Future Book Releases of 2019 I’m Most Excited About | July 2019

Future Book Releases of 2019 I’m Most Excited About | July 2019

I talk about the books I have on my shelves coming out in the second half of 2019 that I am the most excited about at the moment. All books linked below.

Books I Should Have Read By The Middle of the Year

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Books Mentioned…

The Hiding Game by Naomi Wood
The Far Field by Madhuri Vijay
Patsy by Nicole Dennis-Benn
Three Women by Lisa Taddeo
How It Was by Janet Ellis
Platform Seven by Louise Doughty
The Offing by Benjamin Myers
The Man Who Saw Everything by Deborah Levy
The Grace Year by Kim Liggett
Breaking and Mending by Joanna Cannon
The Confession by Jessie Burton
The Mating Habits of Stags by Ray Robinson
A Single Thread by Tracy Chevalier
The Private Joys of Nnenna Maloney by Okechukwu Nzelu
Exquisite Cadavers by Meena Kandasamy
Nudibranch by Irenosen Okojie

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hi and welcome to my channel I'm Simon of 78 and today I am back with the videos I promised I would make in my last video which if you missed it a link down below anyway and was a video that I made about the books I was surprised I hadn't read by the midpoint of the year because they're books I've been super duper excited about so we'll be getting to in the second half of the year and in that video I said that I would do a video this video which is all about the books I have on my TBR shelves already that are coming out in the next six months actually some of them are like have almost come out or are just about to come out but then I will talk about all this September October and November books I'm going for December yet but we shall see and say yeah like I said this this isn't exhaustive there are other books that are gonna come out and the rest of this year that I'm sure I will love I just have a low chance to get through the catalogs and all that kind of stuff so let's get cracking on the ones that I do happen I'm super excited about not about long as I don't have yet we couldn't wear them later so first up and this is an author's day book I love to her previous two books and it's known Leawood and this is the hiding game I don't know very much about this other than it's set in 1922 in Berlin of the double size from the Bauhaus art school I know very little about this but apparently is incredibly famous and it's Batman called Paul who goes there and falls in love with a woman called Charlotte however he isn't anyone buying for her affections I think there's some tensions going on there but also there's attentions of what's going on in Germany at the time I love name was writing I absolutely love the godless boys which was a dystopic version of New Castle in the 1980s brilliant and also she wrote a book called mrs. Hemingway which is the life of n is having very pretty much told from the perspectives of his wives and he gets no one and and see the other one kind of come onto the scene and then you go into her narrative and see the next one absolute bring done so I know this is going to be fabulous books I don't know very much about but everyone who I love and trust has well not everyone but a lot of people of interest have raved about it already already and that is the far field by mahuri vajay and this is all about a young woman who after the death of her mother she's very privileged and woman decides to go to Kashmir because she believes the death of her mother has something to do with the death of a salesman there however when she gets to cash she finds a very very different way of life and I've heard people say that this is a book that kind of shows the difference in cultures in one country differences and classes all those kind of things and that's all the sort of stuff that I really really love so yeah I've heard amazing amazing things very excited about this then and I'm surprised I haven't read her debut novel because I heard that much else Rangers have been really really pretty meaning to do but I'm very excited about Patsy which is Nicole Danny's Ben's second book this is all about woman called Patsy who gets a visa to go to America and in doing so she is then reunited with her secret lover and this is a lesbian relationship that she's had for a long time but hasn't told anybody about and in the freedom of that or what she perceives is gonna be the freezer she doesn't take her daughter true with her or her mother she leaves them behind now Patsy gets quite shocked when she comes to America to see that it's not all that she had hoped for but it's also the story of what happens to chew her daughter now she wants to follow her think this is going to be amazing and had amazing things for most people on Instagram actually I've heard the most about this and that really really came to get it very very soon and also out this month or and just actually I think all those ones around now and his three women by ELISA today which is probably all the most hyped books that I've heard of in quite a long time particularly nonfiction I mean on the cover Elizabeth Gilbert scum headed to in cold blood which is on my favorite favorite favorite nonfiction books of all time that this is Lisa's 8-year research into the lives of three women and their sex lives their sexuality and just their position in society and what's expected of them and she just follows them and like it says it's just about these three ordinary women who are of course extraordinary and that's one things I really really love is when people start to talk about the lives of ordinary people you are actually extraordinary so the extraordinary things of the ordinary I think I've said that too many times there let's move on very excited about this as this goes live I will be away and I tend to not so well just in case I decide to put soberly but I'm I'm taking Chris on the secret weekend away and I may well practice I have an ammonite about reading it or listening to an audio I'll decide near at the time in fact actually the video that I mentioned where all the books that rent yet I would have liked to and this video kind of like a holiday TBR but really go away for three days so a Commodore to them at that time tonight hashtag private assignment when he's packing anyway next up let's go on to the books that are out in August and first up is Janet Alice's second novel how it was I absolutely loved her first novel the butcher's hook a really quirky historical novel very gothic just yeah delightful and very very sinister but deliciously sinister this is set in the 1970s I think and is about a woman who she finds her daughter's diary and starts to find a different side to life that she wasn't expecting and if she hadn't happened to be busy she wouldn't even open the diary however I also think I don't if it's the same woman bear with me and but when I started and flicking through the pages I saw that it's a woman who is at her husband's bedside as he dies and she's been a housewife for all her life and now suddenly she's gonna have all of this freedom what happens to her when she has that freedom I'm hoping we're gonna have another quirky unusual narrator with this so yeah very very exciting G Janet has come really really right so very very like I said very excited about that one I think I've mentioned I'm very excited about our I'm in sound about all of them platform 7 by Louise Doty which sounds like it's gonna be a really ghostly thriller and they starts off with a man who's on platform 7 and his name is or doesn't say and his for I am is a beautiful platform 7 and he's thinking about killing himself he's being watched by Lisa but Lisa is actually dead and she's trying to stop him from doing what he wants to do there are two deaths on platform 7 within a few months how are they connected all so here very intrigued by this one indeed then there's a few books actually in this selection I don't want to know too much about I'd wanna go into them blind and the next two are such books and that's just because I love the author's writing anyway and I would be reading it regardless of what they wrote about the first one is the offing by Ben Myers again like I said no 0 anything about this is 0 anything and absolutely nothing about this book but don't need to we'll be reading it very soon love Ben's writing thinking Junia so many others that one and the other is Debra Levy and this is the man who saw everything again don't want to know much about it just want to go into it blind and see where Debra takes me with her writing so that's August books now the book that I thought was coming out in August I think has been put back it is the gray shirt by Kim like it now I've already heard you can see that's her because it's the preposition and now I've already heard lovely a Marais I'll link her channel down below I'm sure you all follow already but she has raved about this and it got me really really excited about it I was sent this unsolicited and when it arrived I was like well this kind of is giving me that all I want to read it tingles and because it's about I don't know whether it's like set now or whether it's like in the future away in the future but it's in an isolated village where young girls once they hear I think is sixteen yeah sixteen they're banished to a forest north of them and left to fend for themselves and fend themselves against the other girls and then I have to just see what happens if they can come back purified and ready to marry if they're lucky and if they survive just sounds amazing I get the vibes that this is kind of a little bit The Hunger Games a little bit like a female take on oh my goodness what's the things what about the boys on the island that one I was talking about it just yesterday I want to say the beastie boys that's abadan that's not correct anyway the Lord of the Flies that's what I was thinking of and so yeah really really intrigued by this apparent is a very very tense novel but wonder you cannot put down I just want to read more and more of both so reflects what's going on society now but I think that might have been like I said put back a little bit more nonfiction again with Joanna Canon who you'll all know if you've watched this channel for any length of time I absolutely loved both of her novels the troubled goats and sheeps and the trouble with goats and sheep not sheeps chosen sheep and also three things about Elsie this is her memoir about her time being a doctor of psychiatry on the NHS wards in the UK and apparently it breaks your heart I'm hoping immense it too though then also who I adore and I don't wanna know anything about this before I go into it like with Ben Myers and also with Deborah levy and that's Jesse and this is the confession this is out in September I said that on September's books I think maybe I haven't but we are and yeah I heard this is kind of sad I think the 1980s but again I don't want to know too much I just want to go into it and see what Jessie well see where Jesse takes me with her writing very very very excited about this one indeed also in September bookends plane wrote quite recently is the mating rituals no the mating rituals not which was the mating habits Simon not rituals a bits of stags by Ray Robinson Ray Robinson isn't also who I just love his rising he just atmosphere incredibly generally around the north of England although she he did one that was setting in Arizona which was really really tense for heat of that and and this is insane Yorkshire and a widower is thinking about the loss of his wife and how it happened and I believe he well he he how can I put it he does something as revenge there's very violent his friend who's living by the sea hears about it and it's what happens from there really really looking forward to getting so I think I mention wanna tell us about last time that Ray Robinson was really what about the intricacies of human behavior and human relationships and how people talk to each other and also was left unsaid and I can be brimming with that then another exciting book they're all exciting but another one another one I think we've only got four months ago is Tracy chevaliers a single thread and I'm very very excited because Tracy is going to be coming to Liverpool Central Library to talk about this book in September this is set in that time I really really find so fascinating in of the between the periods between World War one and World War two and this is when there is a surplus of women and we follow one particular woman as she goes to words she goes to violence people goes to Winchester and it's how she kind of creates her own independence I believe in how she makes her way through life I'm imagining through threads of some kind so you have a really reported that I absolutely loved traces of falling angels so much me that I've been making sure that I still haven't read the girl with the Pearl Earring and I must tell me if I haven't by the end of the a tape and then the only book I have in December and then the only book I have knocked I bet is from one of my current favorite publishers and that is dialog books they publish books from BMA voices voices of disability and voices the lgbtqia+ community this is the private joys of an animal only and this is by a ketchup crew newsela I hope I said that right I might not have I'm really really sorry if I haven't and but this is about a young girl called Nana who is living in Manchester and she wants to know more about her big boo Nigerian heritage and yeah that really fascinates me and again it's like I spoken about on this channel ah I find the where two cultures come together and how that kind of works how it doesn't or I just find it fascinating I love how cultures can infuse and I think that's the thing I really like is when singing when it happens and how it happens and yeah it just it just really really intrigues me because I think the more cultures in a community the absolute better and but like I said I'm intrigued by this and then finding out more about how Nina finds more about her heritage and also how she finds the joys and the triumphs and also the tribulations of living in a country where she just feels she's caught between cultures so yeah it's on air in October and then finally two books in November and the first one I cannot believe I have not read yet and that is exquisite cadavers by me and at Kennesaw me I absolutely loved it loved is the right word for that book was what it's about is very very hard to read but I thought when I hit you was absolutely incredible when I read it this I'm amazed like I said I haven't read yet because it's a very short book and and I don't know again too much about it other than as you go through you have all the right page to open it on but you have in the size means thoughts as she was writing it because when when I hit you came out people kept going on about the fact that oh it must be because it was slightly based on things she'd gone through they believed that the whole thing was just a fictional account of what she'd experienced and that wasn't true so here she writes about what she thinking about what's inspired the book and the story as we go through it which i think is just going to be fascinating so really looking forward to getting this one and finally from dialog books again and a books that only arrived this very morning but when I read the blurb I was like Hello I might have to read that almost instantly and it doesn't happen very often cuz I get that nervous thing and then get so excited about a book I pop it on the shelves and just look at it at miring Liam vaunting fond fondly not fondling and fondle me books and it look at it in admiring and the Fonda way but never quite daring to pick it up what's the book Simon get on with it yes I will it's nudibranch and this is by every not seen or kanji and this is a short story collection and on the back and when I read this because it just sounds amazing it says offbeat characters are caught up in extraordinary situations a mysterious woman of the sea in search of love arrives on an island inhabited by eunuchs dimensional hopping monks navigating a season of silence face of bloody reckoning in the ruins of an abbey an aspiring journalist returning from a failed excursion in Sydney becomes what she eats and a darker Orwellian future is imagined where oddly detached children arrive in cycles and proved to be dangerous in unfamiliar surroundings this just sounds absolutely phenomenal I may well have to pack this and take it with me I'm currently reading a short story collection but this one might have to work usurp it so yeah those are the books that I am very very excited about that I have on my shelves that are coming out before the end of the year or have just literally come out let me know what books you're really looking forward to in the rest of the year I will keep you posted as more right obviously in my holes I would like to next year hopefully do a quarterly books I'm most excited about each quarter I thought I was going to do this year I haven't managed Hammond organized I will be next year I promise and on that note I'm gonna go bye hope you're all having a lovely weekend or whenever you're watching this I hope you're having a lovely day and I will speak to you very very soon bye


  1. I’m here for books about snooping in diaries and Benjamin Myers 😆 the Private joys of Nnenna Maloney sounds very cool especially if it’s looking at Manchester ☺️(October😒) Havin a book fondle-lovely😂

  2. This was an absolute firecracker of a TBR!!! My list just grew about a foot 😁

    Irenosen Okojie will rip your heart out with her fingers and then walk all over it in steel toed stiletto boots. Or at least that has been my experience.

    PS: we won't tell anyone if you fondle your books, Simon 😏

  3. I hope you just adore A Far Field as I did. I’m so excited for the new Deborah Levy. Ever since we read Hot Milk for the Readers Retreat, I have become a Levy convert. That Exquisite Cadavers looks so intriguing. Thanks for the preview!

  4. Am so excited for the Tracey Chevalier book (love her) – but also because as soon as you said 'a period of time I'm so fascinated by', I immediately thought of the period that I AM SO fascinated and enthralled by, which is between the wars … and then you said between the wars and I yelled at the computer 'me too!'.

    ANYTHING of that time immediately draws me in … because talk about dramatic irony at play in real life! The ending and recovery from the horror and shock and devastation of WW1 and picking up the pieces and not realising yet that before they know it the unimaginable will be here. Plus all the social pulling apart and reforming and shifted dynamics.

    Endlessly fascinating and moving and thought-provoking.

    Also, do read Girl with Pearl Earring – it's how I started with her writing and I picked it up only because I find Vermeer's paintings mesmerising and full of detail (and I am someone who knows nothing about art at all). A great read.

    Thanks Simon

  5. You said "Bauhaus" and I sprinted to my Goodreads immediately. Thanks for the recommendation, fiction books about the school are so hard to find 💛

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