#FemaleFilmmakerFriday How to... Make an Actor Website 🎭| How to be an actor!

#FemaleFilmmakerFriday How to… Make an Actor Website 🎭| How to be an actor!

🎭 Today’s #FemaleFilmmakerFriday is all about that Actor Website! I recently redid mine in a majooooor way and am here to share what I learned along the way! 🎭

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hello and welcome back to what used to be female filmmaker Friday but I've been releasing these on Tuesdays so whatever my name is Kate Hackett I'm an actor writer and a producer here in Los Angeles if you are new here don't forget to click the subscribe button and if you are not new welcome back please make sure to give this video a big thumbs up if you like what we're talking about today and what we were talking about today is how I make a good site if you are not already one of my patrons please join me on Kate Hackett college patronage let's get started so today we're just gonna walk through the elements of what you definitely absolutely positively need on your actor website I did a big rehaul earlier this year so I want to first thank Ramy for helping me like completely redo everything she redid everything and my wonderful patron George who helped me troubleshoot any issues that I created when I went back in and started tinkering the big important piece of advice unless you are a web designer of some kind please prepare to be for your actor website redesign because it is your professional page and it needs to look nice you like I may have acquired it an extremely excellent HTML capability back when Angelfire was all the rage and you created a musical theater webpage to showcase your little Phantom of the Opera however HTML languages and the Internet in general has evolved you have not pay some money the hardest thing for me to see Magel was dealing with my multi-hyphenate because I do many things in the industry I wanted King Haakon home to be kind of a one-stop shop for all of them and it needed to be done as cleanly as possible but I also didn't want to confuse potential representation or casting directors by squishing them all together and making it seem like I didn't know what I was at any given point in time so we decided to split on my page into an actor section a writer section and a producer section and give me a super cool landing page that touches on all three to introduce I filled it with still images and quotes from top to your press that I loved to talk about my acting my writing and my producing for ease if a user Scrolls down they also can see my reels and my social media because again I did start primarily as an actor and that was it is kind of where my focus has been for the last many years for this tutorial we are just gonna focus on the actor page so let's go ahead and click that so what exactly belongs on your actor site bare-minimum headshot and resume you'll also want to stick your reels up there if you've got them and maybe a bio so let's go through what I have on mine one by one so you can see examples of everything first and give a brief explanation of my type your type is just what you tend to play what's easy to cast you as that can be a whole other video so let's keep going immediately after I have my comedic and dramatic reels I've been doing this for a really long time so I have enough footage to really be able to split them up like that but if you know it's okay to just have one reel again reels are a whole other topic so we can talk about that as well in another video if you want let me know below if that's something that would interest you otherwise you want to put your most recognizable stuff first and try to keep it as short as possible and then I have my headshots I keep my most recent most used photos comedic and dramatic commercial and theatrical in one line easy to see that's it those are my shots bang done so following those I have something that's kind of cool and I really enjoyed it's an interactive resume we figured out how to put pictures from each project and when you hover over it the text reveals information about the project then you can click through to visit the project if it's online so it's really super easy to see the thing that got made it's also really great for special skills because you can just click through and it takes you to a video of me doing the skill so if you wanted to see any singing opera it's very easy to do so I also included an old-school PDF resume if you have a pool feature make sure that you give the option to do with the older way just in case it's also good in case people are on their phones partly the titles of stuff that you done at the end of that resume I also list all of my special skills and awards directly since that can be harder to film so even though I have footage of me singing opera I also listed below just to make sure that it's clear I find it easiest to give an umbrella for each skill section and then list all the items in a line following that I have a local higher line and that's really important it tells casting if you can get yourself somewhere and pay your way to work locally so if you have family like I do in New York I can say I can work locally because I can just stay with my family I'll pay for my own ticket it may or may not be worth the cost but it might be a good idea when you're just starting out because it lets you add that line to your resume if you book apart in the event that you cannot afford to fly yourself or house yourself somewhere don't list it then all the way down at the bottom I have my formal bio followed by an informal one that gives a little bit more of my personality following that it links to my biggest shows and all of my social media plus actors access an IMDB because this is after all my actor page you also want to make sure that there is some way to contact you Twitter is not the preferred medium so if you don't have a contact page split off like I do make sure that you've listed your or your representations contact information because I have representation and it gets a little like crowded on the page I slit off my contact page and over here that is what is on my actor website I would love to know if you are a fellow actor what you decided to put on yours or if you're just starting out what elements you think might be valuable that maybe I missed we're gonna cover it I would just love to hear from you leave a comment below with questions you have about the industry things from want me to talk about I love to have a nice pile of videos for you guys if you are not a patron please join me at Kate Hackett comm slash patronage in order to help me make videos like this and make actual acting things that I make because that's what I moved here to do if you liked this video give it a thumbs up don't forget to subscribe thank you so much


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