How to Write - Ep. 2: Writing a Short Story

How to Write – Ep. 2: Writing a Short Story

Need to know how to tell a small tale, but with as much meaning and power as a regular novel? Well, this is the video that’ll help you structure, organize, and bring your short story all together.

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what's up you do not ever steer and I'm welcoming you to my how trite series today I'm going to be showing you how you can write a short story plus some additional riding tips much of what was in the last video which I hope you watch before you started watching this one is very similar to what you do with short stories you still find inspiration and motivation you seal the time to write out a thoughtful clever and powerful title and you also look take the time to write your timeline your storyboard and your character conflicts but before we get into the differences let me advise you to read a short story or two first I say this because if you haven't seen an example or a model of a good short story then you're gonna have a difficult time crafting one just keep that in mind and remember that before you do any writing on any short story and now here's the differences short stories have what are called log lines it's the root of the plot and it's the essence of the piece the formula for writing one while being a little bit flexible usually comes down to this your character plus a descriptor followed by an event this will allow you to understand your piece and where is headed which is very important when you have very little time to make up and wrap up a story all together in one bunch so in novels most of the time you're telling a story but in short stories you're showing a story which is very different there's a big difference here it's important to remember many short stories are successful because they choose moments wisely and clearly depict action and dialogue and description another big difference is that your story has to be realistic no not realistic as in not fantasy mind you but so that each time you read through your piece you ask yourself what this character actually do this with this character actually say that is this realistic at all my final difference between short stories and novels or that short stories are structured differently novels explore the three-act structure which is the beginning middle and end short stories on the other hand usually you just have enough time to write a segment of that that leaves out to a major transformation for the main characters for more information go to let's read a story and click on any one of the options written by Joe bunting which is where I found my information i'll also put a link in the description below now if you cook tricks that I've learned are very useful in the best listen to music that puts you in the zone I usually don't like to listen to music with words while I'm writing and editing but it's different for every person if you don't know where to start pick a music that fits the genre that you're riding I often listen to epic battle music but that's because I usually write fantasy and I listen to two steps from hell and audio machine which I could put Lincoln just in the description too but I won't because you can search it up really easily and there's so many different mixes created by them that it would just be pointless another tip I have for you concerns your characters specifically when you're having trouble figuring out the motives the feelings or why a character does something one thing that you can do is put yourself in your character shoes literally both physically and mentally mentally you can just like sleep on it just dream about it proud of put yourself like they're in your mind really imagine things and stuff like put it in your head I mean that's when this would kind of be useful because then you can imagine things and if you're creative it'll be easy for you and this is also where you can use that trick like tricking your mind into giving you what you want but I said last episode so right now I'm a captain that's come home from a hard day's work and well it's really quite a queen here and and I'm trying to figure out what this character should do after a hard day's work and just after a moment of being in this dress I didn't know what I would do take up the bloody ah bloody Hamlet is that is very heavily very heavy and oh oh my neck oh man air and then I will also unlock my soul belt who needs the sword when you sit down and trying to get comfortable and these not make yet comfortable at all well there you have it short stories are very different than novels and now you know in what ways you also know two tips for getting in the zone and for understanding your characters and you can write with even more knowledge under your belt please leave a like subscribe comment anything is awesome some communication is needed though because I really want to make these videos but for you and for me like between creator and viewer because that'd be pretty nice so anything you say is appreciated thank you for watching and I hope you have a mind-boggling day hey hey can't reach ah armor I can't even move in this armor man like Bob oh it's still on


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