How to write a Shell script to print Hello world.

In this video I’ll show how to write a shell script to print Hello World.

hello everyone in this video I'm going to show you how to write a simple script to print the hello world program so for that I need to use of them editor to create a cell script 3 I entered the name of the script file that I went to queered hello dot as such remember the selfi the cell script will have the extension daughter such so now after that I'm inside them editor so to type something in the vim editor I need to press an eye button to go into the insert mode after that outras hash exclamation slash bin slash pass so this is something similar to hash include stdio.h and all these steps that you find in C programming's so after that hotel echo echo and sell the script occipital into printf statement and see after that I'll print hello world within double-quotes after that of the say listen script now I need to make this sales good executable for that I'll have used the chmod command CH Ivaldi + X to make it executable the name of the script so once I've made this good executable now I need to run it so for that I need to type the command dot slash hello don't message this press Enter and there you have it yourself script program to print the hello world thank you for watching bye


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