How to re-create celebrity holiday looks at home

How to re-create celebrity holiday looks at home

People magazine’s style and beauty director, Andrea Lavinthal, shares how to re-create some fashion-forward celebrity looks for your holiday parties this year.

all righty this season for holiday parties in this morning we're gonna steal some of the top looks from our favorite celebrities for a much better price hundreds of dollars lots a month thousands of dollars left here to show us how is people's style and beauty director Andrea left paparazzi are everywhere so when the celebrities are even walking out casually dressed they always look flawless any tips just generally speaking when we're walking out the door how to look like a celebrity for less well the good news is it's actually much easier than you think to dress like a celebrity I mean you can shop online you can shop in the stores and I like to use celebrity looks to inspire my own outfit see how to style the things you have in your closet new ways to wear them okay I love that and so one of our first celebrities who we love to follow is wreath Witherspoon she always looks amazing this was just a few weeks ago break down what she's wearing for us so she is wearing a very festive metallic cocktail dress from Draper James which is her own line it retails for about 275 and she paired it with some very fancy Saint Laurent heels which are about eight hundred dollars and a great necklace from Sara and Chloe it's a beautiful holiday look so it's been definitely in the thousands this out it's about $1,200 sure yeah dollars thanks for doing the match let's bring out our first model we're gonna show how you can get Reese's look for life this is Sarah and she is wearing a dress from aqua at Bloomingdale's it's nearly identical to rhesus except it costs $88 and a lot more reasonable they're gonna love this there are $36 i'm darris where is that they're comfortable and they look so much like the Celeron ones yes they do except without the price except they're a lot less 30 something dollars this whole look with the necklace included is 150 fantastic amazing all right our next I'm not even going to discuss she always looks fabulous Jennifer Lopez we're gonna take a look at her just earlier this month I love this logon and it comes with a very hefty price tag it's pretty expensive so the bag alone is like $4,000 from Tom Ford no big deal Herodias are like 700 she's got $1,500 earrings so in total for this look you're looking at like $8,000 just give or take a few $8,000 alright she does look fantastic but that's pretty much out of every budget price range exactly we've got to wait it gets the same longer less let's bring out our next model looking fabulous it's great alright so how did you pull this off and how much does it cost this book was surprisingly easy to copy Sarah is wearing an $85 coat from pretty little things I mean her shoes are H&M they're $50 her turtleneck is $19 her earrings are $19 the whole look is so much less than Jennifer Lopez it's it's $300 for every single thing she's wearing so you don't have to buy it all but if you wanted to it's it's a fantastic I love the coat with the jeans it looks so associated just like Jennifer if not better right I'm gonna copy that okay okay next for the guys cuz we can't leave them out ever we have Nick Jonas at the AMAs and black so let's break down what he is wearing so he's in head-to-toe John Varvatos very cool menswear designer obviously the showpiece here is his coat which is about $1,800 this leather jacket he's wearing a Henley some cool printed pants and those boots all right so now we have Nick Jonases look for a lot less let's bring out our [Applause] this is Ben and his jacket alone it's forever 21 and you guys it's $44 not it is so much better right oh my good shoes are on sale right now for 39 their apartment 9 they're very cool everything he's wearing this super affordable his pants are $46 this whole look is like 160 dollars compared to NYX which was 3000 that's pinochle for all of us that we can all look like the celebrities and not break the bank thank you so much thank you so much we appreciate it well hey there GMA fans Robin Roberts here thanks for checking out our YouTube channel lots of great stuff here so go on click the subscribe button right over right over here to get more of awesome videos and content from GMA every day anytime we thank you for watching and we'll see you in the morning on GMA


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