EVERYONE MEETS DICKENS! Introducing Our New Puppy To The Family & To Dexter!!  |   Fashion Mumblr

EVERYONE MEETS DICKENS! Introducing Our New Puppy To The Family & To Dexter!! | Fashion Mumblr

We introduce Dickens; our new Dachshund Puppy to Dexter, and surprise our families with him! Here’s their reactions, and some cute Sausage Dog Puppy clips 😉
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don't you like my stuff I can't please for Betty track still agile away thinking about the way you'd bought maybe just the two of us we had it up we got off the bed good morning and welcome to another daily vlog today is our first day at home with our little Dickens he's currently just sniffing around and if you're caught in them I'm just sniffing around the upstairs we're getting ready to head out and we're heading to our friends man so if used to start with they are mummy and daddy to Bella who you guys have seen before Bella is sexist girlfriend but Jax is not going to be there with I'm going to Charley's parents house sorry my own children soon we're then going to Charley's parents house and my mom is going to be there with Dexter so you're going to see the meeting each other this little chap does seem to be fitting in rather world okay we do that green eyes down yeah actually we've been giving him lots of kisses and cuddles this morning no crying through the night the only time of healing the only time that he even whimpered was when I dared to go upstairs without him and yeah he told me that I wasn't allowed make noise so because use immediately yes first of knows my two boys so we're gonna head off now and go and introduce him to a little Bella who has had all her job that's absolutely fine hey two bins maybe so yeah let's go and I'll take it you guys along too we got you sure you hold him roughly daddy not powerful pretty girl like my joke now if I died just now I can't that we're on the road again we just visited master Sophie's and Hannah was also that for breakfast and so he presented me with its ugly pink carrier bag and in fact and has asked me to be one of her bridesmaids and of course I said yes so has Toki made my day slash week as well as giving this little circle so Thank You Sophie nice yeah maybe very very happy getting safe and now we're on our way to terms of sense where everybody is going to meet little dinky for the first time he's going to try to cover oh honey like borrowing his snout and like the crevice where my all means my mommy like when I put my arms down it's so strange you know seems like to have it space like borrowed somewhere yeah we're going to be there like ten minutes I'm so excited to see a free reaction I think your mom is probably going to be a little bit my mom is going to be a little bit nervous about it yeah she probably isn't their life but really having a second even's really changing anything else it's going to go out on a plate dad would be like oh I'm Emma be a bit like Paul and then to put in love with him yeah your mum will also be a tiny bit reserved yeah mentally she just is you know she she knows that we're actually going to go away and I'm going to try and film people's reaction by the worship carrier getting the most important action next returning he's also going to be like not really understanding all really playful I like you I like you and then are you coming with me I'm not sure then he probably going to be so I was beautifully moment for the big reveal and my eyes it's like passed out [Laughter] well actually I look good powers next to their glow that's coming taken oh my god a little bit wonder why safety is a paper in any Instagram sort you if you take on him here sometimes its back legs good something so you're gonna do it or not no not today thank you how you know low enough my baby says take us to learn nothing okay so the kids we've been introduced to most of the family my mum and Dexter have just arrived we're going to kiss little deck thief and then introduce the further crime so don't come down yet I need to kiss my boy window my Rooney and don't matter me suspense the public hall come on my boy I missed you I missed you okay unless there's somebody we'd like you to me that's Dickens he's on you baby come inside I try with my ransom eleven weeks let's take them outside problem use each other 11 week this is Ziggy featured picking the sector okay whacking is a good sign wagging is a good sign Oh sniffing who are you daddy dick baby see they don't know that they're brothers yet and they she doesn't know yet if she's coming on to me – because bubs of course a my deck see my mom some one oh yes another breezy love each other do you know each other Freddie friends already oh no no play with me deck C play with me yeah what do you think Lala yeah I know is my help yes our pop sexy gentle what do you think of your new brother deck that's back again [Applause] wish for a healthy life speakin welcome home Vicki which came back I'm gonna share yeah I love playing boys the Lord's come on man traps when that come again now with my three boys that is going to take some getting used to saying and they were really really good in the car little Dickens so it's just at my feet in his little bed and Dexter was on my lap Dexter is still being very demanding he is used to being an only child but he's also being very loving and brotherly already so very pleased to see that my boys are getting along and I'm just so excited to see how their love develops for each other but yeah everyone's reactions was just exactly what we thought it would be I think 20 rechtin was the cutest she couldn't believe that he was ours and just wanted to cuddle him the whole time and as you saw we also had little birthday cakes amongst at work in a couple of days so we that was only time that we are all going to be together so we had a little birthday meal and very very lovely day still feeling so excited about Sophie's big question earlier I mean to be one of her bridesmaids I feel so so very lucky um yeah we're home now it feels like it's been quite an exhausting day i napped most of the car journey home so I'm going to go and enjoy a nice long exfoliating fake tanning pampering session now so I'll see you guys as she I won't see you tomorrow because basically Charlie and I are going to whip table but we're actually going as part of a collaboration which means I basically have to send the videos to the brand for approval before I publish it so what I might do is try and film a skincare routine while I'm out there because a lot of you have been asking about my skincare routine recently so I'll probably film that if the hotel has a nice photogenic bathroom so hopefully there won't be a big gap tomorrow we'll see either way can you print a blank you little Dicky bow either way I really hope you enjoyed today's vlog my two chaps are playing with each other kissing each other and yeah I will see you hopefully tomorrow but it's not Wednesday I don't know I'll see you soon thanks for watching


  1. I don't believe I have ever seen those two colors on a doxie here in the US! They are beautiful colors. The one looked like a "chocolate color" & the what are those two colors called (Dickens color is just beautiful & the other brown color was Hannah, just beautiful also?) One of my babies (my first) is the black & brown like Dexter only mine is short hair. I love the long hair! Dickie is a little gentle soul…he reminds me of my doxie that passed away this Spring! Yes, I think everyone fell in love with Dickens the moment they saw him! This was so enjoyable…thank you for sharing this wonderful day!!! LOL Judie

  2. It makes my heart feel so good to see when a tiny puppy gets such a good home. One where he will be loved, cared for properly & protected from harm. You will be such a good home for Dickens! I have 3 dachsunds & I love them so much. They are my life! Two of them will be 14 years old this November & one will be 13 years old in August! It will be so much fun to watch your channel & enjoy seeing all the love you give your babies! LOL Judie

  3. Ooooh Josie and Charlie. My daughter and I cried tears of joy while watching this. Oooooh the wonderful loving reactions were delightful!!!
    Awesome memories you are sharing!!!

  4. You guys are such amazing dog parents. It’s lovely to see and I love how you call each other mommy and daddy around your fur babies. My husband and I do that too with our little Bear. These puppy vlogs have been so cozy and lovely to watch. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Along with the feedings, my first Doxie Bruce was very (and is still) gentle, with treats and hand feeding, but Bruce is food and attention driven. Then it Dip (my toy whore – yes I do call him that at times) can be a piggy, and so now Bruce can be more nippy.

  6. I'm in love! I have never seen a Dachshund that color. I love the door handle at Charlies parents home it is so original. What a great yard for the pups to play in. My mom's Greyhound would love to do a few laps around the yard with Dickens and Dex.

  7. Oh my word – your mums reaction was so precious – I should know by now NOT to watch your videos in the Uni library…I totally laughed out loud at your mum's reaction – LOL. Hope your wee family of four is very happy. xx

  8. Awww Josie Dickens is so so cute .. his eyes are beautiful😍 I saw the first vlog and then just could not wait to watch this one. Pls give my love to D&D 😎lovely gorgeous boys! Can't wait to watch your next vlog with them xx

  9. This made me cry.when dexter went up to dickens &dickens rolled over&did that swim thing you mentioned.Happy birthday josies mom,Such a stunning looking lady always beautifully dressed, may she have many many more blessed & happy days ahead hugs Susan 🎉🎂

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