How to staple your headshot and resume together |Acting Tips & Tricks|

How to staple your headshot and resume together |Acting Tips & Tricks|

Today is a very simple lesson on how to achieve the same size headshot and resume! It can be difficult to figure out how to do this but once you’ve got it you will never look back.

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hey everybody welcome back to my youtube channel Fidelia here and today I have a brand new acting tips and tricks video where I give you little pieces of advice that I think will help you in the industry so today I wanted to show you how I staple my headshot and my resume together now it could be kind of confusing to staple a 8 by 10 headshot together with a regular size computer paper resume so in this video I give you a little trick in how I get the same size for my headshot and my resume so if you are at all interested in this information or this video just keep on watching so you will need a headshot your resume a pair of scissors a stapler and a pencil this is very easy and super simple to achieve flip over your headshot and place your resume right on top of your headshot make sure you align the upper left-hand corner taking your pencil outline where the headshot and the resume meets you now taking your scissors go ahead and cut the portion that you don't need anymore this will allow you to achieve the 8 by 10 resume in order to have the same size resume in the same size headshot you now after you've completed your cutting you can see that both are the same size which is perfect you're going to take your headshot and then your resume and aligned it like you did before now you can see there is no excess paper that you need to cut off now take your stapler and staple right on top keeping the staple hidden by using the border of your headshot picture you're going to do the same thing on the bottom will only need to do this twice I don't recommend stapling four corners just because you will be able to see the staples and this way you achieve a seamless headshot and resume so that is it for my video today if you guys thought this video was at all helpful give it a big thumbs up and obviously subscribe to my youtube channel because why not and that is it for today I will see you guys next time bye


  1. wow there are great thank u! Was about to submit w out this! You're great 😀
    Since im sending 2 headshots can i attach my cover letter to the other?
    I was going to send shots w the stats written on the back, is it better to attach this to the back? Thank you

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  3. Awesome video!!! I'm an actor too and make acting videos as well so its cool to find other actor channels. Your headshot is so beautiful. I can't wait to check out more of your videos. I just subscribed… check out my channel when you get a chance =)

  4. I just found your channel yesterday! I'm literally so happy I did 🙂 I've been trying to find more channels that post some acting videos, and are still uploading! I'm binge watching all your videos now! Thank you so much for doing what you do, please keep it up! 😁💕

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