How to Write in Elian Script (Tutorial)

How to Write in Elian Script (Tutorial)

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hello everyone this is Peter and I have a tutorial here on how to write in Alien script it's not alien script although it does kind of look alien and you might have noticed that I've snuck some weird alien type writing into some of my drawings and some of you might have been curious about that so this is what it is I'll try to explain it the best as I can it's kind of complicated at first so just try to explain it yeah it's based off still the English language it's just a different alphabet based off these three tic-tac-toe grids and where each letter is in each grid you fill in the grids starting at the left at the bottom left hand corner up to the right top right corner of each grid as you can see the order there you all know the English alphabet so here's the alien alphabet the first nine letters are the most basic and the simplest so make sure you get these before we go on to the rest of the letters so we have ABC etc you'll notice that a for example is a symbol with a line on the top and the right hand side if you look at a and a grid it's touching lines on the top and right hand side look at me it's a symbol with lines on the top right hand side and bottom being the grid is touching lines on the top right hand side and bottom C touching lines in the grid on the right hand side and bottom and that's what it's symbol looks like it's a very fairly simple pattern I hope I've explained it well the rest of the letters in the alphabet look like this also we just make small changes to differentiate between the three different grids pause it here if you haven't figured this out yet and make sure you understand the first nine letters all right the second grid is going to look complicated at first but it has only one major difference from the first grid the main major difference being that for each spot in the grid you really take one of the lines and make them twice as long or twice as long or longer preferably you see here I'm writing some of the possible ways to write each letter in the first grid there's really only basically there's only one way to write each letter but here we see that there are two three in the case of n almost infinite ways to write the letters so you really just um take the two lines that the greatest touching the letter is touching on the grid and then make one of them longer it's just that simple you see that J adds a line on the top and the right-hand side and you just make one longer it's as simple and can really have as many combinations as you want because you can just make different sides of it long so take a look at this until you get a hang of it and then we'll move on to the third grid alright so for the third grid we just make one minor change again from the second grid what you're going to do is you're just going to add a dot at the end of one of the lines for each position the grid for each letter really it doesn't matter at all at the end of which line you add the dot basically the rule of thumb is to just try to add it to a line that won't make it look like the dot is being applied to another letter next to it so you know just be wise about it when you're writing just the goal is to make it legible but of course with alien script the goal is also make it look awesome so let's again the third grid we just added dot to the end of one of the lines for each letter I really hope this made sense I feel free to ask any questions below in the comments for your enjoyment I'm now going to write a little enjoyment plus learning I guess I'm now going to write some sentence for you a few times in Elliott and just to see just you can see what it looks like alright so the first things that comes to mind is I like to run around in circles that's drawn just from my mind okay so I guess I'll just write it a few times for you in slightly different styles there's so many ways to write with Elian here's a fairly basic way just you know as you write just work on your spacing it's easy to let words run together sometimes and you just need enough so that it's easy on the eyes there you go the first sentence is fairly basic just use all the letters as they look in the grid and as I write more sentences I'm going to improvise a little bit that's the beauty of alien script as long as the letters follow the basic rules you can pretty much do anything you want with some slowly as I go along you'll see that the words each group of letters will slightly slight get more and more vertical more more stacked on top of each other and jumbled together as long as they follow the general rule that you read the word from the top left to the bottom right it usually works out all right squeeze them together and there's all sorts of ways that melian script letters work well together and just let school you'll see that I've changed my K's and T's a little bit it's just a personal thing I like doing I think I saw someone do once it still pretty much follows the rules life is all about pushing the limits anyway so like I have one or two more sentences to write here basically the good way a good way to get good Elian script is to just write it a lot if you find a couple of pen pals I have one or two I'm pretty bad about writing back actually but I get to it it just takes me a while until you get really good at it'll probably be really exhausting to write much Nelion script probably because it just takes a lot of mental stimulation and thought anyways please ask any questions or anything in the comments and I'll try to answer them also post a link below that you can look at if you're more of a visual webpage learner than a video learner thanks


  1. This is amazing! I never heard of this, and it looks AMAZING, specially in that calligraphic style.
    I created a geometric script as well, using dashes and dots as vowels and "boxes" as consonants. It's amazing how much it developed from just a bit of practice.

  2. wait.. i have a question. so it seems like when it gets to second cycle letters there are other variations of the coded letter, right? like when you get to S why are there two of them and why are they on top of eachother? can't you just pick one? this is confusing and new to me

  3. Many years ago I had seen something similar to this in a book and they claimed it was a secret witchcraft writing. I forgot all about it. BTW, can the s thru z dot be added to basic grid a and not make a difference?

  4. my mom taught me a different way. It was Elian but kinda different. there were 2 tic-tac-toe grids, and 2 'X' grids and the a-r were in a grid and the s-z were in the 'X' grid and the second grid letters had a dot in the middle of them. That's how my mom taught me, but this looks way cooler.

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