Famous Movie Scenes That Nearly Killed Actors

Famous Movie Scenes That Nearly Killed Actors

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Making movies is dangerous business, and making exciting movies can be downright deadly. It’s not all special effects—there’s real danger that goes along with all of that big screen magic. Here’s a look at a few famous movie scenes that nearly killed actors…

Daniel Day-Lewis | 0:13
Jennifer Lawrence | 1:02
Joseph Gordon-Levitt | 1:49
Jackie Chan | 2:51
Donald Sutherland | 3:36
Jason Statham | 4:22

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making movies is dangerous business and make an exciting movies can be downright deadly it's not all special effects there's real danger that goes along with all that big screen magic here's a look at a few famous movie scenes that nearly killed actors Daniel day-lewis despite Daniel day-lewis his habit of putting himself in danger for his roles no stunts were as dangerous as the pneumonia the actor contracted on the set of gangs of New York after refusing to wear anything other than his ragged 19th century wardrobe coat despite frigid temperatures he also apparently fought random strangers while filming in Rome just to keep in character as the violent build the butcher we describe to the independent as a bit of a punk a marvelous character and a joy to be but not so good for my physical or mental health a quote unquote joy to be is an interesting way to describe getting your butt kicked by Italian randos but then again we're talking about a guy who spent three years getting punched in the head to prepare for the boxer by former champ Barry McGuigan so maybe everything he says isn't going to make the most sense I drink your milkshake Jennifer Lawrence accident-prone Jennifer Lawrence has a habit of taking public spills but it was no laughing matter with a smoke machine malfunction and almost suffocated her on the set of The Hunger Games Mockingjay part 1 according to an insider on the set filming came to an abrupt halt when this fog machine broke and began spewing so much dense smoke during a tunnel sequence that Jennifer literally disappeared from sight luckily she escaped with only a bit of vertigo and nausea but this wasn't the only time The Hunger Games series knocked her around during training she ran into a wall sparking rumors that she had damaged her spleen oh sorry spleen juice which turned out to be false but the next time everyone freaks out when Lawrence asked to be paid the same as her male co-stars maybe we should all remember that she's willing to bleed for our entertainment Joseph gordon-levitt after safely starring in a Batman movie a time-traveling assassin movie and a GI Joe movie Joseph gordon-levitt was almost killed while playing a bike messenger while 30 miles per hour might not sound too fast cruising between moving cars at that speed on a bike is pretty serious a taxi drove over safety cones during filming of premium rush and cut gordon-levitt off sending him through the rear windshield and badly icing up his forearm joke out the award for most stitches with 31 when he went through the back window of a cab it's funny how much attention you'll get when there's some blood loss this is Joe's bike and that's where he ended up director David Koepp feared he was dead later told MTV and you're you know for about 15 seconds before I could get there and see what happened I'm thinking did I kill him that I took that I actually kill an actor Gordon Levitt actually laughed the whole thing off but we wonder if he thought it was so funny when the movie's worldwide gross came in four million dollars below the production budget Jackie Chan the list of Jackie Chan's endless onset injuries is basically a medical encyclopedia busted up body parts but his injury on the set of armor of God too was the worst of all compared to some of the stuff he's done like sliding down the side of a skyscraper and getting hit by a real flying helicopter the armor of God two stunts was tame all he had to do was jump into a tree but he missed and fell to the ground smacking his head on a rock which send a piece of his skull into his brain the injury required brain surgery and a metal plate implanted enchance skull amazingly this happened in the early 90s and Chan continued to make many more films performing almost all of his own stunts in other words the exact opposite of what any normal person would do but then Jackie Chan is an ax normal person I wouldn't be a friend kiss service ah difficult donald sutherland most of the people on this list were badly injured and yes could have been killed in their onset accidents but no one through quite the nightmare donald sutherland endured because he actually died on the set of Kelly's heroes in 1968 sutherland contracted bacterial meningitis from a danube river and had an out-of-body experience his description of the incident is truly chilling the downward journey slowed and stopped I'd been on my way to being dead when some memory of the desperate rigor I'd applied to survive all my childhood illnesses pulled me back forced me to live I was alive I'd come out of the coma sick as a dog but alive both poetic and terrifying all at once Sutherland took over six weeks to recover at which point is contract for stand back on screen with his brain still fried afraid of water and Heights and according to him constantly weeping don't hit me with him negative waves so early in the morning jason statham action star jason statham knew exactly what to expect when sylvester stallone asked him back to the Expendables 3 except for the fact that he'd almost get drowned blown up or crushed to death whichever one of those happens when you accidentally drive a truck off a loading dock something went wrong with the brakes in Stevens vehicle causing the truck to quickly plunge 60 feet but Statham who once competed as an Olympic diver was able to get free the survival sort of kicks in and you pull yourself out the window you stop grabbing at the wall and trying to get to the surfing anything was a dad I mean they don't call it the Black Sea for no reason apparently sly was unconcerned look out I said where's sly and he's you know stood on the side of the dock now with his iPhone without that good Jason you knew the dull thanks for watching but the looper icons subscribe to our YouTube channel plus check out all this cool stuff we know you love to you


  1. Jennifer Lawrence, like ALL actors, is paid based on her bicycle office draw. She is no less well paid than ANY lead. Given her ability to play exactly two characters: action girl with a bow and action girl without a bow who is also blue, she has no real whining to be doing.

  2. It's "Armour Of God (1986)", NOT Armour of God II : Operation Condor (1991).
    Jackie Chan's was filming in Yugoslavia (specifically – Croatia), when that accident happened!
    Only Armour Of God, not Armour Of God II!!!

  3. "…he actually died." – Dudes, get your shit together and don't spew out crap like this.
    Also, if you really wanted to point out some ludicrously dangerous stunts that today would never take place like that anymore, you should have shed some Iight on some oldschool action movies like Mad Max and the like.

  4. You idiots, Looper! Jackie Chan's injury was from the first Armour of God movie – not the second one! Also, it wasn't in the early nineties but rather the mid-eighties. Get your facts right before you publish them. Wow! Amateur night or what!?

  5. how about Brendan Frasier on the set of The Mummy? if i remember right, during the hanging scene, Frasier actually lost consciousness and i think he had stopped breathing…

  6. lol she didn't get paid less because she was a girl, she got paid less because she was a shit actress. She had very little experience at the time and despite the fil's fandom fad wave her acting was pretty shitty most of the time. After a few big movies she started making more. It's common sense.

  7. "next time Jennifer Lawrence asks to be paid the same as her male costars"… despite the fact she's supporting actress and they're the lead… and that she was the 3rd highest paid actor of that year… coming in behind Dwayne Johnson (who made more films than her) and Robert Downey JR (who pretty much holds up Disney's multi-billion dollar investment in the MCU)… she is literally the actress with least right to complain about there being any kind of pay gap. Especially considering the above, and that she got $51m for making one movie less than Dwayne Johnson who got $52m. So, in rates of pay per film, there is literally only ONE fucking person who got paid more than her that year.

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