Fraser Focus - Author's Corner #2: The House of Wives

Fraser Focus – Author's Corner #2: The House of Wives

In this segment of “Author’s Corner” we talk to Simon, a local South Surrey resident, about his latest book: The House of Wives.

you're watching the Fraser focus plenty of talent here in the region we are back here at Surrey central city library for authors corner introducing an author from South Surrey this is Simon he wrote a book called the house of lives I'm very intrigued well thank you very much the house of wife is loosely based on my great grandfather and grandmother who were in India and in China and it takes place in the mid nineteenth century man by the name of Immanuel bilious who was my great-grandfather was an opium trader any harvested opium from India and he took it to China and he went there and was based in Hong Kong mainly he had a wife in India and also a wife in China so I'm descended from the one in China and eventually all three of them all lived together in a house called Kings Claire Kings Claire was about a hundred and fourteen thousand square feet which is about three times the size of the White House so this is actually a true story this is based on a true story and they lived there for many a number of years and had children and this story is about how they did that and that's our authors corner with is Simon stay with us here on Fraser focus we're heading over to another story in your community

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