Historical Fiction // Reads & Recommends

Historical Fiction // Reads & Recommends

Hey guys, today I have another in my reads & recommends series. This time I am talking about the historical fiction books I have read and loved, and those I cannot wait to read. Hope you like it, let’s chat!

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The Book Thief by Markus Zusak –
The Help by Kathryn Stockett –
The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah –
To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee –
Atonement by Ian McEwan –
Burial Rites by Hannah Kent –
Salt To The Sea by Ruta Sepetys –
Cross Stitch by Diana Gabaldon –
The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas by John Boyne –
The Crucible by Arthur Miller –


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hey guys welcome back to my channel summing here so today is another reads and recommends video and this time I'm doing historical fiction which is one of my favorite genres a feminist and especially like World War 2 but not all of these books are from World War 2 and there are a couple obviously and the funny thing is all of the five read books that I have to talk about I don't actually have copies of any more because as I told you before I don't keep books once I read them I'm but the five books I want to read I own three of them so I'm gonna try them otherwise I'll put the pictures up on the screen says all dead so let's get started with the five books that I have already read and loved so the first one is The Book Thief by Markus Zusak and I absolutely adored this book this basically follows a young girl Liesel who whose parents ended up in a concentration camp and so she's fostered by a German family and um I did love this stuff I think I've talked about it in a previous video somewhere which I'll try and link below if I can find it and but basically I said that Mike my problem with there was that it was narrated by death and so I struggled to kind of relate to the book because it was quite like distant from it however I did love the story itself it's about books as well which is just obviously what we all love on this channel and but basically it follows a girl who essentially is stealing books because the Germans or the Nazis are essentially burning the books because they don't want people to get hold of books that haven't been like personally vetted by them so I really liked this like I said this some stories brilliant it's set in World War two so it's perfect and it's got some really resilient characters in it and my favorite character is actually Lee Sora's foster father and hands because of a gene and they Cameron Bure so I will put it somewhere on this yeah I really like this and I would definitely recommend if you haven't read it already also the film is really really good the second one is one that also had a brilliant film adaptation and that is the help by Kathryn Stockett in following Skeeter I think her name is and here's a journalist and she wants to write so she decides and she comes up with this story idea of this book I dare say but she interviews the help of the people that lived in the town she lives in because basically this is set in the 50s and where black people generally are the help for white people and so they kind of bring up the children and clean and cook for them and Skeeter doesn't like this obviously the black people don't really like it either but they kind of hafting and they're treated as second-class citizens and so this book kind of explores that and talks about the things that happen to real people and the kind of their own stories this was a beautifully written book like I really loved this and I also thought the adaptation was amazing Emma Stone was in it Viola Davis is in it like they're amazing and they're really good actresses so I loved that and but honestly I'd say even though this wasn't about World War two I might even say this is one of my favorite well but liking historical fiction books because it was fantastic then the third one is definitely my favorite historical fiction book of all time and this is a world war two book this is the nightingale by Kristen Hannah and I read this while I was on holiday to Ireland last year with my boyfriend so not only was it a fantastic book but it also has some really good memories and associated with it in my kind of when I think about it but I really loved this book it makes it Cleveland is these two sisters Vianne and is about who are French and they are living in France at the time of the second world war and they are essentially like dealing with it in two very different ways so Vienna's very kind of she kind of goes along with it she's got two young children and you know she's her husband's in the concentration camp and she's just trying her best to let them get on with it until I kind of hope that they'll go away soon or as Isabelle's much like she's much more wants to gather and do something about it like she joins like a freedom Revolution I guess let the Frenchman French Revolution the kind of thing and I mean it was brilliant the book was great it we already showed the two sisters and like they're very different but they both did that bit if you know what I mean really really great and yeah it was brilliant such a good book and it really made me want to go back and continue reading the fourth one is to Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee had to think about that then could you tell her look in my eyes um this was brilliant now if you didn't know I did a law degree at university so I really like reading books that have Lorentz twined in them and this basically was a book that was set around the same time as the help I believe but basically and it's about these two children's scalped and Jem whose father Atticus Finch who I'd heard loads of things about the name Atticus Finch and I did not put two and D together and then when I read this I was like oh that's who Atticus Finch is but basically Atticus Finch is a lawyer and he takes the case of a black man who has been accused of killing two white guys who raped his young daughter that's right yeah the white guys weren't raped his daughter and then he killed them and then now he's on trial and it's basically just showing the kind of reaction he gets from the community because basically society is like he's black he must be guilty so they all kind of look down on him for taking the case and it's that relationship between the two children and their dad and right and wrong and kind of seeing that everybody's the same and that we shouldn't like we would be prejudiced essentially but it was so good it was great to see it from two children's perspective because you kind of see that innocence that children tend to have where they have these kind of open opinions until people put their own opinions onto them so it was really great to see this kind of like view of the world from these two children so I really liked this one and then the final one is when I actually didn't like when I first read it um I think I read its atonement by Ian McEwan and I read this first of all quite a few years ago I think maybe I was just a bit too young friend and Ray and stand down because when I read it it meant nothing to me and I was like this is a load of rubbish and then I watched a film and I kind of understood a bit more and then I reread the book and I absolutely loved it I think it's really well written and the meet there like message behind it is really really like important and basically it's about a young girl named Brian II who has a crush on this kind of she's a young girl he's like God and her I guess you'd say and so she's got a crush on him and then she sees him in a compromising position with her sister and so something happens and she kind of blames him for it and then it's the repercussions of that and then her wanting a forgiveness and it's got a lot of great parts to this like it's got a good section of it which is set in the world war and which again Avila said I liked and it's really interesting it's not a book that I would necessarily have thought I would have liked but actually having read it and also watched the adaptation I really really enjoyed it and I would definitely recommend then unto the books that I haven't yet read it but I really want to read and the first one is a burial rites by Hannah Kent I'm gonna read the back to you because I don't know too much about this book so it says Northern Iceland 1829 a woman condemned to death for murdering her lover a family forced to take her in a priest tasked with absolving her but all is not as it seems and time is running out winter is coming and with it the execution date only she can know the truth this is Agnes's story and as far as I know this is actually a debut novel and it sent Iceland and I don't think I've read a book that's set in Iceland before especially not one that's seven 1800s so I'm really really fascinated to read this book and I've heard nothing but great things about this and it's also in the book in the front it's got like four pages just full of authors and magazines like saying how amazing it's got like Karen slaughter who I really really love and just loads different things so ya know I've had really great things and so I kind of wait for this one the next one I've had nothing but good things about but I honestly don't know and it's about and I don't own it so I can't really tell you too much about it but basically this is salt to the sea by Rita SEPA tees and I believe this has got something to do with the ship that went down I feel like it's set in Russia I could be wrong again I'll put something up on the screen to tell you what it is actually about um but yeah I really want to read this I've heard great things that were intercept T's is writing and I think she's got another book out too and I can't but it's cold between shades of grey I think it's called um and I want to read that one too but Rita seperti is an author I think that has had a lot of praise and so I really want to try out her work then I have one that's probably gonna confuse a lot of you and this is cross-stitch by Diana Gabaldon which I assure you a lot of you have heard of this even if you don't think you have and that's because this is Outlander but this is what it was originally named and when it first came out in the UK I don't really like the fact it's a tiny ol thing but I ordered this online I believe and this is how it came and I mean I'm ok with it because yeah this sounds right and it's set in Scotland and I know that Sasha from a book utopia always talked about this book she's like obsessed with it I also think this is about like 7 books long as I'm in this series so and it's quite chunky book like how big is this one eight hundred and sixty pages so I mean I will read this and I think I might really quite soon enough to sort of decided just there but this is set in 1945 it's a it's like a time travel thing so there's two lives so in 1945 she's on honeymoon with her husband in Scotland and then she walks through a stone circle in the highlands and finds herself in a violent skirmish that's a fun one taking place in 1743 and then so essentially she sat like in this war-torn thing and she's falls for this guy even though she's on a honeymoon with this other guy and I guess she has to try and figure out how she's gonna get home you wants to get home and how she's going to like have these two different guys who are completely different I'm really excited for this like I say I've heard nothing but great things so this will be on my TBR for raising then I have one that I just talked about in my latest book nickel tone stack three which are linked below and this is the points the Striped Pyjamas by John Boyne I always say the boy in strength jamas burst in the Striped Pyjamas and the tagline of this is a story of innocence in a world of ignorance so this follows a little boy named Bruno whose family is in Berlin and his dad is some kind of officer in the army and in the German army they is and they move up to this little like desolate area where they don't know anybody and there's nobody around and Bruno sees a farm or what he thinks is a farm and he goes along and he meets this young boy named shmore I think he's how you say sure yes who's wearing pajamas and he's so innocent he doesn't know what it is obviously we know especially from the friend that it's the concentration camp and that role is in this concentration camp but it's their friendship and it's rive seen the movie and it makes me cry and so I did say in the last video that I'm quite scared to read this closing I think I'm gonna cry but it's only 212 pages long so I feel like it's not going to take very long at all is it um but yeah I feel like this is gonna be very emotional and then the final one is actually a play and I have read this before I read this when I was at school but I've never read it for like pleasure and I really did enjoy it at the time but it was such a long time ago I think I was in year 10 which means I was in work at how old that means I was 14 I'm gonna say like 14 or 15 and so that was oh my goodness that was ten years ago and so I don't remember any of it but basically it's the crucible by Arthur Miller and this is a play about witches and it's the whole historical thing where basically they used to if someone was accused of witchcraft they would essentially shove them into a pool and if they drowned then they were innocent and if they didn't drown and they were a witch and obviously we know that both of those things because if they were a witch they got burn in the stink so they were both basically gonna die either way and but it's a it's a whole play about that and again like I said I really enjoyed it at the time but I really want to revisit it because I feel like now I'm older I'll kind of appreciate it mom there is also a movie adaptation which has got Winona Ryder in it who is basically a completely psycho net but you know what gonna do so that is my read some recommends historical fiction video I hope that you really liked this video let me know in the description box which one of these and five books I want to read you would recommend reading first and also if you have any other historical fiction recommendations because you know how much I like to hear it from you so give this video a thumbs up if you liked it and subscribe to my channel if you haven't already and I'll see you next one bye guys


  1. Historical fiction is my total fav genre! I loved the Book Thief too. My mum gave me Atonement but I have really struggled with McEwan in the past so I've never picked it up… perhaps I should… I have a half read copy of Burial Rights. It's brilliant, but it's one you really have to think for so I am reading it alongside some lighter stuff too. *Lucy

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