Godfrey & Guy Torry discuss Acting

Godfrey & Guy Torry discuss Acting

Here’s a clip from Episode #041 of In Godfrey We Trust where Comedian Guy Torry joins Godfrey and Andre Kim to discuss experiences acting for film and tips that he’s picked up from other actors on set.

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I want to tell you something God Tory was in one of the a very very legendary movie true American history trip you were in American History X with Ed Norton fuck what you heard American History X if we can find guy Torry and Ed Norton in the in the laundry room me my old teeth too if I got my dental work that he was that movie was very controversial it was it was about no racism and Nazis and all the stories behind that movie man so many stories a 20 day no Tony Kaye totally directed his first film he was a video and a commercial director and he was Jewish from Australia and there's a lot of fuckin I got that movie man I didn't I didn't audition for the movie really they saw me at Fat Tuesday is it coming that I created and they came down to see another comedian for that role I went up and with some on how stupid racism is no matter what ethnicity and they thought I was better for a role plus I was cheaper than the other comedians he's a big name right but so they gave me a role and it's very early in my career man when that was going Tommy right Tommy David David yeah they came to see Tommy Davidson and and you fucking know that I know not that – but he's nosiest fuck I just like researching people I don't know what he researches Wow yeah he supposed to get that role because the producers had done I think booty call with him okay right the movie booty call him I wanted and then I went up and it was funny because I was at the Aspen Comedy Festival okay had a great manager at the time and he was like man he's gonna be so great at asthma Comedy Festival for people who don't go let's do a special fat Tuesdays which is you and Tommy Davidson will use Tommy as a draw and and we invited like 250 industry people now now we didn't know they were gonna be in the room yeah but they came down to see Tommy and then I went up and you know Pam the rest was history Wow X yeah that that how was it Norton work cuz Edwards wanted wanted ads actors and there's a great actor method yeah the way you said that the way he said that so what was it he's a wonderful actor like you guys I learned so much from him as an actor I mean I did learn a lot man he taught me a lot when I was teaching me but just like watching him work he's phenomenal at at at the lens cuz I didn't know at that time I was doing sitcoms and shit yeah and sitcoms are different from film you know sitcoms you can be big and loud but but film was it's a movie like that as important as it was and directed let me go he gave me the green light I can add lit which is great for a comic right you know back there was a comic on the comedian yet so I was still a comic so you know and just watching him man was just like wow and as an actor Watson was great as an actor but you didn't hang out with him he was great actor you know when you work with certain people I think he's misunderstood and I said it's not another interview to me he's such a great actor that he cares about the entire film hmm and he wants every part to be great but the execution may be wrong cuz actors should never direct other actors unless you're acting and directing and and there's some times when he was trying to direct and then like directors like never fuck I'm the director so there's times where like the Training Command it's like no you like I've been on films where I saw extra do something bad in the background I do it in period I've done a period piece and they either doing something that wasn't period a handshake or a walk there wasn't period and I wouldn't go to the even the extra say something I go to the director say hey look look at the guy look at the monitor look that guy right there he's not walking 70s he's walking like it's you know 2005 yeah yeah life when we shot life right you know the movie life yeah also in life with Eddie Murphy of Martin Laura and burning man burning marries one of the funniest movies oh my god life man it was a period piece in the 40s so we're doing the baseball things there were some guys we're doing high five and shit I pay the extra five but you feel extra is doing high-fiving and stuff and I told the rector I said look they weren't high-fiving in the 40s right they sure I was like doing the whole it was like a different type of hand class yes yeah yeah so like so you gotta be period so I didn't go to the extras and say that I went to the director and director told the extras all the ad is it's not my job my job is act but I think but but do you think there's a point where you've worked with you've worked with Ed Norton you work with Bernie you've worked with Martin Eddie damn yeah I mean I've been fortunate the work with such amazing actors who I stole from them well I watch the workers who did you take room Halle Berry Halle Berry I did it I don't say small roles in a small role but had I had a role and introducing Dorothy Dandridge Wow the scene in there where my name was man and blue shirt at one line Halle that day was she had you know they're doing her close-ups right right and then you have the actor behind the camera doing his thing right so then it was time for the other actors close up yeah and they were like hell you can go to your trailer we're gonna do you know all reporters what are you gonna do his his uh close-up and she said no I want to be here I want to be here and give him the same energy that he gave me and I learned from that because she could a lot of actors will just go to trailer sell and now you got some serious you know scenes where you're playing to somebody just reading lines and not really giving the emotion and it's your close-up and that and that affects you as an actor you know so I learned that from her soul didn't flip to me years later I did a movie called runaway jury right in and about with John Cusack and yeah and Dustin Hoffman and teen Hackman so and Jeremy Piven who I just ran into at the so I just ran him literally yeah minute okay so now so there was a scene where Dustin Hoffman's in the courtroom he's deliberated up to the jury this is this is his speech they give that turns whole try right so the we were shooting one day and was in New Orleans and it was raining like shit and the studio we were in had a tin roof yeah so all you heard was that the the sound guy gave me his headphone all year was and and and um and Destin was doing his lines and he kept messing up kepner's I'm like I felt bad for him cause he's such a great actor he kept messing up and the director was getting frustrated anybody can frustrated and he kept messing up messing up messing up messing up so then they said suspended feeling for the rest of the day so the next day we came back and we're in our trailers yeah that was like 30 minutes passed by I'm like what's going on and so dustman's reshoot scenes from yesterday I said oh okay so then I said well who's in the jury box thing because we was talking about they said nobody just a bunch of cameras I said well let me go over there so I went over there and I was only one sitting in the jury box and I make eye contact with him the whole time he was doing his speech home time he was doing his deliberates to his last beat and and he was killing it not not not a flaw not a flub line nothing completely different from the day before and after we got done soon he said man thank you thank you for your energy I needed that but what it what it made me realize was the day that he was flubbing all the lines he was doing on purpose because he didn't want to you know when you do a movie and you have sound issues you got to go back and recreate that that sound in the ADR impost well he didn't and he didn't do is it missing him on purpose you're talking about a veteran yes 66 and slave the graduate so graduates oh and my favorite movie did was of course one of my favorite coming here old Lenny Bruce very still the Papio was steep right but boy could do it so I learned from Dustin that man when it's down issues man he I could I felt bad like oh he's old he lost it he lose shit next day man he went to that scene but it made me if I had not seen Halle Berry do that in introducing daughters I wouldn't have gone back and said let me be there for you and give you your energy and he thanked me for that she's cool as Ella she's fine when I saw without makeup Oh fine is frog here you ever see frog air that's how fine she is 80 don't you [Laughter]


  1. Yo Godfrey your podcast wont blow up when you chargin niggas 8$ to watch a dude sit on a thimble in the right corner. Wtf is this shit and that graphic 😂😂😂😂

  2. Godfrey, i found you on vlad tv and i love your mind. Some constructive tips: lose the flashy/purple moving background. It really gives us a headache. The filming quality looks like we are watching a 90”s MSN webcam. Make sure you are using a good camera. It would be better if you would have a joe rogan or brilliant idiots construction when it comes to seating. We want to see all of you guys in one blink. The 2 screen is not a good idea. Please do an episode with the brilliant idiots, because it would draw a lot of viewers and subscribers to your channel. You are doing a great job and should have more cloud. Also, don’t have to many people in at the same time. People love to hear you, it is overwhelming listening to too many voices. ✨good luck! You can contact me always for more tips.

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