Fantasy Music - Daydream Mix

Fantasy Music – Daydream Mix

This was all composed by Jeremy Soule, one of the best video game music composers of our time and one of my personal favoriteS of all time. If you don’t know him you can check out his page:

Here are the tracks:

00:00 Main Theme (Neverwinter Nights)
02:31 Waterdeep Theme (Neverwinter Nights: Hordes of the Underdark)
04:46 Rebel Camp (Neverwinter Nights: Hordes of the Underdark)
06:57 Forest Day (Neverwinter Nights)
08:35 Forest Night (Neverwinter Nights)
10:38 Through the Valleys (Oblivion)
14:57 Auriel’s Ascension (Oblivion)
18:03 Glory of Cyrodil (Oblivion)
20:33 Watchman’s Ease (Oblivion)
22:39 Wings of Kynareth (Oblivion)
26:12 King & Country (Oblivion)
30:18 Peace of Akatosh (Oblivion)
34:31 Kurzick Theme (Guild Wars: Factions)
36:43 Main Theme (Guild Wars)
38:19 Autumn in Ascalon (Guild Wars)
40:32 Gwen’s Theme (Guild Wars)
43:16 Crystal Oasis (Guild Wars)
45:35 Arborstone (Guild Wars: Factions)
48:18 Luxon Theme (Guild Wars: Factions)
51:59 Assassin’s Theme (Guild Wars: Factions)
55:03 Ritualist Theme (Guild Wars:Factions)
57:18 Nerevar Rising (Morrowind Main Theme actually)
59:13 Jerall Mountains (Skyrim, but it’s the same song called Silt Sunrise in Morrowind redone)
1:02:35 From Past to Present (Skyrim)
1:07:41 Unbroken Road (Skyrim)
1:14:09 Dragonsreach (Skyrim)
1:15:44 The White River (Skyrim)
1:19:11 Dawn (Skyrim)
1:23:10 Far Horizons (Skyrim)
1:28:46 Ancient Stones (SKyrim)
1:33:39 Under an Ancient Sun (Skyrim)
1:37:18 Distant Horizons (Skyrim)
1:41:22 Frostfall (SKyrim)
1:44:47 Secunda (Skyrim)
1:46:57 Aurora (Skyrim)
1:54:12 Kyne’s Peace (Skyrim)
1:58:05 Solitude (Skyrim)
2:00:17 Wind Guide You (Skyrim)

Art Credits:

Choasgoettin –
Mathieu Latour-Duhaime –
ReneAigner –
MaxiimusT –
ForeverBigBlue68 –
flaviobolla –
Wildweasel339 –
Johannes Holm –
RQuack –
jamga –
kazumasa uchio –
Kekai Kotaki – original –
runique –
SpoonfishLee –
Alayna –
m-hugo –
Jaime Jones – in
flaviobolla –
danielwachter –
mrainbowwj –
AlexeyRudikov –
eWKn –
sandara –
Rasmus Berggreen –
TheEchoDragon –
JJcanvas –
Marthe Jonkers –
memod –
Kyu Seok Choi –
kerembeyit –
wibben –
JoachimB –
JJcanvas –
Ray Lederer –
m-hugo –
Swang . –


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  2. Modelling a Doom style rocket launcher for a game project. I don't know why listening to this comp is helping… But I am now picturing the Dragon Born from Skyrim running around with a Doom rocket launcher.

  3. Going to finally start my book ‘The final Starbreaker’

    Here’s a little preview:

    One wreaked evening, it happened.
    There was thunder and lightning, and wicked wind. But that didn’t stop the Novamaker.
    A yell from the village disrupted the thunder. A young woman was giving birth. The thing was, this woman was a virgin. She had no clue how it happened when the healer informed her she was pregnant, she was in dismay.
    But after 8 months, 5 days, 8 hours, 23 minutes and 18 seconds exactly, she was giving birth. The woman screamed in pain, and as she took a breath, a deafening silence appeared. The storm had stopped briefly, her pain was gone, and she needed to leave. Why? She didn’t have a clue. But it tugged her, as if it were saying “Come here, come here! I have a surprise for you.”

    So up she got, almost completely naked, she left her home. And the sight before her, wow. It was beautiful. There, on the ground, was a star. It captured her attention, and it whispered to her.
    “Allora, touch me! Come pick me up, Allora. It is time for you to go, and for her to be birthed into this world”
    So she did as it told her, placing one bloodied foot in front of the other. She was about a foot away from the star when it it talked, louder this time.
    “Allora, it is time for Novamaker to take you. Do not fret, as it won’t hurt. Come closer, come place your palms on the warmth of my smooth surface.”
    Again, Allora followed its orders, seeming to be unable to try to disobey.
    She bent down, and outstretched her small hands towards the star. Its warmth was radiating, almost as if it were pulling Allora closer. Her hands gently touched down, and the star quivered softly. A blinding light consumed the area, knocking Allora back.
    As the pain returned to Allora, the Novamaker appeared. “Allora, how wondrous it is of you to join us. I know it was against your will, but you will learn to love the large town of Outer Space.” The Novamakers soft, echoey voice blew by, like a zephyr.

    “It is time,” She boomed. “For the Starbreaker to join earth. Thank you for being the vessel for the last Starbreaker, Allora.” She paused. “We greatly appreciate your sacrifice.” Novamaker decided.
    And as Allora’s soul slid out of her body, the Starbreaker was birthed.
    August 22, 2006, at exactly midnight, the last Starbreaker was born.
    “Hello, ???(I haven’t chosen a name for the Starbreaker yet).” Novamaker’s serene voice coddled ???.

    “Welcome to the village of Dusrykae”

    If you wish to contact me about the story, or would like to read the story pre-release, let me know. My Wattpad account is InkTsuki.

    edit: the main character, the Starbreaker, is a 13 y/o who has Schizophrenia and Autism.

  4. As Christmas will now be in mind here is a link to my Christmas carol The Age Old reason for Joy.  One can find all the free tools for learning and performance plus other audio aids on the dedicated page via the links on the video.  I wrote it to teach the young and remind the older just what Christmas is really all about and I know from those choirs local to me who have performed it just what fun it is to sing.  Best wishes and joyous singing.

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