How To Write A Simple Video Marketing Script That SELLS - Video Script Demonstration

How To Write A Simple Video Marketing Script That SELLS – Video Script Demonstration


Creating an engaging video begins with strategy but the script is key. Creating a killer video script for your marketing videos is critical to the success of your video campaign. This is because it is such an essential part of a successful marketing strategy and helps a business promote their brand, get their important message across, and improve their relations with clients and others. So what makes up a great video script that will grab their attention and keep it.

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hello my name is eva and i'm here to show you how you can easily and quickly create a video script for your product/service software whatever really really easily using the video script software so the first thing that we need to do after logging into our profile is head on to the menu over here on the left hand side and click on the expand button the first thing that we want to do if we're using the software for the first time is just click on create script and the first thing that we're going to see is window popping up asking us to name our script so I'm going to name it Eva's products test for example and I'm going to select the niche being online marketing now we'll see four options of templates popping up over here and all we need to do is just hover over each one to see what kind of script it's going to produce so template number one is going to produce quite a long script for us and it's more of a generic classic video script and as we can see from the description on the right and if that's not something that's right for us we just go and hover over the second one to see what the second one is the second one is specifically for software creators number three years for promoting software and relatively shorter compared to the other templates and number four is for information products online I'm going to go with template number one just for the purposes of showing you how to go through it and click on get started now we have come to our canvas on the right hand side you can see that there's a blank my script window and this is where our script is going to be populated this is where where we are going to build our script and on the left hand side there's a number of sentences that we can start to look at so over here we have four sentences and we can look through each one and decide which one we would like to go with so for example I'll click on this one and it gets automatically populated here now the second step after selecting the correct sentence is going down and seeing these prompts over here so it tells me that in order to customize my script I need to enter my name in here so i'm going to enter an eva and it's going to populate over here instead of the caps lock your name words and the next thing that I can do is also do the same for what kind of goals in here now after I finished customizing it all I need to do is click on next and I'm going to go through the exact same process again I'm going to click on their sentence that helps me the most for the product that I'm trying to promote and then I'm going to customize it down here and I'll keep going next and next and next and next until I finish and reach the 25th step now because this is a longer script obviously the steps there are a lot more steps in here but you get the picture now after i have actually customized on the left hand side in these little red boxes i can also go in here and i can customize it straight from here so I might write an ABC for example so this software gives you the ability to be as customizable as personalized as you want and you have two ways of customizing it either through these boxes here or and end or through just and populating the extra words you need in here now once i'm finished once I want to save my script I don't even have to go through all the steps or if I do finish and go through all the steps in order to save I just need to click on save and continue and my script has been finished now depending on their membership level you will be able to export your script as a PDF PowerPoint Word document anything you want anything that's going to make this video script easier for you to apply to your goals now the last thing that I want to show you is how can you get back the scripts that you've done in the past or what if the internet times out and for some reason you think that you've lost your entire script well I need to go back into my menu and expand it and go into open script and I will see all of the scripts in here and I can see for example that this is my most recent one that I made I can go in and edit it if I want to and we're right back from where we ended I guess in the last one as you can see this software is super easy it's super simple to follow and it means that you're also going to create some of the most highly converting videos for your business all the very best and to your success


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