoe tournament was, his thoughts on the raid on Area 51, whether he thinks aliens are real, and what he enjoys doing in his leisure time. They also cover his thoughts on players not being happy about their ratings in Madden, how he thinks the Packers will fare this NFL season, what it’s like being apart of the first celebrity couple, whether he thinks Urban Meyer will coach college football again, and much more. It’s a hilarious interview (2:14-1:49:44). Today’s a fun one. Come and laugh with us, cheers.





howdy-doody dainty it is Thursday July 18th and we have an incredible show for you that is right a Jayhawk sat down with us for the entirety of today's show covering absolutely everything the NFL golf Aaron Rodgers Baker Mayfield you name it we talked about aliens lotta alien talk water talk talks about water did we ocean oceans were space oh yeah yeah we talked into it all and I think you're gonna enjoy the hell out of this conversation sometimes when I'm talking to him I completely forget that the guy is an absolute legend not only in the NFL world not only in the n-c-double-a football world but in the world in general a Jayhawk is a name that rings true with humans everywhere hey you know a Jayhawk oh I've heard of that fucking incredibly manly name well I same a hawk great his girlfriend did the jersey thing at the oh we talked about that but the one thing I love talking about every single episode is the greatest ticket buying platform on planet Earth and it's right see geek is 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friends I took Todd to Book of Mormon I was just he and I on this thing that show I've ever seen live you can see it obnoxiously close to other humans while watching something incredibly entertained and love it and see geek is the place go get those tickets shut up to you for listening the show you don't have to inshallah to see kick now ladies and gentlemen a conversation with a great oh my god you should see how good you look on this size oh oh you in a big boy chair kind of chair yeah look at it is it a sad snatcher no what is that it's a satchel yeah I don't know oh yeah quick quick deflection there alright I like it I'm not scared I would carry it well the reason why you could carry that is because joining us now live from his home sitting on a what looks to be a royal chair of some sort with a high back and it's because this man deserves it he's a Super Bowl champion his actual license plate says Ohio State legend he's from Ohio he's one of the most handsome men on earth fresh off the American Century Championship golf tournament ladies and gentlemen podcaster good at lifer motivational speaker cliche user handsome white guy linebacker AJ ha what's up man nothin oh dude I'm so excited to talk to you I haven't talked to you in so long I know it's been a while whenever I sent you a text I I get a FaceTime called nine days later so I'm excited to catch up man I won't let you know it's not just you it's not just you I've had an insane schedule the last couple months I've been running around like a madman and when I did see that text for me that you sent to me I saw it immediately and something happened where I just didn't respond and that's 100% on me that happens a lot though I do these IG stories I ask for people to ask me questions I never respond it's a hundred percent it's a weakness it's a weakness it's not a weakness I get it I do this exact same thing I'm I don't trust me I don't take it personally I'm okay with you asked me why I wasn't in Tahoe and I almost feel like there was a chance if I was out there I would have been invited to you and Aaron Rodgers little 70s or 60s party you guys had I actually missed that little eighties party I was not there for that I had to go to the course for some I forget what it was some karaoke night actually I'd go watch but they did that while I was away and I came home they wanted me to get in costume but I didn't bring anything accidentally oh you were living with her and Rogers out there not living but yeah he rents a house out there so we stay out there my brother and I and my wife were there and we paddleboard in the morning getting that cold Lake and swim and it's a great spot man I would have went if I knew there was a chance of me being invited to this house I'm sure you would have feet Pat told me you were awesome down the Bahamas you say that a little bit louder so we can cliff that if you could look straight into the camera too so we can use this as a and use instead of saying you say Pat mcafee yeah there's my camera on my phone yeah no that may say yeah Aaron told me he said hey Pat McAfee was the MVP of this tournament whoa dude I don't know what you know yeah I mean something just happened inside of me that hasn't happened on a lot of time I wish you would have went to that tournament it would have been cool to have you down there oh the Bahamas thing no I don't think I you guys are good golfers down there in Tahoe this year maybe the worst I've ever played how many years have you begun to this Tahoe tournament I think this was my nice year cuz early in it you spear dad random drunk kid on the course that took over the Internet and I think that secure juror invite forever I'd assume I would hope it would give me a couple years I don't know you there's they tell you there's like nine there's like 88 90 people in the field and there's over 400 people in consideration so every year they cut people so I'm just thankful to keep getting invited back I'll do whatever it takes I wonder if they'll invite me next year since I turned it down this year at the 11th hour I literally it happen man I was just my schedule was fucking insane it was it and I was like I can't go for five days to Tahoe right now with everything we got going on so I had to back out of it literally at the 11th hour though it was uh it was me talking to the mirror a lot like bro this tournament is an awesome fucking dirty shit on TV all the time your best friend Aaron Rodgers is gonna be there other people are gonna be there you have to go and then I made like the first mature decision of my entire life I was like nope it'll ruin me if I go out there for four days I won't be able to survive yeah I mean everyone missed you we there's a player's meeting on Wednesday night and they said oh there's 21 new players this year in the tournament and they they announced the new players and they stand up and give a little wave and they didn't announce your name and I was like all right well it's not that he didn't just miss the meeting they didn't announce his name so he must have backed out and I knew your schedule was nuts but then every single day I was out there playing multiple people usually 36 years and below everyone was like hey man where's Pat that's not 36 years old and below I got that locked up real busy I guess and then the next like three minutes later another kid would ask him I don't know man I'm not his dad I was wondering how long it's a really good sick event I was only gonna have the footage of the exact human that actually that question that you were done with I don't fucking know all right I was I guess some whole thing I wasn't that direct with the dude but I guess I try not to get outwardly frustrated like I try to just show it to them but then I took it as a common like hey man I guess some of the things that Pat and I have done people watched and listened that's a great way to flip it because we have done some magical stuff we had a podcast called the laces out show where's me him and Jerry Thornton who's a personality from Boston it was when I was at barstool AJ was doing some stuff and I looked the schedule was terrible I mean it was a fucking terrible schedule we recorded it like midnight on Sunday nights and we had a show Monday morning everything it was tough it was very tough but I had a great time you're an electric figure on the Internet the hot cast is something that doesn't get talked about enough your podcast do you still do that I don't really see updates pop up that much that's my problem man you know like it's consistency and I am terrible was consistency my problem is booking guests I don't have a team of 38 people around me to reach out and get people to book booked these guys for me so maybe I do maybe I need to find a crew I honestly I struggle coming up with suggestions in my own head of who I want to reach out to so I struggle with that and by the way Zito's doing no booking so I found him off the list a lot of the guys in here but I'll come and I'll be like hey who's somebody would be a good guess cuz I feel like they would know better and then tie your put together a list and I've been scared to reach out to a lot of them to be honest because all the good guests are people that because you're taking a big risk you're asking them calling your show and then when they say no it's hard not to just hate them for it no no it ain't like I don't want to hate everybody forever I guess I mean I've had people either is it better if they just say no where's the better if they just ghost you and they go dark and never respond or maybe respond once yeah that sounds cool man and then you hit him back and go okay yeah what's worked out a day and time and then nothing you never hear from has that happen with you oh yeah whoo all right I don't too many to count I don't know I mean I feel like I can't somebody jayhawks yeah I've reached out to a lot of that some people where you big ghost me for eight months then they get back to me like you hey man I would never go I need though I need guest suggestions honestly if you or any of your team thinks and go there be good people for me to talk to honestly let me know because that's I'm in a real drought right now I'm about Pacman Jones would you enjoy talking to Pacman Jones absolutely I was on this team for a year pac-man's the best okay so this I don't know if this will make the final cut or not all kind of will mark this and see if or not this is something I do want to talk to you about Pacman Jones wants to do a podcast I think you and him doing a podcast together would be fucking electric if we work oh whoa Pat still lives in Cincinnati yeah you live it's it's a very full-time I think we could set up the tech for you to just a beam to each other oh wow they'd be amazing I love I think so too and I'm i sat behind pack in our team meeting I love that kid I think you would be a good host for him too right so I don't I don't think pac-man can host the show but boy I think if somebody sets him up for some things to say and have good conversation he's a lot more intriguing figure than I could have ever imagined we had a mattr show in Cincinnati we did a live show there he was our guest a the crowd went nuts for him they weren't crazy for him we mentioned the name Chris Collinsworth as potentially being against the whole place but– i don't know who that loud but they went nuts for pac-man and he's obviously entertaining in his store being credible and we're trying to figure out a good co-host for him and I literally thought that my son was like hey Jay somebody's I think Zeno said a Jayhawk and I was like fucking a Jayhawk would be a great so I think that could be a potential goldmine there for you I think yeah I don't know if it's gonna make it but you know honestly if PAC would want to do it take it from me and packing I just kind of talked him through the games like we we record put it out on Mondays and I asked him about the big things that happened throughout the Sundays and we kind of go back and forth because you know Pat can talk for days and he's he's super smart too especially long football he's unreal I mean he played until he was like 50 years old at corner I mean that is not an easy thing you got to be very intelligent out there to play corner yeah and he is vicious every day at practice whenever he was going man PAC would compete harder than anybody and try to fight any single person you know why why his upbringing is the most at the Cincinnati show I tried to keep it light as possible alive but some things you just have to like ask about in the way he talked about where he grew up he called it a terror zone he said it was a terror zone where I grew up if you didn't fight you're basically a dead man and then they hand me a nineteen million dollars or something like that and tell me I can't fight anymore he said that I didn't do great with that he said I didn't do great with that it was interesting to kind of hear him open up about it all including strip clubs even talked about strip clubs it was it was very interesting to hear him talk about it all cuz I think he hindsight he wouldn't change anything because it's kind of made him the man he is today but I think he's recognized that he went through some troubles with a lot of that shit yeah but his pack is he's smart enough to to realize why he is the way he is like you said he he sees like no I remember talking to him at times there now it's just different man like where are you you're from a lot from it's different he's like sometimes I I just freak out or you know I just exploded and in that then I eventually he comes back to to life he comes back and realizes what was going on but yeah I respect this like he lives by like a code we're like you don't cross them you don't you don't mess with him or any of his family or disrespect to anybody and I kinda I really respect that like code that he lives by every day it's really nice to be on the good side of pac-man by the way I'm happy that I'm there I'm really happy that I'm there it's cool that it happened – it just kind of cuz we WVU connection then we played cincy every preseason so I got to talk to him he's I think you two would make a hell of a team honestly I think it'd be a great show nobody no man would be fun all right which I stopped to say there it is let's lock that in okay cool um what else is going on your life what are you doing this fall a Jayhawk you last year you were doing games I got a chance to call game with you people are saying that you and I were possibly the greatest broadcast team in a history of football so that's kind of cool are you calling more games are you doing the high school football thing that you did with Adidas he did this high school football thing with adidas where it was four and a half hours straight no commercials just who's a Joe Rogan podcast while watching a five minute piece they'd run a half-time yeah I think I'm gonna do maybe five games for them this year for adidas Friday nights Friday nights stripes they call it and yeah like their productions ridiculous do you enjoy calling games yeah I do that I loves doing games then I'll be doing some college games too so I I love it that's my number one thing I always want to do is games and then Sirius Radio and podcasting all throughout and kind of that's I make my own schedule layer and then the games are the one thing that I kind of get locked into for the Fall we're just getting started this thing gets going and gets going in a hurry you're gonna absolutely love it another thing you're gonna love is longer-lasting sex most guys have tried different ways to last longer but thinking about baseball doesn't always work the folks at Roman and online men's health company are changing the game with Roman swipes Roman swipes that's the secret to longer-lasting sex saying the Pledge of Allegiance in your head very patriotic of you not 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shouldn't say that that was main pad I apologize what is the number one analyst I don't know what that means like Tony Romo right now is the number one Dennis Cris Collinsworth is the number one analyst Booker MacFarlane is the number one analyst let's see Thursday for Troy Aikman is the number one analyst yes they're the number one crew for their mess yeah of course no I don't have like a goal like that yeah be awesome I don't know if that would ever happen someday but I like doing games and if I eventually get some big games or get on different networks cool that'd be fine with me but I'm cool Rapson trying to get better at it but there's no like endgame it's not like oh I want to call the Super Bowl one day you ever see that thing Troy Aikman was real honest he called his Super Bowl however many years ago and afterwards he felt kind of weird and like a little bit depressed and awkward and people like all what's going what's wrong man that's like the biggest moment your life he's like no I played I won three rings like I was just talking about the game but it's not that big deal like I don't he felt weird about it and that's kind of how I'm like no I like doing it I like being there no matter what the level what the game is like I don't have to be doing a giant game that the whole world series is it tough after you win a Super Bowl and be crowned the best in the world it's something to find that pleasure and anything else no but rapin Rao's like Trane was like no I I won three Super Bowls it's kind of hard to match that feeling I'd assume it has to get you you can't match that I mean it about you when you you kickoff in the Super Bowl can you match the what you felt like right before you made that kick no the hint you honestly cannot I mean you can't have that feeling now granted I don't know if I can match the fucking the amount of misery that was in that locker room after we lost to I don't know if you can match that either no you can't that's the beautiful thing about it that's why when you win is so great that's like when you go and do these live tours and you sell out it's got to feel pretty good it does actually don't feel pretty good we got like 27 straight right now at this point sellouts to start a career that's not bad now bad it's not bad six thousand seater in there to just drop that one right it's pretty good AJ it's really good congratulations you're doing great [Laughter] you don't understand hopefully it makes you feel good and not weird but people ask me about you all the time no matter where I go people like they live with Pat Mac if you like and I always tell them what that's the man but that's awesome he's super nice dude he's super cool and he's always like that he's not just it's not a character let's go I appreciate that let's talk about that college football game you and I called I know what about that huh yeah man that was looking fun it was really fun and now hey a little fact the old Texas Tech coaches now the Arizona Corporation coach ever got booted the next day that's what happens though you and me call college game good things happen to people you know I mean guy it automatically call one game what we said on one phone call with him I said on one phone call with this guy all the sudden he's a fuckin NFL coach now people were talking about Sean McVeigh rub what are you talking about AJ and I call one game this guy has put him over so hard he loses and we put him in the NFL that's nice of us he deserves to pay us a little percentage Baylor said Bailey's that got Matt rule or whatever he's probably gonna get a job here in the next like month or so if he wants it he's he's interviewed for head coaching jobs like every offseason that seems like so yeah those guys are they owe it all to you us us sorry we owe in Sean play-by-play guy Sean Sean right from New Orleans yep you can tell like in the first quarter they didn't really know what to do with me yet strong guy was talking a lot and he I've never heard a play-by-play guy talk that much led through the entire thing and then it just kind of started loosening up towards as the game went on and the thing that I liked about calling again with you is I could spar with you a little bit like I could make fun of you you'd make fun of me back when I did the NFL game with Robert Smith boy I look like a bad guy I'd make fun of Robert and he wouldn't say anything I'm a terrible fucking guy I have a terrible human being that's not that I get it yeah I mean well yeah irrefutable I know you came back so much well I do that I understand what you like I know Robert Smith well Roberts is like he's a professional oh yeah that he's a professional and I I feel like I deal in sarcasm a good amount and you understand that so I can understand when you come back in media with that kind of stuff he was he was an incredibly nice human being I mean talking to him the night before I knew nothing about this guy going in I had no idea my dad was like oh I like him I'm like I honestly have no idea this guy is night before start talking to him gentlemen nice guy funny guy has like a fitness like business like around Fitness I'm like okay you and me very different human beings but I think this is going to be good day of good conversation and when we got on I heard I started letting bullets fly I was like oh my god not with Robert Smith bad with Robert Smith just the way it does who do you think so one Super Bowl next year oh gosh I don't know Chris you think you do you think Gronk comes back like week 12 and then the pictures make a run alright did you ever have any what's the word for reoccurring injuries did you have any lingering or reoccurring injuries I like reoccurring did you have any reoccurrence in your body that are very important to the game of football for instance your back if you're a tight end is a pretty important thing did you have any lingering or reoccurring injuries that happen to you no I haven't had much cartilage in my right knee since I was fighting 19 I mean that's the main thing I've dealt with my whole life's really me too by the way I think my knees were a reoccurring injury for me and kicking that's a pretty big deal but for Gronk that back of his Mane I just I think he has a lot going on off the field if he comes back I don't think it's this year really I think if if something goes on this year we're not that he ever would because he is such a massive fan base and he's so big as platform wise let's say it doesn't have the his expected success he has off the field which I'm not saying he's going to I'm just saying if this does happen I think then there's a chance where there's a conversation about hey maybe we get back out there and catch some footballs again I think maybe I think he's gonna go for it this year though I think he's gonna really go for something but what's he gonna go for it like do you think is he gonna be the rock look you think he's that kind of guy I think what Marky Mark and all of them came out basically and said they're gonna put him in a couple movies I think they said they were gonna do that so Fester Stallone maybe even said it I don't like people came out there like yeah we're gonna put him in movies and Gronk I would assume because everybody talks about how high is football IQ is and everything like that I'm assuming can learn how to act pretty quickly I don't know how he'll be might be typecasted like all these other guys but I think he's gonna be in a couple movies oh I'm sure he will yeah I mean everybody knows who Gronk is everybody loves drunks and they they can't get enough of them so do you love grump I do I think it's great I love this whole my favorite thing if you watch and he got drafted his whole family you see when they got on the state and a star jumping and humping each other what was that yeah sound like that a little bit of a shot maybe that's a grump family right there that shot no I thought it was awesome he gets drafted by the Patriots and these all these meatheads just get it was amazing for the NFL I think I wish there was more families like that his brother Chris played for the coats for a little bit he was on the punt team for me he now created the ice shaker he's there on Shark Tank I believe yeah yeah he's he's very he's in the Gronk fan he's a meathead but he's I believe he's supposed to be like the the business guy you know what I mean of the of the family if you if you're to cast the Gronk family into roles I think that's his move he was an incredibly nice human being and I think that's just the Gronk's are just these nice meatheads that just have a hilarious life I think that's a great way to describe them yeah they just like to have a great time like I saw gronke the Derby a few times and the dude is just like just can't help yourself he's like my six-year-old son [Laughter] named Rob you wanted me to ask about going to the Derby with Aaron Rodgers earlier no absolutely not I mean you mentioned something I have to ask about it that's just kind of what happened right there no I'm talking about garance the person that you're asking me about you're trying to say I took shots at him which I never did and said they were humping bigger you said they're humping each other up they're jumping it yeah cuz they're decided thought it was great well they don't have to do that no they are I'm just saying you said that the drunks are all humping each other that's what you said I mean I'm not put words air humping whatever dude just he just can't help himself like good there's like a little bit of music playing and Gronk just sitting there dancing like he's a giant human being so it Garner's a lot of attention but I just think it's great how would three Diaz I think he's gonna really go for the movie world though I don't think he's gonna come back I know Grenier do I think his back is a part of that yeah but I also think he's gonna see some quick success off the field that's not gonna really want to take him back away from that like because once you see that you can make a massive amount of money off the field without having to you know go through their treatment and shit every morning at like 6:00 a.m. I think that is that is a temptation but also I didn't like 400 Super Bowls with the team and was arguably the most game-changing tight end of all time so I'm just thinking out loud here how I think it's gonna go but I don't think so you think the Patriots won again though huh I mean it's hard to count them out it's like trying to count out Alabama and Clemson in college football I will get into that I mean Alabama Kirk Herbstreit told me he thinks Alabama is gonna come back and just run the table because they were embarrassed last year I mean he told you yet was he on the show yeah Kirk Herbstreit guess the show another Ohio State legend like yourself he's a friend of the show nice central high school legend these same high schools man let's go else yo Alex yeah my holder my holder in college also Centerville High School yeah you told me that yeah yeah great hold Hubbard you remember telling me that yeah yeah I remember every conversation you and I have cuz it's like locked in my memory that I get a chance to talk to a Jayhawk yeah I'm sure how valuable that is your holder is that the most unsung hero job on the planet yes you can make a kick and miss a kick for a kicker honestly you actually can and you never get hurt about unless your kicker is very good and that kicker misses a kick because normally it's your fault other than night it's just like y'all get the fuck out of the way 1.25 seconds from the time the ball is snapped at the time is kicked so as a holder everything's gonna happen very quick I think it helped me in my professional baseball though yep because I could see the ball coming out of the pitchers hand it was like a 93 mile an hour fastball but for me the amount of quickness that you got to have whenever you're holding I could see the ball cuz you're trying to find the fucking laces on the football so it's almost the same thing for baseball I think it has helped me but yeah it's a very it's an unsung hero you're not really doing much except for sitting in there and possibly fucking it up yeah it makes sense my brother was a quarterback and he always held he held for Mike Nugent who was a high school kicker and he was like my brother took a ton of pride in that he would catch a billion snaps and be so compact and he always would I still remember when I talking to you about it and I see you kick or whatever it makes me think of my brother when I was in high school and he's like no this is no joke like I like I want to be awesome at this well you can really affect a lot of things I mean you can really my my holder from Centreville was a good friend of mine okay and he got caught up in a fight that ended up with a couple charges being pressed on a group of humans a group of humans fought another group of humans at a nightclub in Morgantown one of the humans on the opposing team lost the fight and they pressed charges on the group that they thought was in the fight so he got suspended my senior year so he couldn't hold for like a certain amount of games and it was a it was a nightmare it was a very much a nightmare situation it's like okay I missed a couple kicks last year got death threats and now I'm trying to redeem myself I got a whole new holder this is great all because my holder was potentially involved in a fight so I go to court to support him right whenever he goes to court he's my guy the dude pressing charges up to the witness stand points at everybody he remembers from the fight and just like skips over my holder and goes to someone else's got for five weeks because you fucking and he got charges dropping he's back holding the next day but that's a very important job it's a huge thing if you lean it just an inch the wrong way it's a guaranteed miss right yeah and if you miss the spot by like an inch and a half fucking guaranteed miss you might as well just lock it in well I would just saw today online I think Steve Weatherford retweeted from NFC championship game it was the times who drained a kick yeah he caught it was a bad snap and he got it and got it down in time yeah that's a big deal it's a big deal you know therefore friend of your show right Steve Weatherford his friend the show whenever he was on the show he couldn't complete the show without working out during the show start squatting table so doing wall sits sir doing push-ups during the conversation it was outrageous and there's a reason he looks the way he does and I look the way I do you look good you look good how do you maintain looking good all the time with your forty five kids in your hectic schedule surprised you can't hear them right now what do you mean I get up in the morning I work out yeah yeah brother wake up knee protein bro and I take my fucking my my pills and Oh what – what's up you wake up what's up you like do you have a schedule like one of those crazy routines like Marky Mark Wahlberg is up at 4 a.m. plays around in 9 before 4:45 studies his Bible talks to his kids works out four times and then he's it's 9 a.m. and he has breakfast I think he said he wakes up at 2:30 which if any like ok nothing against Marky Mark but I don't believe you at all and the best part of that Marky Mark's schedule you said like wake up to 30 Bible time morning pages work out at 3:00 all their blood and play golf golf practice 9:30 family time and I'm thinking okay Marky Mark if it's June in July maybe it fits the rest of the year 9:30 is not family time bud your kids get on the school bus wait a Jayhawk pokin holes in the story yeah maybe he meant family time with he and his wife when they really can connect I think it's incredible you think Mark Wahlberg's kids right now school bus more like helicopter good point great point hey Marky Mark's are doing it a long time what is your schedule though do you have a routine I nothing like a semi now get up like it's 5:30 and workout because my kids get up like 7:15 about 7:30 so I'd like to either be I want to be finishing up before they try to come down and work out with me do you hit snooze button I have yeah coach Rich Rodriguez told my class our freshman year that Tiger Woods never had to send his button and that's why he was champion so he's like us to eliminate that from our our schedule and I just I just couldn't do it honestly did he talk to his ex-wife you and woods at the time like who would know butthurt there's a lot of people that know that actually I guess we don't a story so no do we know if they spent the night or not we're not sure true your honor upset true I would suit up guy that doesn't hit snooze button doesn't lay my sleep next in here I'll assume no chance so you hit the snooze button every once in a while how many times I have no I just usually once I try to reset the clock its reset my iphone timer 1214 minutes you know later yeah why don't they give you two options there the nine minute option for the snooze I'm sick of I would like 15 minutes bro maybe 29 maybe you mean there should be an option for that 29 yeah cuz 30 minutes is supposed to be like the perfect power nap right yeah yeah that's a good point okay do you ever pat do you ever put your phone and you're like with your alarm like 10 feet from your bed so you're forced to get up and go get it I've heard this theory I've heard people do this there's no way I could do that though I would like my phone to be right next to me yeah I would never do it either but you know what I got I got a thing that like I guess deaf people use it's a Bluetooth vibrating alarm clock and you put it behind your pillow and I use this thing for two years and the problem was I it would start buzzing yeah like behind my head and I wouldn't wake up about 5:15 5:30 in the morning my wife will lose her mind because I wake her up and it was I got it to try to not wake her up because I didn't want my alarm going off and waking her up early so I had this thing for like a year and a half and I actually just just got rid of it and went back to just the old recipes to the Deaf thing person piece of the Deaf alarm yeah I still have it I still have I can send like send you guys one if you need it now I moved too much with my pillow to that thing would be knocked off the bed before the night that was my problem it would go off and we wouldn't know where it is that's I think that was the final nail in the coffin I'd be downstairs working out and I guess I didn't realize I didn't shut it off and my wife said or you can hit snooze on that thing and all of a sudden he would be vibrating and buzz and super loud like at the foot of the bed or on the ground or something she would lose her mind and want to break it no that's Brady Quinn the sister yeah I think it's amazing because you guys were one of the first celebrity football couples in the history of the game nope can't really say that you are you're one of the first celebrity football couples first off he could football players not celebrities my wife wants nothing to do with the public any kind of public wives I know she doesn't I understand that I respect it a lot so you can't say anything like no I was little watch your story I was forced to watch your love story yeah it was shoved down my throat was it was it not yes you had to split Jersey yes she displayed it was shoved down our throat okay I mean what not on purpose I'm not saying it's your fault but I'm just saying you guys were the first real celebrity football couple yeah we were we were naive to think I guess some guy gave her a jersey like okay cool where I don't know I've known you for two months and so she wore it she didn't make that know some dude gave it to her trying to get some marketing pub or something I feel I feel lied to I don't think that we didn't she didn't do anything to like give his company any publicity ish we didn't but he just gave it to her she was showing that day together I thought she stapled it together like oh my heart is torn between my brother and my lover you know I thought that whole thing was happening and here I was being force-fed the story was all just a bunch of bullshit if she would have put that thing together herself which she would never waste the time to do I think half way into it she would realize like what am i doing no I'm not gonna wear this job back so being the first celebrity football couple did have a lot of pressures go on was it a more Gastineau for the Jets a big ol dude back in the day he went out with some famous lady that's a true football power couple we don't know whatever so you've been asked this question before that's why you'd do some research and find out another couple before you guys know I've never been asked this question before that's why you're a great interviewer that means a lot hey I just drank some more of that I'm sorry how much is a painting you might want to not drink that anymore none they pay me nothing I even slitted that got jacked is his name I stood in his DMS he left me on scene he left me on scene didn't even respond didn't even see a little bubble pop up that he was potentially responding he clicked on it looked at it went right back to his life would you say okay this is look at my giant following all these people I have I can watch you at least send me some free product and he just said nothing yes probably the exact might be the exact message I sent ya does that hurt does that hurt your feelings at all yeah this goes back to asking people to come on the podcast and I'm saying that instead of being rejected he's never asked you never get rejected it's a happier life that way I guess yeah I'm torn with that because like I've thought about people I want to reach out to know I can't get contact info forum I talked to my brother up there okay man just go like say something to him on Twitter and that's when it gets weird when you're like okay I want to publicly ask this dude like like before he right before he went on this crazy run Brooks koepka I reached out to him nothing really zero he's an OP to by the way he's his answer of the only practices for real tournaments he doesn't meet the man when you guys see me golf on TV that's what I golf area see hey when you see me pawn a ball on fucking prime time that's the only time I put a bow don't ask me any more questions don't you think did you listen to him on PMT uh yeah I heard clips I didn't listen the whole thing I listen to it all in that I feel like that interview alone changed the whole like narrative the whole perception of Brooks kept up because before that he people were like I mean this guy's kind of boring he doesn't talk much or whatever cuz doesn't he doesn't care about anything but like just winning the majors and then going out and drink the beer and get on his boat so in that interview with those guys they'd really like open them up and you saw like how this dude is so unlike the other golfers like other most pro golfers or head cases and they paralyzed themselves Brooks is like now I've never really thought about a shot ever like he's great well I think that's what podcasts do part my take in specific they do a great job of humanizing people but I think that's what podcasts do cuz it's a relaxed setting you know you get to really learn about somebody I'd assume and I'd argue that I had no idea about a Jayhawk until I did a podcast with you in a relaxed setting cuz you feel like you're actually getting to know the real human as opposed to the fake person who's been doctored up for television giving answers as if it's an NFL Combine every time they talk to the media yeah you're exactly right and if someone if you're hosting a podcast and you have all these hundreds thousands of episodes it that's the purse that see that person is like you're gonna know who that host is and if not that person is an absolute sociopath taking this little hit and put on that for a thousand episodes for thousands of hours he's been on the air for five hours for 30 years that was said about Mike Francesa by his uh not his agent his business partner I see did you know about Francesa before the internet started back after this no I knew nothing about him but I'll tell you what I'm getting a painting of him to put in the studio I fucking love the guy I love that man honestly I only know Francesa from clips that people call in to mess with him has ever listened to a show I don't know what he does what a show is but I've only seen YouTube clips and there's a serious show I listen to and they when someone messes with Francesa they played on the show and they love it it's all he's incredible he gives less fucks than any human I've ever seen in my entire life and he successfully trail blazed an entire new career for humans in sports talk radio he's like one of the first sports talk radio guys and he'll just drink a diet coke while somebody's trying to troll him go ahead and bury them and then hang up what a life this lady put that on reaping for five hours he dies falling asleep on there it's awesome multiple times I love eats he gets caught eating ice cream on camera tries to cover it up so I don't see it yeah he's drink regular coke before we ripped the plastic off of it but he left the red coke cap on top of this series show listen do they dive deep into all this stuff because his wife doesn't want him drinking regular coke like he'll try to fool him when he's being simulcast on TV and the always gets caught yes no nap Mike saw Mike's on his own app oh hey I didn't know about him until like lesson and probably six months ago he just showed up on my timeline somebody retweeted that back after this and I clicked on it I was like well what the fuck is this and then I just went all the way in and I came in in Thai Schmidt the producer of this show he's been a fan for a long time and he I saw real excitement in my producers eyes whenever he saw that I learned about who Mike Francesa was I never said that I never said that The Dude's unbelievable honestly we're just getting started now there is still a lot of time left to dive into even more subjects that you're gonna want to hear we have a lot of clippable things that have happened on this episode check out our youtube as well to watch this we made them FaceTime as three different times so we can keep it rollin something that shows up at the office once a month it makes me feel very good about myself and say hey Pat you've made some good decisions in your life is the bespoke post box of awesome with box of awesome bespoke posts ends guys only the best stuff every single month they test everything in the box of awesome themselves from style and grooming goods to bar we're cooking tools and outdoor gear every product gets put through the wringer before it gets put inside a 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yourself each month when it shows up you're gonna be like yo hey good decision me tree look at this I got a I got a minute glass oh that is so incredible to look at put it on my desk people think I'm a sophisticated individual Am I no no I just signed up for a box of awesome and it showed up out of nowhere huge thanks to bespoke post for being a sponsor of the show and also their box of awesome that makes me feel awesome once a month who's your favorite current football player other than Aaron Rodgers thought about I mean I I look Baker may feel a lot like hey I like him a lot too and I think I think he's really I think he's I think he's it I do I think is this isn't gonna be just like a bus type situation I think he's really gonna do well yeah he seems to be he has like a perfect mixture of being a stud play on the field also be he's already like the team leader and Cleveland everyone loves him and Cleveland he has that attitude doesn't care who's compared it and I like that he talks he doesn't give cliches like I hope he stays Baker I hope they don't try to polish him up someone there Cleveland I don't think the flower office cares to do it I hope like people around him don't try to like polish him up just let him be who he is I agree because it's it's one of those things like him and Colin Cowherd going back and forth is something you would never see a starting elite quarterback do ever they would pay him no Aaron told me kills people with indifference which was one of the best lines I've ever heard I didn't know what indifference meant at the time when he said it I had to look it up and then later it made more sense to me but he he said I kill him with indifference because all this Aaron's one of the most scrutinized not only players but human beings probably on earth everything he does get scrutinized and every time I've been around him he's been nothing but cool to me so I I hate the way everything kind of gets taken out of proportion with him or out of context with him and he says I kill him with indifference and I think a lot of starting quarterbacks because you're the face of a franchise do that but Baker having enough swag to not only engage but also win the engagements right he's not like losing the the interactions he's winning the interactions and then he's performing well that's not easy to do I don't think I don't think it's easy to be a methodical creature on a football field which he isn't but you have to have some sort of high cerebral type mindset to play quarterback in the NFL and then also the ability to troll with trolls I mean that's not something that's not something that's easy to do that's not something that's easy to do I really like I'm a big Baker fan you know of course I am – I love that kill them with indifference line this is perfect I I would knew about like okay see this would be an example for indifference for you that okay so good I know it's now but then those nerves yeah people that are listening I'm saying make it to it to really like have it relate so if you let's say you're your girlfriend fiance I'm sorry thank you Hawaii got engage helicopter holding I saw it sorry about it sorry bad guys went in helicopters right below waterfalls proposing to get a professional photographer for that with a helicopter that probably cost 8,000 every half hour to fly and land it to help waterfall that you had to get special clearance for I'm sure there was no other tourists around so good good on you as the Aussie say excuse me I mean that was pretty exact price if you've done this obviously so no I have not but I have a cousin who's a pilot so I have an idea of how it goes but so did you hold on did you ask your cousin when you saw my pictures I let this motherfucker [Laughter] go back like so like I told you earlier in the show like I tell people you're a great guy I think the world of you but you really think that I think that much no I guess but no so let's say your fiance now let's say you had an old girlfriend the past and you're a girlfriend your fiance comes up you said oh what about your old your old girl Tiffany don't you hate Tiffany so bad like you hate her she's horrible and if you say like yeah I hate that girl hate that bitch she's terrible she's the worst I would be worried if I was your your fiancee because you have like feelings one way the others know the ultimate is to say no honestly I'm completely indifferent towards her like I don't care one way or the other happy set it literally never crossed my mind it doesn't mean anything to be a fat in I think that's truly like yeah it shows you how powerful like that can be like if you're a media personality the worst thing you can be is for people to feel indifferent towards you yeah cuz it means that you're giving no power to person said person it's like that's I think Aaron Rodgers when he says kill him with indifference and he just shows zero emotion either way one way that even though he might feel a certain way showing nothing I think kills the person who sent it more than anything else right yeah because a lot of people just want to reaction one way or the other and no you go to go prove my haters wrong like no man like come on like how about I think I've told you is how about you prove people right like you prove the people that are in your corner prove them right you don't have to prove everybody wrong like it's a it's a in battle I eventually hear you have a heart attack man trying to prove everybody wrong well hopefully you don't have that many people saying they're gonna be not gonna be shit people do not you AJ everybody in this room thinks you're gonna be the number one analyst and know what we said yeah yeah yeah we've been saying that the whole time prove us right AJ hey thanks guys hey we're on your side here I appreciate it that's why I like going to the show Aaron Rodgers coolest dude here played with uh yeah I'd say so I mean for being as good as he is on the field and how he is in like pressure situations in football and then in life how weird he is yeah I'd say for sure going back to that Baker thing it's hot it's a it's a very difficult task to have the same brain that is cerebral and all that stuff and also be able to be relatable and I think now Aaron Aaron I'm not sure the TV abused him is a relatable individual because I don't think he really opens up that much and does that much but when we meet him he just seems like one of the guys it's a very I don't know how you can be that good at something and be one of the guys you know what I mean like Peyton Manning could have a beer with them he was an incredible quarterback but you knew you were dealing with a robot I think this guy is a rope this dude works harder than I do he's smarter than I am he's well you the names you do all these things Aaron Rodgers is all of those things but when you're talking to me it feels like you're just talking to like a bro like yeah what's up wrong yeah that's you're exactly right that's super hard to do like when you reach that level of success in the elite performer guaranteed Hall of Fame or all this stuff everyone knows who he is to be relatable it's gotta be pretty difficult if you have a bunch of bull washes around you a bunch of yes-man that makes it really really difficult to so you got to have some real friends around you that aren't scared to tell you the truth just for future reference Aaron if you're listening I'd love to be a ball washer bro I think I think here you're already considered one all right well it sounds like this show's over I'm sure I'm considered Aaron because I have to go on like if I you know all these like dumb articles come out every once in a while and they say all this strife between McCarthy and Aaron like it seems like Calvert or different shows trying to call me and want me to call in and comment about it and I've always stuck with air inside and been honest with people and like now I can just let them know so I'm sure I'm easily considered an errand ball washer but I tell them like I'm biased and I've known them for a long long time so but you're also in the locker room and in the team there so you're a pretty good source to hear from which not everybody wants to hear from know you know a lot of times people there's some guys that make a living off of bashing players that they played with not some guys that it seems like that particular venue of former athlete is growing yeah it sucks in that weird I don't know if I could do it I mean I want everybody get rich so if that's how you're gonna get rich do what you got to do but it would be tough for any sleep but it married my former teammates and buried football players it'd be hard it was true like I guess if I guess it in their mind it's true whatever that whatever however they experienced a certain situation it's good to be honest like I like when you see floor players talk about coaches maybe and they give little behind the scenes stuff and say whatever like that's cool but if that's like all you do if you're only brought on to bash like one or two superstars it's kind of neat I'll just be difficult I don't know that would be tough I've said in those production rooms though where they say like what's your thoughts on this what's your thoughts on this what's your thoughts on this okay cool you two are gonna go up there in battle basically it's almost like they want that type of stuff you know which could potentially be Frances's fault this guy that we love but he's the og of it so he gets a pass why don't you ever do studio shows you don't like them I've done a few over the years they're not my saying man I think I've told you that a lot of guys that played with like that's their goal is they don't want to do games they want to do studio stuff and they want to do like a reoccurring thing and you argue back and forth about topics and I true I mean I do a lot of radio so I'm going back and forth with co-hosts but not like that it's like more long-form I can't do the little two-minute three-minute segments of why I feel a certain way and I can't fake an opinion I really really struggle taking aside when there's a lot of things I don't care about hey my indifference has hurt me on some of those shows thanking those pre-production meetings yeah how do you feel about it how do you feel I hate it how do you feel I love it perfect you to a talk pad sitting to fucking green room for another 30 minutes that's me yeah that's my I don't there's so many things like one thing that bugs me when doing some radio now is like people wanted to call in and ask about the NFL going from 16 to 18 games and every caller has their own theory and their whole plan laid out of how they're gonna do it when these new bio weeks all this stuff I'm right in the way you're what I'm right with that okay well and then in the end of in college they're talking about going from four to eight teams for a college football playoff and everybody has their whole plan and I'm like man after a while it's just I don't care like who cares what if it happens it happens someday but I can't do it anymore I can't do it anymore 17 games to buy weeks to preseason game for actual players one for bubble players that's it lock it in so does the season start a week early no I think it just goes a week later yeah yeah one week later would be okay I guess there would have to be two weeks later because it's extra game extra by week so yeah maybe one week earlier see this is what happens when people calling the radio shows and I'm like first off can confuse three seconds into it because most people don't have a well-thought-out plan of how they want to do it well this would everybody would have a neutral site game that's white 17 16 where who knows one way where okay enough Packers Packers Bears where do they play either at Packers or Bears I don't think they would you why would you change a rivalry game I mean y-you said you said oh everyone has a neutral site game so yeah okay so okay Packers jaguars where they plan probably England fight against Jaguars are basically in England team all right two terrible examples I guess LA Rams where they plan probably in LA all right it's gonna be hard to take that's not neutral yeah but then there's also what we got 13 more games are you gonna keep rolling through all these no but I do think that the schedule makers would be a lot more difficult of a job obviously figuring that out but I think it's I think that is this is this is negotiation so right we want this we want this let's meet in the middle there's never there hasn't been any of that between the NFL and NFL PA in a long time I'm not saying whose fault it is or who does this I think the NFL PA prepared us players for war going into the CBA instead of negotiations right and I think that might have kind of leaked into the NFL side as well they're like okay we're going to fucking war then this is war instead of like hey this is a business where we need each other like hey you guys have the billions of dollars we definitely need you and you also need us to keep your billions of dollars so let's actually negotiate as opposed to just going to war so I think both sides can be blamed but in business there's negotiation they want more games that's gonna happen if the people with all the money would like more games and they keep to it let's assume that that's gonna happen at some point but now let's figure out a way to make it right for both sides I think that is a Ionis and I'll never know if that'll happen because I think there's a bottom line that both sides want to get but I don't know I think that just a smart answer it's a meet in the middle yeah it's not gonna happen though because the owners have the best lawyers in the world they're billionaires for a reason the owners yes of all the money they know these are the only players that could play in the NFL but they have the leverage because they know the players will not miss any games the only the leverage players have is if they threaten to sit out games and they don't sign a deal on July 29th like we did back in 2011 or whatever like we had guys that we've said it a million times we had dudes taking loans out of 40% interest rates in April and May when we were locked out it's a time I didn't know that hey that wasn't good pain yeah it was happening Shane Falco would come in there and play – we sat out games you know what I mean old digs would be throwing a rock for the Pittsburgh Steelers scab line fucking as soon as I could get it I'm fucking going yeah it is it's very interesting but just like the refs I think if the players could figure out a way to really negotiate and find a way to leverage I think just like the replacement refs people would get sick of the replacement football players in the league would draw so fast so fast so fast faster than national anthem kneeling ratings dropped I think it would drop so fast in it it's just I don't but I hate that type of thing like I wish he could just sit in a room and hey let's do business let's do let's do business like that's how business works okay you and I let's talk to each other Goodell and Amaury Smith who I am NOT certain is a good negotiator I feel like I've read through CBA a couple times I've only seen flaws I don't know about the positives are probably positives but I think did you sit down and just be like boom let's hammer this out that would be good but that's not the way the world works and you know it's not gonna work that way those guys are billionaires for a reason man they they're gonna want their percentages and they're oh cool you guys you guys can have an extra two weeks of offseason cool but we'll take 3% more of the total revenue like that you like how it all works is crazy to me I don't know how it's gonna pan out but they've been saying that only they've had these like initial negotiations going on right now and they may even get a deal done early absolutely not that's a win for the owners the players have no our only leverages those players when we were theirs to sit out game so why would you ever get a deal done early well what if they're just being nice to each other yeah okay that's real were you a player rep no me neither I fuckin I couldn't sit in those meetings oh what a bunch of bullshit oh really hey you know the best is to they would you know when the PA would come in and they would do their whatever the end of the ten hour day yeah yeah oh yeah and our rep at one point was Jordy Nelson before that more Tauscher and they wanted Aaron to be our rep so bad he would he would sit I sat next to a team meetings and I would sit back there like come on man once you run once you run we'll go everywhere before we all want you to be the rest and like the look of disgust that he would give me I would be back all right well hey who is gonna win you we had to vote for new ones I would try to raise his hand sometimes he would want to kill me it was a fool I get to nominate somebody then there was a voting process finitary nominated me every single year until I stopped going to the meetings I stopped going to the meetings the last two years of my career I was like I'm not doing his fucking meeting nothing happens just don't leave him I'm mad and checking my fucking little cubby please because they show you they shows how they did it though that's how you do the meeting so they would bring your check oh yeah who was their money Nate would show video of how the back in the day players were had to work for jobs and how there was rats in the locker room and then the Union came in and saved the day this is why you need the Union happy for us congratulations to the Union the union will be showing this video and then it would end and everybody like clap and they'd be like alright we'll do some questions and answers nominate our reps and then we'll get you that check we'll get you that baton show and then it was just like any time anybody asks the real question the rest of the room was like we've been here for fucking 12 hours a day enough with the fucking question sorry we just want this check and we want to get out of here that's real yeah that's exactly how they would go and they would also say the time like gentlemen the world is ending the sky is falling save your money now we are you are getting locked out these selfish owners do not want any part of it they will lock the doors so save 80 percent of your income now and be ready ok well I'm probably gonna need about alone by April May so I'm gonna go ahead and get about 40% interest rate on that loan and I'm gonna go ahead and survive another year people are actually doing that yeah it happened man like guys are taking giant loans out like and you know like what so people don't realize you only get paid during the season in the NFL you like a stipend in the offseason for OTAs and stuff but it's nothing compared to what your contract is man I'll never forget after my rookie year they told me save my money pull it back to training camp with basically what I had in college in the bank account team again boys team again we're gonna start from zero again that was like when the players want to strike and I can't remember what was it early 90s I think and then LT was one of the guys who ended up crossing and pretty much ended the strike because he needed money cuz he ran out of money cuz he had a drug problem and he basically broke the strike nobody ever talks about those drug problems those will get you we interrupt to this conversation for a reading by Zito Thank You Pat I would like it to be known that Sam has been listening it's not going great for the kid to read at the wedding but today's the day it all turns around isn't that right Todd yeah I think so this here we go does he delay offs let's go if you guys haven't heard about you really missing out what is the like phone sex not like a phone sex 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aliens area 51 just go yep I'd like to hear it all in my story you're not you have a brain now let's go back to the others that are storming and nobody is storming first off nobody's storming they're not gonna happen it's supposed to happen – what September it's too early now why would you give my all this heads-up notice you're not gonna get shot because area 51 who knows what's there right Pat Air Force Base we all know that's what the aliens are supposedly stored in Ohio or close to where I grew up where the aliens are in the basement down there yeah look it up at where that Air Force Base some people's like Pat Air Force yep right Pat the wright-patterson Air Force Base don't hike Fairborn Ohio oh can I get access to that place nope but if you want to see that's supposedly where they may have taken some of them but now the area 51 yo I thought Pat you had a great Twitter rant about that or whatever you said a good little gift I think involved with it was that today yeah I mean it made a made a couple newspapers my comment no big deal yeah hey the hipsters that are gonna go shut up to them I appreciate what you got to do but I have an island that I am looking to buy in a couple years so I can't be dying right now but I do appreciate their service to the rest of America just going out there and getting lasered to death while trying to find out if there's aliens or not I I you know I give credit to you Rob Lowe had a reality show for a minute and he and his kids went to like the perimeter fence of area 51 and filmed it all did you see that no yeah I don't it was made I probably saw it six eight months ago he was like yeah they have a camped out right outside the perimeter he doesn't seem like the type of guy that would go either I know it weird it was a weird show you watched it I watched that episode yeah I didn't know was even happening and then I'm I go rob lowes got a reality show where they follow him around I was sitting next to Peyton Manning in the training room oh name-drop go when there's a lot of controversy and conversation about whether or not Peyton was gonna get cut it was right before a lot of things are happening and Rob Lowe put out a tweet that had made loan ESPN and the NFL Network in the training room on TV that said his sources said Peyton was retiring and I have never seen I've never seen me and then Jim Irsay replied back with a shot he took a shot at Rob Lowe like Jim Irsay replied with like a shot at Rob Lowe and they're like old friends I guess they took a couple big shots at each other that's the only way I know Rob Lowe and that is how I know Rob Lowe handsome guy that pissed off Peyton Manning that's in my head that's all I know you believe in aliens and right yeah Oh what does that even mean right they're like hybrids you don't like a hybrid you you may be an alien with living in disguise Pat shell when I know everything yeah you would know but you're saying they live amongst us and we will tell the difference like men in black like I don't know I've read enough if there are cool like do they want to fight us I don't know I doubt it difference by the killing with Achilles my problem the alien talk is so played out I just don't have it well that's on house over there the dig said that's on him all right different question everyone's very Cavallari I watched the big Jay Keller fan from that show yeah me too I've always been a big fan by the way if the media hates you I probably am a fan it just that's kind of how it goes if the media chooses to show you and negative lights instead of positive lights I always wonder about that person if they're an awesome person or not because they had to do something to piss off the media what I'm assuming Jay Cutler did early in his career he pissed off a member of the media and somebody was like all right any time he says anything negative on the side let's get a fucking close-up on that let's not show a single positive thing this guy does because that's what it was you we've all seen Star players on the side anybody has played in game have seen Star players on the sideline do something negative or regrettable but the cameras don't fucking show it with Jay Cutler he was like the first athlete that every negative thing he did was shown I mean it was if he is gonna if he's gonna cross his arms and look as if he's pouting which I'm assuming a lot of people do we're gonna get a close-up of that and we're gonna go ahead and talk shit about him do what doesn't that and only made me wonder about why he was hated by everybody I mean I think it was just his general his attitude there where people didn't know whatever I just did what he gave off like his facial expressions his body language that got people talking about Eli same thing like we don't really that's not who they are but it I don't know I love Jay he was fun to play against I think he's great on that show it's all I hear people tell me about the show I don't I don't watch it but I watch the clips and I'm a big if let's go back to the aliens thing I to follow up before the Jay Cutler let's say the aliens do want to fight and we're the four humans you're sending out there Pacman Jones is one because I mean you may enter pack but he'll come you and your whole family and everybody you've ever talked to you see that guy in the airport trying to fight him as soon as he landed with his Popeye's Chicken that fucking guy pac-man I would send raka they have to be they have to be living right now yeah I mean because if it's gonna happen it's gonna happen so we do need them to be currently alive Brock Lesnar would you send him no absolutely whoa I don't want Brock Lesnar I think anything negative was said about him on this I mean well nope just strictly because Brock had like 30 feet of his intestines taken out years ago that's just not good if you're going to fight aliens I didn't know that's the essence yeah 38 i feet of intestines and not feet but a chunk over way he was out there why he that crazy like diverticulitis type thing where it was eating away at him he had to get all taken out he's in really bad you might be infected us less intestines for them to eat though yeah maybe that's like advantage of pro for this going against the Leone's like they're gonna know like oh he's got a lot less don't even kill him because there's not enough food in there did you watch the Lazar documentary like World War Z yeah let's assume that they can't see through human and see how much intestines he has if they have the ability to create that fucking gravity thing okay so they know Brock okay they now I'll take Brock because I'm gonna Broxton get off the bus first and scare everybody yeah so Brock then pack is right behind him okay Adam Pacman Jones then right after that would probably be Tom Cruise because that guy's might be a hybrid you know the hood he can get in tight with these guys he they they are saying aliens are shorter oh and Tom Cruise five – I mean maybe we know that these five five days like five five five six what's he listed at five five five six okay so he's probably five three when I feel warm lifts but he's a badass five three-and-a-half yeah he would have dominated Bieber if they actually fought yep did you see Bieber do that roundhouse inside bottle cap challenge leg kick thing mm-hmm that almost made me turn on the Tom Cruise it looked pretty good heat the precision of that inside vans the Vans really he was wearing with the precision do it did you do a bottle cap challenge yeah of course of course I saw it you see Stevo do it with his dog let every long snapper in America is doing him now I get sent them with a ball probably for a minute yeah I mean that and then the old faces deals is already played out oh yeah but I got in there when it was good I feel good about it somebody did it for me though so I don't give up any of my information of the Russians good for you yeah I know I know that's a big thing now through huh oh you people put your old photos up the Russians got your whole life in their hands now good book oh my god just check their Facebook their honor they're listening to like not the Russian their whole everything everything is a microphone look at you so you're experienced alright good so how do you feel about Bigfoot Oh Bigfoot it's not real no I'm not on Bigfoot to sasquatch no I mean come on now but every race it out on Bigfoot bodily event for me it was a big moment very very recent all the way out on Bigfoot what turned you know is that a house on a runway for 45 minutes we couldn't get a jet way thing and we're just sitting there and it was recently after I watched the Bob Lazar thing and I was all the way in on aliens after that obviously all the way I might have been like 75% in before that 100% in there so I had to be some all the way out on something else and it just turned out that my conspiracy hat couldn't handle the Bigfoot conspiracy in there as well since I'm all the way in on aliens now I give it so it was a big moment though because I've I mean I've assessed Sasquatch paper-mache statue in my front yard – sighs – sighs it's like 10 feet tall so I mean I was all the way in on Bigfoot for a long time one Bigfoot hunting in Georgia but I'm all the way out on it though I mean yeah just look at the people that hunt Bigfoot okay I mean I went hunting for Bigfoot I mean so you're technically in the past not anymore though Noomi Noomi new pet new year so you don't believe in Bigfoot but you believe in aliens I mean I guess if you say I believe in animes yeah I just think there you know the universe and all the other universes out there it's so big there's something going on probably I agree we know more about the ocean than we do space for sure absolutely AJ what am i any about the ocean still though oh well it's not going no you are wrong though you're I teach an entire three-hour show no James Cameron went to the bottom of the Mariana Trench you know it'll bow it and saw nothing cool so we know a lot there any shit down down there go back locked it in have you ever seen anybody in a little bubble go to the end of space yeah couple times I mean everything you're saying is just now all of a sudden getting a little bubble work there's no end of space oh great question great great a great answer thank you we know where water ends whoa do we do we yeah that trench yeah then it opens up into the kaiju portal this is a real touchy subject amongst the room here I'm sure I can sense that yeah because Nick brought over there's our most educated guy went to school the longest he's like uh he did all this stuff it's great way to describe him it's accurate so he's the most qualified to speak on like Flat Earth and aliens and Bigfoot yeah because books have told him all these right answers throughout his entire life and he just one day in passing I don't even think he was supposed to be something he said well we know more about space than we do about the ocean how about we spend money on studying the ocean and I've never been more flabbergasted about something in my entire life I'm like are you fucking kidding me right now I just put my foot in the fucking ocean last week I never put my foot in space only we know anything about it became it became a three-hour seriously I should tell you so much more information about space than what's at the bottom of that ocean it makes your head spin oh my god just we're not getting into it Todd is AJ AJ you're wrong you're on the wrong side of history here let's say you're walking through the desert you see uh kind of a part of a lamp sticking out of the sand you pull that lamp out of there you rub the dust off Oh genie pops up well Smith why and it's just show Booker genie oh never mind the only wishes that can grant is booking guests for your show you can only get one wish so this show Booker Genie says I can get you any guests at the world any human being you want in the world to do one hour on the hot cast who would you who would you ask for a great question by the way best question of the day oh hey well thanks you might be the best guests we've ever had so thank you very much I will say Raja slide don't care hey indifferent sorry what'd you say Elon Musk would be my mic oh pinnacle gasps alien hybrid possibly you're right mom haha that's another one I'm a hundred percent on Elon Musk is an alien and he's he's a shapeshifter Zoey's call him yeah and he's figured out a way to fool everybody that his little project X or whatever Rocket Man X whatever it's called a sex oh yeah I got this thing called SpaceX it's just a trip for him to go home and he's like I was in California I was in California one on one of those took off and it was a UFO and it was a UFO and this guy actually went live on my Twitter and Instagram I was like oh there's a fucking UFO I did it I finally did it look at me a part of this I'm gonna be part of history here when the next alien documentary they're gonna use my footage this is Pat McAfee from the doc in Santa Monica this is it how's commentating live funny lines too because they're in certain documentary let's get a little pop in there you know I was doing my best and then I shut it off and nobody else was paying attention there was like a thousand people on a beach nobody else is even paying attention to it all these people that are on massive amounts of drugs didn't even think a second about it and I go what is that and they go oh Elon Musk's SpaceX had a launch tonight we all knew it was coming or whatever I was like oh so this guy has convinced all these humans on earth that he just yeah he just takes off every once in a while and just goes back to his fucking planet finds a new technology or an invention comes back to America makes another billion with it he's done it four times the guy has been a billionaire four times over him with these new underground fucking trains he's gonna make a zillion dollars off of this and I think his country his planet they live underground so he has the ability to do whatever he wants well I believe at least what they tell you is all of these SpaceX rockets that have launched are unmanned there's no humans there yeah of course they just take off and then they come land right back in the same spot for hundreds of years we've been trying to do that they just dumped into the ocean on fire and he just has this thing because reach like a fucking bottle rocket straight up and then the bond rocket just comes right back down lands in its spot at a barge on a barge in the ocean how amazing is that five feet wide yeah just draw a little draw a little target on there if I hit the middle one yeah it's like it drone he has like his own little drone that he's controlling but it's a rocket that goes down to space and back yeah it just goes to his planet and comes back mmm that's what I think happens so he's going home that's a good thing I've never heard that he's this what's the good well that's perfect if your giant platform somehow reaches Elon is people and he comes on my show I will ask him like are you tell me I got to know my good friend pat once no are you just trying to go home with the SpaceX yeah and see what he says he has that Kawai reaction to his things too like the Kawai laughs ha ha ha ha ha ha [Laughter] he say he's from they say he's from another country but nobody's ever talked to anybody from the other country that knows him it's any from like South Africa yeah except he's an alien that's another theory I'm all in on real big real big on the aliens right now in Elon Musk is one of Omaha's richest it would be fine if you were the guy that tripped him up finally any I didn't know that he was an alien yeah any other question before to know that I have AMA Scindia for that if anyone could do that I think Pratt could trip him up he'd feel so comfortable and cozy with you especially if he had them in studio yeah you'd actually like let it slip yeah yeah for sure I'm back on my planet I mean what country yeah country zero hit the fucking skipping attraction all right good Oh mr. hawk go with all these players getting mad about they're mad and were you ever married worst question what were you gonna finish like was I ever upset at my madam score yeah or rank rating sorry whatever it is okay so I I'm offended that you act like everything was ninety five no snows impressive I've never okay the last Madden game I had very Super Nintendo that's how long ago was fifth grade maybe I think and I have any problem people playing video games played mad whatever but to sit there and give EA and Madden all this pub this free pub by being so distraught saying they're not gonna play the game how dare they I'm like it's a bunch of programmers and people making ratings like they don't know they get on a couple websites and check it out and throw peat ratings out there like why that's like that's another thing to put on a chip on my shoulder right mother my mad yeah I told you mama I told you they'd they'll let's go like what are we doing here please stop stop you win a game free pub and stop getting your feelings hurt by your Madden Brady okay I would like to come to the defense of the people that got upset I think I am the first documented angry at Madden and adjudicator in the history the guy actually went and did an interview with somebody who is the Madden rating guy and he was asked if anybody has ever gotten mad at you for what you ranked them and he said there's a punter I won't say his name who yelled at me the day we came in to offer up all the free madness to the players and shit that they give and told me that I need to do better research and that was me that was me because they had my speed at like 30 something in my arm at like 20 something I'm like l just do some fucking research the next time my brother plays this game every night with his friends and he's got to be embarrassed by honey on earth let ik you made little video game me and then lo and behold the next year I was the fucking top guy so I don't know how if everybody complaining is gonna be the top guy but I did and they up to my throwing and they upped everything for me and yeah it was pretty nice of them I didn't do it publicly though yeah that's the thing I get it why you're like yeah if your brothers playing the game you're cousins you don't want getting texts from your buddies because hey man why do you suck so bad on that don't let them know about it yeah think of it now though it's gonna be a huge marketing scheme where they're gonna sit there and everybody a let's put up a list of players who we know are really active on social media have a big opinion and let's just give them terrible ratings and we know is they're gonna freak out and post videos all the time about how their madden rating is too they're gonna give jaylen Ramsey attention that guy that would get so much pub if they put him low you can't trust anything anymore I don't [Laughter] nothing I mean I don't trust anything to anyone says no you really can't it's sad you can't like why I'm not I'm not trying to be cynical but if someone tells me a story or whatever like I don't believe it if you believe everything that people tell you know well if they give it enough conviction I would like to have hope like for instance guy over it sings yesterday our gas station he told me seven bucks he needs to get back home gave him eight told him good luck I assume that he made it back home okay that's a guy I would believe him whatever he wants to use the seven or eight dollars I mean he didn't look like he was uh he doesn't look like he's seen the state of sobriety in about a decade but I thought seven bucks to get home well worth it it's gonna change his life gave a mate to him good luck now what if he's there tomorrow we're gonna find out these are lay I'm betting I'm betting pretty good that he is I'm gonna have to do the old all part only Libre that's by the way that's the perfect excuse yeah it's the perfect excuse part only man when they say well hey I'll just follow you in it can you just buy me a couple snacks well if they want snacks you I would get them snacks yeah would you put if you're leavin though would you go back in and get him sacks come back out no and also these people that cost us outside of this thing would never let him in his building he like got so bad you know like if they tried to it is whose is what is thing he's the guy that owns the the whole thing you don't know seeing bro mister saying it actually says mr. Singh on his nametag it what's the it's a gas station convenience store gas stations one-stops marathon it's a marathon yeah so one-stop shop for a marathon yeah you could have said a marathon you saying I thought it was some local indie gas station thing that nobody knows about yikes geez Wow pretty well you get your feelings hurt really easy a my feelings no no you just worry about mr. sin you defended that when I say something to you age you have a question for you we talked about your schedule your routine your busy guy we know that but what do you what when you get some downtime some leisure time and you light up a Stoke and you kick back what's your go-to form of entertainment and what's your drink of choice it's my go-to for my entertainment like what yeah what are you watching no football like what do you watch outside of football who are you on your phone or am I on my phone you're saying ya know like my wife calls me warned from Something About Mary because I wear big for real like she started calling Warren a couple years ago as I listened to different podcasts all day whenever like can I take one a year off I usually walking out with one year push back throughout the house when people are awake and then when they're asleep I roam around my yard and fix things around the house with headphones on listen latest episodes of whatever I want listen to what Jabba soda bars did you enjoy the most I've said all of them great question great answer I do listen to the majority of your stuff back of everything you do do you really yeah that's awesome I listen to all your stuff too okay I'm a huge podcast fan so obviously I liked all the stuff you put out the whenever I what was that yesterday I sent you a text it was uh it was in response to your attacks you shut me in Tahoe I said I sent you the text I said we're brainstorming over here your name just came up with love talk to you and then you didn't answer for like 30 seconds so then I FaceTime that's my idea I do a one-two combo on people I'm like alright let's go we're gonna answer and I got text back from me that's like I'm on the radio until 6 o'clock tonight I'm like that is literally six hours from now how do you do so much how do you do so much really it was three to six there was only three hours yesterday but I do it for our shows the NFL Channel a lot that's a long time it goes fast minutes you have a good co-host like you and your buddies in there I'm sure this goes fast it don't do it with the coasst that I work with are usually they're all pretty fun it goes pretty quick we do a three-hour serious show that last half-hour I was about to die hungry well yeah it helps being at my house I do it all from my house little room up stairs I do it from when I have to go to a studio and do shows then it feels like it's a marathon for some reason when I'm in like somebody else's studio it's weird okay AJ I shoot to me straight here I trust your opinion how do you think the Packers are gonna be this year here we go I mean they should be really good they got Aaron got Davante Adams young most underrated receiver in the NFL I agree t why Houghton yep yep see why Holmes very underrated – you're right I agree those guys names don't pop up enough when they're talking about like the top tier it's you they really never do no they should and maybe it's cuz they both seemed well I don't know if t why is not quiet he does the cool little dances and stuff done in celebrations he only does the T why dance yeah I thought he was doing T Oh first couple times of song I mean it's the alphabet bro I got it I figured out eventually but no peckers gonna be great and it's gonna have a huge year I think he and the floor are gonna be fine there's all this talk about how the relationship is and all this stuff they're gonna be great Lafleur's a great play caller and their defense is gonna be even better than they were last year that picked up a couple studs and free agency they should be great I mean why they should be contended for the Super Bowl but who knows everybody's got to stay healthy – you were just in a house with Aaron Rodgers in Tahoe for a few days him and Danica I saw the pictures wasn't invited actually was maybe I was I don't know I didn't I chose not to go I I decided against it how's his mindset going into the season we're like a week out from training camp right now how's his mindset going it good he seems to be like he always is going into camp and he's not like you know a lot of guys get like depressed and weird when it gets like a week or ten days out really amp it's easy to get that way for sure I'm gonna count down I told all my friends of my guy about eight days till you don't fucking here for me for like six months guys let's go ahead and enjoy this six days boy five it would be litter real that's a real thorough absolutely it was dead real I had a little tinge of that when I heard today it's like the Broncos reported or something today I know I told that the chills Oh gross no he was great I think he's great mind so he's having a good time he played good golf and physically looks and feels good I think so why not when I have a monster year did you see Tony Romo play at altar hey won the tournament is he good two years in a row yeah he's stud golfer he's unbelievable is he there was some article he he practices like he's a pro like he goes the range in the morning hits balls plays nine holes sends videos of his swing and putts to his different golf coaches he has like each lunch there plays golf again the afternoon another 9 or 18 goes to the range work so a short game like he has a full like professional golfer scheduled so he's trying to become a brother that's what he's trying to become a professional golfer probably he's played if he's got some exemptions and played in some PGA events he hasn't made a cut yet I don't think he's played his best rounds either whenever he's got a chance to get up there I'm sure it's difficult man playing when the courses are set up for the pros and there's a lot of pressure on you you trying to make the kind of PGA event planning is the best in the world really if you have a hundred million dollars is it really so much pressure yeah you still want to play well he still wants to make the cut what does the what his bank account mean for that that's we know you're not playing for you're playing for love of the game obviously you're playing for love of the game yeah I don't even know what I was thinking they're thinking they playing Strickland for the cash that you could potentially win yeah okay of course you want to make money yes you do but if you had a hundred million dollars in the bank if you could go win the Superbowl playing for a team right now I'm sure you'd do it it's a great question anybody else have any questions AJ how do you think Ohio State does with our Urban Meyer and do you think he coaches again in the future I think they're gonna be good man Justin fields they got this transfer came in who was like the number two quarterback in the country coming out of high school he's a stud came over from Georgia it's all on him they have a ton of town around him but they're gonna be good Ryan to his new all new head coach he was the offensive coordinator he's good dude I've talked to him had him on my podcast actually I went and did it in person with him he's a cool dude he gets it but he he's a confident dude that yeah and I like him a lot and then what do you say this ain't quite oh urban yeah I think yeah urban is one like 54 55 years old he's doing the Fox pregame show this year with my brother-in-law Brady and liner and Reggie Bush I think that'll be cool but they're already talking about him possibly taking the USC job if that opens up soon I think the only two jobs he would ever come out of retirement for or would be possibly the UFC job but the only the only job really would be the Notre Dame game if they somehow hit a little bit of a slide I think I could see him going Notre Dame it's so interesting to me the Notre Dame job is still one that is so highly aspired so right yeah I'll get his win there and if I can automatically get the playoffs that TV deal yeah it's an institution yeah it's something about it they don't we in urban was there before he was on the staff back of the day too so he has some ties Todd McComas is a big nerd he's got an ER Dame hat on right now big nerd ain't fan I think the Notre Dame fans are eager for Notre Dame to potentially get good again not yeah that would be nice but great again great again yeah because they're on national TV so everybody knows if they're not doing good so if you're no Dame fan you literally have to hear about it from everybody because just like that half and half Jersey Notre Dame is shoved down our throats is shoved down our throats and your brother yeah I mean they're always good but like fake good you know they're gonna get beat with maybe somebody real that's I'm saying it's a good coaching that is real because all season you're pretty good you're in a pretty good spot right you might have to survive one PR blow there at the end where you have a devastating loss to somebody but the other than that you're gonna be back again next year that is that is a good job I guess are you sure alright anything else you'd like to say no thank you for the opportunity fact any official comments on anything as far as what like the aliens or Bigfoot or what I already had that if you just like go on record or anything get off your chest I I love a new segment new segment if you had to go on TV and give an endorsement for the Pat Mack for Show podcast mm-hmm how would you phrase it what would be your endorsement that is also a new segment I would say so like right now you're doing am i doing a summer so if I'm trying to tell you listen to it talking head you got like a 20 second spot it might give a shout-out you're on get up right now mike Greenberg tail ivory said oh my god AJ you listen to podcasts all the time I just started my career Berg actually said this on his show maybe in the future at some point he said I only listen to the Batman TV show up I guess it's so much fun do you listen to it why do you like it well yeah of course I listen to Pat Mac if you show podcast but I also listen to many many others because I think it's the best thing nobody's it's not a competition out here guys you can listen to everything we're always looking for great new content but Pat McAfee not only is he a big strapping handsome dude that may or may not be on steroids judging by the book of his arms but he's very entertaining he's actually a real person this isn't a character that he's playing that means a lot it's gonna bring yep I can put your finger up for me though didn't stop me I'm no I mean it was uncomfortable to listen how good-looking I am you know I mean I wish it didn't let me get to anything else I wanted to get through so whatever alright new segment get off your chest you have something that pisses you off just go ahead and say no I'm good I feel very few miles view me as dr. Phil dr. Pat get it off your chest dr. Pat get it off your chest that's the second you know do you plan you think that you are a very positive person in general I would assume so yeah I think you are too that's a great segment I'm just thinking you know because we've been around me and you've been around some people a couple people at times that maybe weren't the coolest or most fun and you're very very nice and how you tear somebody down I don't even know what that means honestly I don't even know I don't even know very like yeah you just like yeah you weren't you don't like go for the jugular you're just like oh yeah yeah it's not that wouldn't be my first choice to call [Laughter] well I just you know just like to keep it moving man I honestly I look back this has nothing doing what you just said but I look back to the pre-production meetings that you mean that chunk I had with Baylor in their hotel room yeah and I couldn't even fathom what the fucking everybody in there imagined did I walked in there with a sleeve of sodium right on his sleeve was sweating on and I think I had shorts on I think I just leave a sodium shorts on everybody's kind of were in like suits or like button-up shirts and they were sitting at this big table that rule walks in and I've never been in one of these meetings you have no fucking idea and there was a couple questions asked or like very professional questions and then I just thought it was a podcast like in my head I was like oh this is just a fucking podcast my rule it's good what's one thing you've learned from something that fast you like you know what I should hang on to that and then he went into a run with Tom Coughlin about Tom Coughlin this whole thing and I just I felt the eyes from the Fox people I just felt them all over me I was like yeah probably not supposed to being in this world but I felt like you and I was like a podcast host in there with Matt rule then that quarterbacking in another kid honestly it's how I felt it was great well that's why you're gonna if you if you remember you had the producer of our game on your show the next weekend you even said like no I think no not only how you dress but how you carry yourself like you got more we got more out of those coaches and players than you normally would because you make them feel comfortable why don't want them that happen more often though because there's only one Pat McAfee that's we're looking for that is what we're a little bit that's what we're looking thank you but there's only one a Jayhawk to be honest maybe I think so you're quite an accomplished football player quite an accomplished football player and you just have just like we're talking about with Aaron and Baker you have this relatability and humility about you that is honestly stupid you shouldn't have it you're too attractive and too good at things to be this humble and I think I enjoy the shit out of it yeah I don't know if I'm very relatable because I have a hard time relating to other people like when I hang out with [Laughter] like what nice like if I get in a group of people with couples and there's no not even couples just sometimes I get put with random people and I'm like man I would just never even comment on this conversation and I feel like I'm like my bad is my wife like am ia terrible person like I just don't want to engage at all this is get off your chest now two segments have been covered two just wanna let you know we just got you into two segments without really getting into two seconds I'd like to know that that's why why you guys the best the the celebrity golf scrambles where they put you with a pairing or a foursome yeah that is what I feel exactly how you feel I'm like great this is four and a half hours of my life that I'm gonna fucking hate forever all the pro-am oh no not the Pro Am whenever like your teammate has a charity golf outing oh you're a celebrity that gets teamed up with a foursome and you're like a fifth player and it's like oh this is gonna be fun yeah if you can pull with a good group fun four and a half hours if they're good you guys are good golfers and they're kind of a cool group of humans but on a complete opposite of the spectrum if you're known for instance just getting arrested for being drunk you normally get put with a group of younger drinking group you know what I mean and boy everybody's comedian in those groups and I never hated more – I don't do them anymore it's not about you though it's about them I know they paid probably 400 hours to be in a golf tournament so I have to be miserable for four and a half hours and that's something I don't do this anymore I'll just donate to the cause how about this save it I'll donate get my own horse I'm running around by myself that'd be great I do I play those things every once a while yeah I'm with you the number one question I get like how many cigars do you smoke like 18 holes worth every time like I'm you know that's oh they always like get up they get worried and upset not upset but yeah you're right if you get a good group it's awesome Sunday and if you get a group that's not so great it can be a long long long day by the way that was very positive for you the way you describe that is not so great you're rubbing off on me man that's is why I brought it up because maybe a couple times have been around you're like man in my place am I just being too mean these people behind their back they don't know though like these are situations where you can bury people because the people don't know because you all give the alternative like now is also a fun group so the group that I'm talking about currently probably thought they were the funnest group in time you know what I mean great point yeah so nobody's gonna know it's okay to bury they fucking were terrible bro my whole – I wanted to kill myself it's not about using my head as a tea for what he does you're right no we won't know who I'm talking about but I know still remember on this day they're terrible alright have a great fall AJ thanks you too good cigar good job with your show Thanks what do you say what you go to cigar what's my go-to oh why don't you make your own s'mores why it'd be fun to set up a little thing in your garage smoke a lot of them you just have your own development cigarettes getting a company like you creating a cigar not really yeah that sounds like a good use of my time like how about I go online to cigars international in order the two or three boxes every two weeks that do one of those two three boxes you order I guess Agartha got me into smoking this Perdomo champagne like 10th anniversary there I don't smoke any real expensive ones just like light Connecticut wrapper cigars Camacho's one I like and let me suggest a Monte Cristo number two for you yeah I've had it I'm kind of a baby though like I can smoke a lot of cigars but I don't like dark like heavy cigars every time I smoke a cigar I just the next two days my fucking shit is just ruined like your throat yeah you gotta drink water I drink gallons of water every when I smoke cigars so it dehydrates me that's why my throat feels bad no I mean I don't I don't know what it is but people always tell me the same thing that their throat hurts wherever I never get that Oh smoke a bunch of them but I just I just need I feel like I need to pound water when I do but maybe that's why that keeps me from feeling terrible the next day do you ever keep any unlit cigars in your mouth no so you don't have the look of like just it floating around your mouth no like I'm some old Italian dude walking around New York City or something you've been working yeah yeah that's no I know you could be a pretty confident man to do that we have a Cuban kid on our roster here is that Zito yeah can't speak Spanish his whole family spoke Spanish to him his entire life can't speak Spanish but he has a character a personality within himself called cigars eat and he just chews on an unlit cigar yeah if you need rollers I got you okay I like that I like that character it's a good character it's probably my favorite to be honest he kind of disappeared whenever I you know somebody pissed on the cigar something happened to the cigar that he had he just wants you on anymore he gets extra confident when the cigar comes out yeah that happens with a lot of people you put a cigar in your mouth you shazier bought a new one just become more confident yeah it's like it gives you something to do with your hands yeah I'm a big hand guy Jews don't just don't want pat keisters – one of those before you and getting that character and stuff I wish I would have thought of that you ever seen that Cigar Aficionado magazine yeah I get it when are we gonna get you undercover of that thing I don't think that's really my thing either I was the guy Kirk Douglas he was on last week my little Kirk whatever yeah Michael Douglas no the other one that's married to go to honk Oh Kirk Kurt Russell Kurt Russell yeah he was on it just this last one my father walk got me a subscription so I get it every month chad johnson trying to make a play to get on there he has his own cigars 8 v cigars or something like that yeah Ray Lewis has a cigar – I've seen at the store he'll kill you is that gonna is that gonna stay okay that's noted Steeler face Anthony DeLeo unbelievable on the football field you all right yeah yeah hey thanks AJ thanks guys good to be with you describe your style on the football field but what what was your style in a football field ninety five rating I mean is that so you're serious you're not serious are you this is I feel like I'm a pre-production meeting for a topic I don't want to talk I would like my NFL linebacker back like that yeah yeah so would the majority of people that watch I would not I would want my middle linebacker to flip off the ref and the other team and get caught on camera doing that that's the ref I've never flipped off the ref come on just the other team no just one of my assistant coaches [Laughter] all right that's what I'm looking for okay well yeah well then you can describe it much better than I can what you want your linebacker there to feel like what do you want to style a play to be how are your shoulders they good great total my right back a while back but it's good everything else is good that makes no sense cuz you should be fucked up like you should be you know I mean I usually my knee is straight bone on bone and I got other stuff but like now my shoulders I haven't drilled like you next shoulders everything I started doing neck machine like it's fourth grade so my upper my upper part is who's that chopper chopper boy isn't is that your wife's dead yeah yeah that's my father no chopper huge chopper when he's trying to get my six-year-old doing that machine all right guys legend of a human a Jayhawk great show layfon chalet big thanks to a Jayhawk if you can tweet him and tell him thanks for coming on that'd be fantastic for myself Todd digs Nick Zito tae Evan Billy Jason McAfee in tomography we can't thank you enough for everything you do massive announcements coming soon heartland radio 2.0 is tomorrow ty Schmidt hit the music


  1. Pat and or AJ need to get Robert Oberst on the podcast. Hilarious strong man and I'm sure they can find something for him to move around the office

  2. watching for the first time, it is so awesome to actually watch what ive been imagining for years! keep it up. I am a Spotify listener. I'm making you these segment songs! just wait! ill email it to you somehow…

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