Finding God (Finding Shakespeare) by C.S. Lewis Doodle

Finding God (Finding Shakespeare) by C.S. Lewis Doodle

This essay was originally called “Onward Christian Spaceman” by the fashion/art house magazine editor and was later changed to “The Seeing Eye” in publications after Lewis’ death. In the tradition of changing the essay’s title, I have changed it again for YouTube. Further reading…

New York Times Paper 4:47, see The Screwtape Letters #1 – “humans find it all but impossible to believe in the unfamiliar while the familiar is before their eyes”.

Psychologists and Theologians 7:05 . (See Lewis’ Literary Essays.) Physicists describe the world in terms of atoms, and then sub-atoms, but eventually end up with mathematical formulas to describe reality. But to describe ‘you’, that is, who ‘you’ are, it is no good to simply describe what you are made of. The professionals have to resort to describing the self in terms of symbols. The Theologian’s symbols for ‘you’ (God-given symbols) include ‘breath’ (soul), ‘wind’ (spirit) ‘inner sight’ (conscience), ‘heart’ (the core of your being), and ‘bowels’ (you, at the most visceral or ‘gut’ level). Psychologist’s symbols for ‘you’ include tyings-up (complexes), shovings-back (repressions), Inner Roman magistrates (censors), and scratchings (engrams). Physicist and Theologians/Psychologists all end up in symbols and at that Mystery behind existence.

The true God can not be contained 1:41. See verse reference in presentation as well as Jeremiah 23.23-24:

‘“Am I a God near at hand,” says the Lord,
“And not a God afar off?
Can anyone hide himself in secret places,
So I shall not see him?” says the Lord;
“Do I not fill heaven and earth?” says the Lord.
(See more on this issue in Lewis’ book ‘Miracles’, Chapter 10 – Horrid Red things).

Mere movement in space will never bring you any nearer to God or any farther from Him than you are at this very moment 3:51. See Acts 17.27 and Romans 10.8 ‘”The word is near you; it is in your mouth and in your heart,” that is, the message of faith (in Christ) that we proclaim…”

  1. You may laugh at Lewis' analogy about Shakespeare, but there have been very foolish people who read the works of Shakespeare and didn't find Shakespeare at all, the Anti-Stratfordians, a bunch of uppity wags who thought themselves clever and believed that whoever wrote those works, they couldn't possibly have been a middle class son of a merchant. As an Oxford professor, Lewis had such fools as colleagues and friends, and I'm sure he reasoned as stridently for the existence of Shakespeare with them as he does in this and his other works for God.

  2. This is truly a piece of art. THANK YOU FOR YOUR WORK! Keep it up because the world needs to hear and see this stuff. There should be millions of views on these videos. I will share with everyone I know 🙂

  3. someone please put my brain back together, it has been blown ! LOL This is ridiculously deep and profound. CS Lewis is such an inspiration to me ! The art work is awesome and i know it is a lot of work, congrats on both the art and accomplishing the work ! 

  4. Absolutely brilliant! The Holly Spirit, guides your creation. Clarity and harmony dandle your work. Congratulations, and thank you. Thank you for putting into "words", what my heart feels for so long.
    God bless

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