Favorite Mystery Authors

Favorite Mystery Authors

In honor of it being October I thought I would do some of my favorite mystery, thriller authors.

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I’m Rissa, I love books, my pets and God (not in that order) and I make bookish videos. I think I read a wide variety of books and thought it would be fun to share the books I love with all of you. My video’s will including vlogs, TBR, writing videos, tags and anything else that looks fun. I’m always looking for more new unique book recommendations so feel free to leave them down below.

these are some of my favorite thriller authors now thriller mystery I don't know whatever you want to call it but I love these authors and I will read anything and everything they write because they're just they're so good firstly an Moriarty and big little lies you did not know this is a TV show also which I thought was really good and this story I don't know how to explain this anything with little kids I adore so having this be about parents and their little kindergarteners was just was just so cute and but then there's all this anger and passion and woe with the characters and their husbands and they're not husband's and Jesus a really good job at making it twist and turn and just giving you everything and nothing all at once I have all of her books right over there and she has just such a wide range of ideas to just work with and it just it makes it so good next I have Barry Leica and I've only read this one trilogy by him that I'm aware of and it was so good and I'm planning on reading more by him because it was so good I hunt killers is he he hunts killers and I don't I go into my books pretty blind I don't want to say much for thrillers especially thrillers because that takes away the mystery knowing more I think writing is really good it keeps you guessing it keeps you on the edge of your seat it keeps you wanting more I flew through this trilogy really fast because it's just so gripping and you want to know what happens and it's just you should read this Dan wells and his mr. monster I don't want to kill you I don't know what this series is called but I love it I am NOT a serial killer I think this is the first book I love his writing I've read this entire series and it is so good we follow a guy named John and he thinks he's destined to be a serial killer my name is John Wayne cleaver obviously when I grew up I'm going to be a serial killer and he's trying to do everything in his power to not be a serial killer so whenever he has these strange thoughts he has to think of other things and he has to force himself to think opposite of what he's thinking and feeling because he thinks if he has any of these bad or weird thoughts about anyone or anything that he's going to turn into a serial killer his family also owns a moratorium but they take care of dead bodies and get them ready for the funeral homes and he's been surrounded by dead bodies his whole life so the urge to not become a serial killer and kill more people is kind of strong and his writing is just so good because I am picky in a sense with thriller and fantasy sort of like mixed together paranormal because he's also dealing with this demon and if you watch Supernatural then when he says demon you're going to picture the black-eyed just blood dripping down their face sort of demons that I did while we're eating these and it's just the way he describes his characters and the monsters and the magic and just the dialogue between him and these demons that it's just so so good and intriguing and gripping and you will want to read the whole series in one setting it is just that good unfortunately I had to wait as it came out which sucked because I don't like waiting for series to finish but it was worth the wait last we have Alice funny me Alice Feeny and I think this is her debut book but I absolutely loved it i tabbed it up a bunch too which I never do but I have my little dart things so it looks really cute and I just absolutely loved the writing in the phrasing and sometimes I lie I don't want to say anything about this because sometimes she lies sometimes things are not what they seem but we're not supposed to know that we're not supposed to know what's real and what's not we're not supposed to question anything because our main character is supposed to be semi trustworthy right from the back we know that sometimes she lies sometimes she doesn't tell the entire truth and I really enjoyed the writing the tabs I did were mainly for things like quotes that I really enjoyed like someone more broken than I has come along I thought that was beautiful there's no vacation time I hear my sister here retreat from the room but don't open closes alone again with Maxie sounds like my husband became pretty strange it's just it's so beautiful that I want to read everything she wrote now because it this is just beautiful beautiful these were some of my favorite thriller mystery authors if you have any more down below that you think are similar to these please let me know and thanks for watching


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