Hitopadesha Tales - Honest King - Short Stories for Children

Hitopadesha Tales – Honest King – Short Stories for Children

Hitopadesha Tales – Honesty –
This is the story of a honest King who sets out to choose a trustworthy Prince for his kingdom. A Tale of wit and fun not to be missed!!!

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once upon a time there was a great Kingdom by name maha pow maha Paul was a very fertile Kingdom and the people of the kingdom were happy maha paul was ruled by King Mahendra he was a noble King and he took care of the people like his own children but the people of Maha Paulo were not happy about the fact that their King Mahindra did not have a child of his own one day the ministers came to King Mahindra with a request you you breaking with all do we have come here with the request what is it we have been asking you to get married again so you could have children but you refused now we request you to kindly adopt a child for our generation to try you are correct I am also getting old I should look out for a person to succeed me shall we look out for a child no no I am NOT young enough to raise a child now let me find a loyal person who can sit on the throne is there going to be any competition yes but a different kind of competition pass on my instruction as per the Kings instructions the people of the city were made to assemble in the palace The ministers called one person from each family to the palace dear people of this great Kingdom I welcome you all I wanted to select a good and talented individual to ascend the throne after me for this reason I wanted to have a small competition I will hand out plant seeds to each person the seeds are to be planted and maintained well for three months whoever brings back the best grown plant with colorful flowers will be chosen as the crown prince a person who can take care of the plants and make them grow can also make the kingdom prospered the people were excited they took the seeds and went back home after three months the people returned with flowerpots with beautifully grown plants there were green plants all over the palace grounds each part was bearing the name of the owner written in big bold letters the ministers appointed a team of judges to select the winner your highness all the plants of pride and beautiful my love it is very difficult to select the right person Red King one man however has not succeeded in growing any plant in his flower pot there is only soil on not even a tiny plant in his flowerpot shall I send him back come let's go to the palace guard the king entered the palace garden longer looking longer okay all the parts are beautiful your highness our judges are not able to select the right person show me the pot with no plant yes my lord the minister's brought the plant the King saw the nametag and called the man look at the port there is all even a single plant in that he might be severely punished for his action call the owner of the spot the man came to the king trembling with fear why there is no plant in this pot your excellency I tried my best even adding more fertilizer I'm carefully watering the seeds but I'm sorry to say that I could not bring up the plant the king stood up and addressed the people my dear people this man who has not grown any plant will be my successor the people were disappointed the ministers and the judges were shocked I was looking for a man with character and I have found it I had all the seeds roasted before I gave them out this fact was kept as a secret it was not possible for any seed to grow into a plant people who have received the seeds from me have tried that best in growing but when the plant did not come up they have taken fresh seeds and grown the plant I was on the lookout for the harnessed person when I saw that one flower pot without any plant I knew that I have found honest the people were taken aback the ministers and judges appreciated the king for his wise decision King Mahindra made the young man as the Prince of muhabba the people were happy with the Kings decision and they're honest friends


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