HALLOWEEN'S COMING! Writing Prompts & Script Ideas: Halloween 2018 edition!!

HALLOWEEN'S COMING! Writing Prompts & Script Ideas: Halloween 2018 edition!!

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hey everyone card l'm here with calling all cardigans writing in our prompts the halloween 2018 edition but harlan you may ask it's barely September why are you doing the Halloween video now well because it takes time to write scripts and I want to give you all a fair chance to get your scripts in in time looking at the calendar and knowing we upload every Monday Wednesday and Friday with the new spicy video every other Friday that means that in October we have room for 14 Halloween themed scripts and two more spicy ones know what our halloween themed scripts well for those of you that are new here I like to kind of break the rules in October because it's my birthday month it's October 24th before you start asking and I'll be turning 35 so you know yuck and is a gift to myself every year I let myself do spooky scripts in October ghosts spirits demons possession aliens mind-control serial killers a wacky science inventions it's all fair game everything except the vampire is anyway but that's the story for another time what I need from y'all are some solid spooky themed scripts 14 of them to be exact with an additional two spicy ones think you're up to the task if you have ideas for a script but don't quite know how to write then go to the subreddit and post them there that's where the sub reddits for if you want to write a script but don't quite have a good idea for one go to the subreddit and find him there that's also at the sub reddits for now keep in mind a Halloween theme doesn't mean just horror you can do a comfort for being scared kind of script or a comfort for having never gone trick-or-treating you can do a cute or funny sketch where say they meet at a costume party or they meet because their kids are friends at school and now the single mom and single dad find themselves on a makeshift date on Halloween night you can do a gothic romantic Scripture and a boyfriend sets a beautiful picnic for his beloved only to find out at the end she's passed away and he's got a gravesite you can do a dramatic script or Carlin's become a zombie doesn't understand why you his one true love huh won't just let him eat your brains whatever you want to do it's fair game just be sure to email your scripts over to karbolyn scripts at gmail.com as if that weren't awesome and hype making enough every year in october we also do talked over a monthly challenge to do one short audio upload a day just like last year I'm going to take 31 adjectives like scared hyper maudlin and 31 roles or jobs and newscaster scientists superhero and mash them together to give each day a theme that's where you come in in the description below I've linked to a short Google forum where you can submit an adjective and a role for the talk tober list I'll pick my favorites and use it for the actual talked over challenge schedule fun right glass but certainly not least calling all cardio's artists cardigans specifically are you 18 or older do you do NSFW spicy art do you think you can complete a piece with at least two characters and a background in about 1.5 weeks time we like to get paid for your commission can you send me a collection of some of your artwork NSFW or SFW if you answered yes to all these questions send me a sample of your artwork to Karla nish at gmail.com that's Carlin is H at gmail.com no spaces with the subject line spicy art commissioned some of you may have noticed that along with each new spicy Friday video I've included an NSFW art piece for the sweetheart tier or higher on patreon and we're looking to build a solid roster of artists we can commissioned first set artwork if you're interested eligible and have any questions or want to just sign up right away let me know by emailing me a card Lanisha is Carlin is H at gmail.com who so let's summarize she'll we I need 14 Halloween scripts and too spicy Halloween scripts for October if you have script ideas or need script ideas go to our Cartland script ideas subreddit link below send all finnish scripts to Cartland scripts at gmail.com I also need help coming up with my October challenge schedule I have a link to a Google forum in the description below where I need your help coming up with adjectives and roles and of course I find myself a need of spicy artists through spicy art from any spicy uploads over on patreon they'll be ashamed of your talent get paid for it email me at Carlin ish Heartland is H at gmail.com if you're interested whoo all right I'm really looking forward to October this year and hope to make it even better than last year's which is already freaking awesome I need your help to do that send me your stuff I can't wait to see what y'all come up with Cheers


  1. I started screaming when you started talking………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. I'm odd

    EDIT: I literally replayed that bit of the video like 20 times cause I was like nahhh I’m hearing things he did not say the 24th

  3. Hey! A fellow Scorpio♏! My bday is only 6 days after you! Can't wait to see what's in store for October! Keep up the awesome work, love your channel and Patron!

  4. I feel like may have already submitted a couple creepy scripts…yandere stuff I guess, but it might be fun to explore other creepy stuff too! I'll have to think on this awhile.

  5. OH CMON CARDIN starts listing scrip ideas like demons me: even vampires
    him: no vampires though
    me: oh cmon ive been working on this one for a lone time its aboit a pure blood vampire falls in love with a half demon…its totally not based off my relationship with my bf but hes half demon and im a vampire

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