How To Write a Movie Script : Movie Script Length

How To Write a Movie Script : Movie Script Length

Learn about the proper length for a movie script in this free screen play instruction video from our motion picture expert and experienced executive producer.

Expert: Ron Becks
Bio: Ron Becks has been acting since he was a child. His feature film “1st Testament–CIA Vengance” (2001) and his documentary “Haitian Slave Children– Forgotten Angels (2002)” have won film awards.
Filmmaker: Nili Nathan

so we talked about introducing characters in act 1 and further to that in act 1 you go introduce your main characters of course and then you're going to introduce any other characters that you want to have all others you really don't want to continue adding new characters all the way through the movie if they have an important part in the film so that all the character Institute's next one they're all developed and all resolved in part 3 so you know take care not to write in too many too many too many extra extra people especially if you're trying to make a low-budget film you want to concentrate on the important people in the story how much do you write and how does that work well act 1 is about 1/4 of the story act 2 is about 1/2 and act 3 is about 1/4 of the story so act 2 is the most information there which is why worldwide writers and films and books and stories always have problems with act 2 because it's the longest section sometimes it gets the weakest response because there's so much information to give it's sometimes not as exciting and some scripts fall down in act 2 so you want to keep it really alive in act 2 now what is 1/4 mean it's actually probably about 25 pages this is about 40 pages and this is about 25 pages okay and it is n pages so an average script feature films about 90 90 pages 90 to 120 your first time out I would stick with 90 it also means that running a script is basically like this one page of words or dialogue equals one minute of screen time one page of dialogue equals approximately one page of screen time now if you have a lot of action in your narrative which I'll explain in a moment what a narrative is if you have a lot of action and you got helicopters blowing up you got love scenes you got a storm you got an earthquake it's going to be a lot more than the one minute I'm speaking of just people talking when I say one-page a minute and yeah that's it we'll move on


  1. What a beautiful way to explain and express. Very helpful for those who are raw and new to Movie script writing. I do not know if I can afford to take your valuable services but I am grateful for the tips you have given Ron. With best wishes…Ravindra K Kapoor

  2. all joking aside this is a nice man offering invaluable wisdom for free for people passionate that really want to write movie's this is a wonderful introduction to the fundamentals. I'm surprised to even see something this informative for free . Film schools charge thousands of dollars for the same exact lessons respectively( they are far more in depth etc ) but bottom line .. Good job and I hope to communicate with this guy as although I'm 35 I am seriously considering pursuing screenwriting e

  3. order of videos
    1) Writing Your First Movie Script 2) How to Get started 3) 3 Act Structure 4) Characters 5) Movie Script Length 6) Conflict 7) Protagonist 8) Supporting Characters 9) Story Turns 10) Fire Point 11) Plot and Subplot 12) Dialogue 13) Format Action 14) Format Narrative 15) Format Heading 16) Theme Patterns

  4. tiffybear I noticed that if you just let the video end it will automatically begin into the next…um…but maybe you figured that out already since I just now noticed your post is from a year ago ๐Ÿ™‚
    The bummer about it though is even when they play automatically, they are not in order…but the whole concept still makes sense ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. raymondleeleggs the reason those movies are so long is because there is a lot of action. You should probably read some books on the process of writing. It will help you understand why some movies are longer than others. Most films are 120 oages but it does not mean it can't be longer, but it REALLY should NOT be shorter than 90. You can't really call that a feature film.

  6. Thank you so much for sharing this information. I watched all the videos and took lots of notes!! I will email you if I have any questions or meed help. I already wrote a story, but now I can put it into order. Thanks again!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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