How to Make Mexican Fruit Salsa with Brooke Burke - Let's Cook with ModernMom

How to Make Mexican Fruit Salsa with Brooke Burke – Let's Cook with ModernMom

Brooke Burke shares a tasty recipe for Mexican fruit salsa! Click below to subscribe to our channel for more great videos!

Yum! This Mexican fruit salsa recipe is great for parties, family gatherings or any time you want a spicy snack. With fruit, cilantro, jalepeno peppers and just a few other ingredients, you can make tasty salsa treat!

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hey guys its Brooke again today I'm going to show you how to make yummy easy Mexican fruit salsa now these are your essential Mexican flavors I've got red onion cilantro lime juice and of course jalapenos I love it spicy and you can use your fruit of choice I love pineapple melon and mango but today it's so easy you're going to love this I'm going to use some chopped mango I'm going to add about a spoonful of chopped red onion all the jalapeno that I've got a pinch of cilantro course lime juice you can salt to taste so easy so delicious you want to put in a little scoop of melon just for color just like that you can serve this with chips the only thing missing is a margarita Mexican fruit salsa in under one minute don't forget to subscribe and leave your comments below because we want to hear from you and you'll get all the info on our upcoming episodes


  1. I am Mexican from the Guadalajara area and I can tell you that this is nothing close to Mexican food but it looks like something I would like to try. Also, for a Mexican this would be called salad…it would be called sauce if it was blended or puréed. Anyway, for sure I will try it as a snack or with baked chicken.

  2. nice ''American'' Mexican salsa…… typical of an American person trying to show how to make Mexican food, Whats next a Mexican trying to show how to make a bologna and cheese sandwich…

  3. Um. That is mango salsa and it's most popular used on baked salmon. I make it all the time. It doesn't take under one minute, considering you have to chop the mango, chop the cilantro, squeeze the lime, etc.

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