Hyouka, Episode 4 "The Classic Lit Club's Glorious Days of Yore" Blind Reaction

Hyouka, Episode 4 "The Classic Lit Club's Glorious Days of Yore" Blind Reaction


Also again I do appoogize for being a little off this time around (and if my constant apologies are annoying.. I know they are haha… sorry. DAMNIT)

Point is… uhhhhh

Something something Mayaka something something Tippy toppers

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Hey, hi, ho, and howdy my anime compadre’s! That’s right, it’s finally happened… I finally married a peng- wait… NO that’s not what this video is about! This video is a reaction video!

This time we are covering Hyouka, Episode 4!

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I don't like being duh-duh-duh-duh down with the sickness you know let's get get get up get get get down with the sickness the fuck am I talking about anyway point is not feeling super hot um it's actually a problem lies that I've said because I'm actually pretty warm at the moment pretty toasty french-fry deliciousness um anyway hey hi ho and howdy everyone my name is Shannon oh sure and a welcome yet again to another episode of yoga that's right I hope you're ready for a book and a yo-yo yucks sucks like ha ha jokes a funny laugh ha ha but it was like yo caca yucca juice that's probably tasty at least it's not probably awful um anyway I'm sorry if I'm a little off today I just got done recording a bit of an update and it was a bit of a weird back-and-forth ramli dude ah for about 30 minutes basically just going over stuff as of late on the channel I'm gonna do a real quick fucking blast through it here fucking speed round one we picked our we we fuck we picked our this I can't get I can't say the sentence I literally cannot save his ends fuck his feet around watch the fucking video the second show I decided on besides school life was bloomin to you because laid-back camp kind of defeated the purpose of having a Shannon's choice specifically also I just really want to watch two ladies who like each other just probably a little bit of a conflict in between there don't get me wrong from what I understand it's pretty fucking good um anyways there's that whenever I was gonna do Ruby reacts and track reactions I went over how we were officially putting on Carolyn Tuesday on the back burner until we finish up this next batch of stuff and that and we never learned we'll pick up as the first two shows and next I think again I want to trim it down to like four shows instead of fucking ten because that doesn't work um cuz I can do four shows a week he said optimistically um but yes so that's the plan I'm gonna trim that down and I think those would be the first two that we start and then the ones beyond that we can figure out later on but those are the two because I they deserve together love they're supposed to get because they're pretty good shows um bi had officially put them off just because I I can't afford to keep getting people's hopes up or just sucking at what I do um there's that I also went over again quick little stuff about how when I do trim stuff down a bit I would like to get more into gaming stuff specifically with things like firing along three houses pokemon sword and shield things like that shit um just given gross I am more loved because that show and game thing never has enough because mitru is god-tier um yeah so there's that and I also weirdly win on a whole thing about you know patreon and donations and shit in the future of channel and stuff like that I don't know man it was really weird cuz I don't know how to feel about that basically is how but what it boils down to us I don't fucking know um so there's that if you want to again sorry if my fuckin personality is a little off today just cuz again I'm I'm kind of sick I'm really tired and not like in it like so sleepy but just I have no fucking energy and its really goddamn annoying I always hate it when that happens in videos cuz I always feel like I'm like giving you guys some sort of like lesser more in fear of content cuz I'm not such a bubbly bouncy boy I don't know also I yawn and I'm like that's the most unprofessional stupid fucking thing you could ever do that's more unprofessional than having a 20 minute long intro um 28 minutes it's 28 minutes ho Susie I love you um anyway me up so there's just some things I went over in that video obviously I go into more detail and a lot more rambling in that one feel free to check it out if you guys care to so yeah there's that what happened last episode well I do believe with what the fuck even happened in the last episode it has been a second we are back to yoga because I suck on my job yes we went and we there was the time at the little loo they're finished yet but the little diner place and fucking era was unbelievably goddamn adorable and then there was the dude who was smoking in the classroom and then my ik adjust to kind of existed and that was the best part I'm sorry I pick favorites early and I fucking dig in um IRAs still fucking absolutely amazing it's like I'd also just started your lie in April instantly goddamn fell in love with fucking Tsubaki like it just fucking marry me woman I know you're like 14 okay give it some fucking time um you look much older than you actually are um point is in Slovakia all over there and then again everyone else in the mother obviously adores Carrie because Carrie she was dope as fuck again she's amazing also though I have to make my decisions I got put my foot down and I decided I love girls or short hair what do you want from me um anyway piano so it's just one of those things and again I cannot stress enough it never means that I don't love the other one it's it's again it's very much a Frank's thing we're like Ichigo is my second favorite character of all time fuckin adore that character to death fuck all you who hate her you're all the worst people like actually Satan also I was saving that bit because I watched on Ohana just before this was crying I was like because if you don't love Menma you either don't know her you're actually Satan and then I realized I'd never said that so then I got it in here with the H ego thing see that's a callback but do what call the thing that never happened in the first place the mind of a Shannon who is sick is a weird one um point is it's a lot like that I adore 0-2 totally but also it she goes the Tippi toppest steins gate fucking love Kurisu amazing the Tippi goddamn top except for the slightly tip of your top that is um so like it's I cannot stress enough I love them all um yeah anyway there was some of that she was smug it was tasty I love her um but yeah so there's that I don't think I have anything really else more to say that and then we could just kind of jump into it to everyone oh here's one thing I do have to say to everyone who was really cool about the dub sub thing in the beginning I just want to say thank you which was everyone until earlier this week so just you guys are all great I love you and I really really appreciate his understanding especially with the whole like mean not putting dub in the title of the first one because again the statement that the person made isn't wholly wrong I didn't want to handicap my views on the thing sure you're correct you get to set it without calling me a click baiting dick um hoping is again I wanted to make sure that people weren't just kind of dismissing the whole thing if I was eventually just gonna go ahead and do sub anyway and I wanted them to throw it away just because I saw dub in the first episode you know I'm saying and then you just went on to hated dubs in general and that made me sad man dubs are cool um point is everyone who is really cool about it I really do appreciate it you guys are fuckin tippy-top um anyway I don't think I have anything else to say and we can just jump into this again sorry about my you know level of energy it's definitely not because of the show or anything it's just it's been a very long week again I'm sick I don't like it and just tired but we're gonna jump it don't fucking click stop recording you moron um anyway we're gonna jump into episode 4 right am I crazy I should really double-check this my brain is pudding I don't want to make that mistake yes important fucking awesome remember when I just fuckin rambled about that for like 20 minutes last episode because I fuckin do um seriously though guys he isn't fucking amazing um man I am sorry that it's we're going through it so slow especially since it's a longer show that's always the fucking worst I totally get that but as long as you guys are cool with me and get into it as much as I can and I'd always appreciate that especially since we had to take a bit of a week off because not last week but the week before my fucking mom got married and I was like what the fuck and my entire week goddamn disappeared so I couldn't do anything so it took a little bit extra time for us to get back to this again it's why I want to trim down the shows and stuff so I can get to everything more consistently anyway we're gonna go ahead and get into this I'm gonna shut the fuck up now we're gonna get started here in 3 thumb if you don't get the fuck out of here um two one son of a bitch my fucking mouse is all the way up fucking over here 3 2 1 go I'm sorry my countdowns are the worst I have no sound on all oh is this your talking in English what are you doing you silly goose this is a fucking mistake what am i doing there we go shoutouts you guys though I'll definitely have to go back and re-watch it with you good good baby girl I missed the first bit I was wigging out about subtitles because I was dumb and forgot to set it up you got my help man mm-hmm gots to find out how your uncle was the Batman also again was watching fucking on Ohana and my eye Keano love has shot through the fucking roof again today umm noise tippy fucking top man everyone again whatever I have to take an extra week or so off I always get so fucking confused on what episode I'm supposed to be on and I just I'm also one of those people who's paranoid who like I check that make sure the stove's off 12 times before I'm fucking convinced it is I will go over there do it make sure okay lights off that's turned I double-checked it's good cool walk back into my room sit down fuck have to get back up go do it again all the same thing with locking a door I like okay locked cool got it sit down cool I'll look over there is it locked I can't tell it looks just a little too close like there's a shadow there so gotta get up go check it and hope it's been locked go lay back down fucking christ goddamn and get back up again I don't know what it is but I have a severe fucking problem um but I've always been one of those people and it does not get better with age goddamn man no look at this squad over here I'm glad to be watching this again I was again I last episode in particular really was picking it up for me again and it wasn't cuz I disliked in the beginning it was a little bit different but uh yeah I definitely feeling it now digging it I need to get a watch someday this classy ass boy over here looking fanciful as fuck how you doing my son how's the scarf fiesta scarves they use okay you're sorry it's been so long since I just rode around on a bike I used to be thin at a point because I would ride my bike everywhere and I would also at one school we fucking we would have run a mile literally every fucking week and I was thin and I hate that I know that that was a part of it cuz now I'm like well I want to fix this but I can't because I'd have to do that I don't want to do that but I probably have to son-of-a-bitch it's a good attitude this is a very cheery Minh hmm hmm damn big-ass place your lawn is neat saying you won't get your Butler on awaken the Tim Curry within you spies I'm sorry y'all breakout them off like a steel drums for this bitch this awesome I love it I think you very well not be what that is but I mean that that's exactly what that isn't that steel drums I don't care if it's not I'm saying it is hey baby oh how you doing I don't know what it is I should not like overalls like I do because I don't like them in a real life they look stupid I hate them I live in Montana I used to live in a farm overall suck across an anime pull that shit off really well though what's that about man I motherfucker everyone else was doing it she's trying though man noise hmm can we now with a spooky demon music thou man Jesus hmm oh I feel that well I was slightly farther ahead but I feel that forgot this shows weirdly visually interesting everyone small hmm yeah could be an emo anime protagonist and he's just like they don't know my strife I don't know why this is my just covering up my face I mean that kind of works hit him with the gladdie honor of it all you're right there's always somebody who's kind of a schmuck adieu damn shut all the way down your uncle was no bad man someone just really want some lemonade man disco Woodstock sorry I'm a music guy I don't know about like school system and younger student stuff but I mean twas an era where that shit probably would have been seen at least over here I would assume potentially over there as well tell me cuz you're being adorable over there I feel you my boy ponds are dope that's a nice ass place you got it's huge to a certain extent too much huge is a thing like heck my grandma's house is a big fucking place not anywhere near this big obviously but it's like a real big open farm place and its really nice but it's also like fuck why so big though man I don't know where everything ends and begins just our punch too much teachers in the head I was just meeting people in the goddamn head oh well wouldn't you be saying that and then making me think it I'm dumb I'll just believe literally whatever's being said I don't forget half of it cuz I'm stupid as DS and younger time oh my god the powder he's a piggy boy come make some jelly-filled doughnuts um is your frying pan also a drying pan no this noise makes me feel away though I don't know about that um some music in this place man on some swift it tunes no she's trying so hard man I am following this poorly cuz I suck but I am following you it really is the one problem about being a very a much more emotional than an analytical person my brain does not catch up with shit as well but holy fuck and interact emotions um good seem a little just like this was probably it yes without your brains my boy hmm skidding drippy hmm I mean she does really seem to care about it use your brain son hmm goddammit so sorry hmm I could see it I'm feeling you boy it took till the end of the episode for me to understand what the fuck was happening but I'm starting to feel it mm-hmm it's possible man you know with the blush look at you yeah man's a little mentally Opie over here you know my man brought a whole coat unless he's borrow on the coat maybe what you thinking yeah two-seam does seem like a response that would have required a bit more than just something like that no no ma'am sounds like a thing and again it does make me sad because again I'm not an analytical person so most this is just me staring at trying to figure it out and keep up with it so I do apologize for that I'm sure that's not the greatest reaction a spread again it doesn't help that I'm fucking sick and tired not of the show tis fabulous look at this shit yeah so I hope my hope it doesn't bother folks but uh yeah just trying to keep up mmm it also does suck to because I don't have an abundance to say because otherwise I'd just be repeating exactly what he just said so then there was this dude and he did the thing with the club and he tried to make the the festival do longer and like from you mean you just saw that so that doesn't really help Oh you Streb telling me there be truths facts I'm over here as a man of ideals which one is truth and which one is ideals is that zekrom mushroom I don't remember and just cure them really have its own thing or is it just like yo bitch I'm the one who eats you and turns you into the better Drake what no one cares point is I had a good time I really hope that shows again it's it's it's gonna be a it's it's it's a weird day I don't know if I'm even to be able to record anymore just cuz I'm really not feeling well um and again I'm always really sorry again when that and that's the thing is too is I'm always wigging out about it like I'm so sorry one's gonna hate it and there was like that's fine dude – fuck you – what calm down um again absolutely paranoid about everything I am and I I had a good time I hope you guys did too yeah anyway again I'm sorry to have much to say other than I love fucking Myka a lot she is fucking the tip east of Tapia's do you see her this entire episode she just sitting there being all like Wiggly and cute and then occasionally smug which is also cute and like I'm like what anyway also the man's is a lot like again I knew Turner is it I'm always really bad at his name it is it is Satoshi right this is that at least one of the the names of his I think so again I'm really bad with names if I don't just immediately adore a character to absolute death and back again like my again so I sometimes have issues with that yeah because like again I noticed he was more like a Xavi ously the more energetic of the two between him and a recce but especially so yeah it just seems I know who seems to have a pretty good attitude on life I can respect it another this very possibly more to it than that but uh I don't know I can respect it man's got some some class in the way he dresses and like that fanciful as fuck way I'm sure something could be said about that but I won't um point is I'm enjoying the show is that's them that's the main point I want to get across and I always hope gets across yeah you know again I'm sorry this stuff again I probably don't need to but it's a lot of repeating myself this week again I've recorded this and I recorded the update and it's a lot of me saying the same exact thing over again and I always hate doing that but I always feel bad about stuff and things like that point is I love the show I love you guys thank you guys so much for joining me and here today I hope you guys enjoyed it there's any anywhere near as much as I did cuz I had a good fucking time even if I'm dumb um so I love you guys I'm gonna go I do think this is where I'm gonna have to call a Friday night though because again I'm just not feeling well yeah I will catch you guys again hopefully very very soon and we'll be keep moving on towards getting things in the best way on the channel as we can and having a good time and watching more goddamn yoga and my I could be in the cutest fucking world anyway ah I don't have anything else to say and I was feel bad about that in my bye love you guys take care


  1. 12:10 That's called OCD, and you can see a professional for that. I had something similar, I got medication for it, and I got out of it. I don't even need the medication anymore.

    Also, next episode is just STELLAR.

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