Everyone Is Lying About Everything  |  Funny | Pep Talk | Influencers | Plastic Surgery

Everyone Is Lying About Everything | Funny | Pep Talk | Influencers | Plastic Surgery

You may want to keep some things private, as is totally your right, but when some fellow woman walks up to you exhausted and overwhelmed and asks what your secret is, and you choose to tell her the truth, that is a wonderful, generous gift. 🙌😭💯

…now go ahead and get out your toes so I can step on em! 😬🤣


Inspired by Chalene Johnson, Brené Brown and the GOAT Dolly Parton

Shout out to the Lego Movie song by Tegan and Sara!

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good morning friends it's me calcined I'm back with another quick pep talk but unfortunately I have some bad news but it's okay because I'm gonna deliver the bad news through a happy song alright so what do I mean by that well everybody just get your toes out so I can go ahead and step on them this is inspired by a few different things one of which is my conversation with chalene johnson on my show she talked about the links that she went to she was talking about like a 30 minute workout DVD when she herself was working out four hours a day exposing some of the things in the fitness industry and I just want to talk about the bigger picture that like it's happening everywhere on some level with like massive celebrities when wins they're asked about how do you keep your skin so amazing and they're like I just like eat clean and like drink a lot of water you're a liar but what I want to talk about is that is happening with like the mom who lives next door I had a friend and we both had gained weight after babies and she gained weight in all the right places and still looked amazing and I was just so frustrated with my own body and I was like man what am I doing wrong that even like some people gain weight better than me and it turns out haha she had had a procedure she's not in entertainment okay she's not in the industry and she had a procedure to take the fat from her stomach and put it in her butt and buy so that she could have like a j.lo booty and so when she gained weight she gained weight in like all the right places and it costs $15,000 $15,000 you know what I would do with $15,000 honestly I'd probably get that procedure because it sounds amazing I get to go behind the scenes with other influencers so like for example there's someone was just praised for being so authentic and so genuine and I know because I know her that she doesn't eat sugar but she posts on her feed pictures of these amazing desserts and one time I asked her and she was like oh that's my husband's I don't actually eat that you're a liar why would you do that because you know some follower shares a lot of followers and some follow Rouge struggling it's like I cannot do anything and so-and-so looks amazing and she can eat brownies like what church mom friend had just had a baby a few months ago I'm like how do you look so amazing you just had your kid a few months ago and she gave me my least-favorite reply just running around after my two babies you're a liar I stopped you and I went and I looked and she runs marathons and not just runs marathons but she's running nine minute miles she fast like maybe in the moment she just didn't think of it I mean not everyone is a liar but a lot of us are kind of like covering things up don't even get me started on before and afters and there's another side of this where there's a whole like slew of people that are like girl don't filter your photos let's go filter free you know and they don't use a filter and you can tell but guess what their eyebrows have been tattooed on and they have false lashes and they've been getting injections in their face since they were 20 and I'm just like let me have my filter let me live my best filtered life if you're gonna have all that other stuff done physically to your face no I wouldn't go on the record because I plan to have all of the work done so this is not me judging people for having work done okay I get passionate look at my forehead have you ever seen anyone who needs Botox more than me when I feel like I'm making enough that I can justify just throwing money at my face is gonna happen and I'm gonna take you all along for the ride because what I want to do is I want to do it like dolly and I wish more people would do it like dolly like be vulnerable I just watched the Bernie Brown special which is another inspiration for this video I love that dolly knows who she is she knows what she wants to look like she knows it's her body she knows it's her right and she's also not trying to hide it and I think that's amazing and I wish more people would be like that and more and more people are getting lots of stuff done because it's become more affordable and because of I think social media and be able to see the scenes with celebrities it's more accessible it's more normal and that's great like I said I want to have all that stuff done myself did you know they have this thing called the vampire treatment of where they take your own blood and then they put it in a test tube and then they attack it and then they take the plasma that's created and they put the plasma into a special lotion that you use on your face I want it so bad and I definitely do filter Photoshop and edit my videos and photos because I'm self-conscious right I don't have great skin I have like weird blotches welcome to 30 now you have fine lines and chin acne y'all ever had is it so bad that your whole face rearranges because I got one right here and I'm pretty sure my cheekbone had to move out the way I have a fake tooth and it's not the same color as the rest of my teeth and so I edit everything so that my teeth look the same they're a little bit wider and do I worry about what people think in real life yes I do worry like people meet me in real life and like a little she is not as cute as she is online I'm doing that to myself I'm doing that to myself and sometime I'm gonna grow and mature as a human being and I won't filter that anymore I also have veneers at that point it's really hard to match one fake tooth to the rest so I'm just taking them all off I'm getting two veneers we're getting off topic Kelsey we're getting off topic here is the whole point of this video and this is what I hope you share I hope you think about this and find it inspiring and it's not just with beauty and health and fitness and its any kind of like life hack that we want to keep reserved that's your right you don't have to tell anyone right you know that's up to you but if you're at the sideline at the soccer game okay and maybe it's a new mom or someone you know is going through a rough time or maybe she just looks real bad well we've all had those days and then she just looks exhausted and maybe depressed and she walks up to you and she says oh my gosh you're not aging you look amazing what are you doing in that moment you can choose to be generous and vulnerable and give her a gift and tell her rather than saying well I just been sleeping nine hours a night now like you can be a big fat liar and a big fat phony if you want I just think about the women who are tired and discouraged and maybe don't know and aren't as educated on these types of things and they think they're broken like chalene said in the they think that the problem is them they think that they're messed up I must not be sleeping right if sleep is the secret I guess I need to drink two gallons of water cuz one gallon of water isn't giving me those kinds of results I wish I wish that that our looks weren't so caught up in our ego and identity and self-worth that's the conversation we really should be having but frankly I'm not there yet and most of the women I know aren't there yet either so what I'm saying is how about we give each other the gift of just being honest to be generous and give that other woman who is struggling and exhausted the truth you don't have to but what a gift if you do I hope you guys share this I hope it inspired you and motivated you and made you laugh if it did please tell your friends and I'll be back soon for another quick pep talk


  1. So true! I also feel victim to the fitness trap where I thought if I do what was suggested I would see the results. Lead me to become overly obsessed with fitness and clean eating. Now I have to pick up the pieces. Thank you for sharing!

  2. You called it right. I’ve seen it through the years. Just own your life- the good & the bad! Everyone has good & bad. You’re beautiful inside and out! Thanks for sharing!💕

  3. STRAIGHT FIRE! It's not just women lying to women. There are a lot of men lying to men, business people lying to business people, and just plain people lying to people.

    This was a great video and a reminder of the truth of the truth. Keep up the great work. Many of your silent supporters miss you when you are away.

  4. Apparently, I'm the grab-a-quote fan now, but "We're gettin' off topic, Kelsey, we're getting off topic" is STILL making me giggle. I can't tell if people are "hiding their secrets" when they do stuff like you're talking about, or if they feel like admitting how hard they work is a buzzkill so they don't say it to avoid ruining the mood. Either way, it IS a bummer. (Can people whiten their teeth in video?!?)

  5. Instagram has inspired a plastic surgery craze that I find deeply troubling. Now, don’t get me wrong. I believe in bodily autonomy. You do you. But there has been a massive increase in cosmetic surgeries in the past few years. This is a cultural phenomenon, and I worry about what young girls and women are consuming. It bothers me that so many people feel uncomfortable with their natural bodies.

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