How to prepare kindergarten children for writing in English

How to prepare kindergarten children for writing in English

Teach 21st century skills with confidence

Improve kindergarten children’s hand-eye coordination, pencil movement and letter recognition with this alphabet card activity. This activity is great for all levels, as well as children with learning difficulties, such as dyslexia

This activity teaches the following 21st century skill: communication.

Developing our children’s writing is an
important part of learning to communicate in English. This activity will improve their hand-eye
coordination, pencil movement and letter recognition. Firstly, prepare alphabet cards with the capital
and lower case letters written in black pen. I find an A4-sized card works best. You will also need some wool or string. If you can get different colors, that would
work really well. In class, hand out one card to each child. If you have a smaller class, they will get
to make 2 or even 3 cards. Next, hand out a piece of wool and some glue. Ask the children to stick their piece of wool
along the shape of the letters. Cut off any extra wool when they have finished. Once the glue is dry, get your children to
use their fingers to trace the letters, making sure they move from the top to the bottom
and from the left to the right. Ask them to say the sound of the letter as
they do this. Make sure the children all get a chance to
feel each of the letters. You can now display the letters on the wall
in class so the children can see them and touch them throughout the year. As the children’s phonic awareness improves,
this physical alphabet will be a very useful tool. Also, because this activity involves touch,
it is great for all levels, along with children with learning difficulties such as dyslexia.


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