IMP 21 – Christian Capozzoli

IMP 21 – Christian Capozzoli

Improv Monologue Project # 21

FEATURING: Christian Capozzoli

FROM: 4Track (New York, NY USA)

PROP: Romantic Movie (Mystic Pizza)

LOCATION: EXT. STREET – NIGHT, Toronto Distributed by Tubemogul.

I think it's time we blow this scene get everybody in the stuff together okay three two one it's down Derby open the door I see his car outside it's a Jeep Liberty you think I'm blind I know what's going on do you you got the lights out you're sleeping whatever you're gargling spit in your mouth look at me look at me I will piss on his car I will feed my beds and wring it out on his bumper I will do it I know it has to go right now but what did I do I want peace so hard all of our pants and I won't bring them out here just a little tramp you little hussy she's gone wrong with everybody I'm sorry ma'am you make me look like an idiot turn out your lights you lied to me you said that futon mattress with stains for me and you those aren't stain for me and you those are other guys those are other guys I know it oh try to be try to pre your prayers yeah I'm gonna go get a Gatorade I'm doing it


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