In Process: Taylor Mac

In Process: Taylor Mac

Taylor Mac explains the meaning of the title ‘Hir,’ and how his childhood in Stockton, CA inspired him.

October 16 – December 20
Peter Jay Sharp Theater
Written by Taylor Mac
Directed by Niegel Smith
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Kristine Nielsen
Daniel Oreskes
Tom Phelan
Cameron Scoggins

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my name is Taylor Mac and my play is called here but title is a metaphor the play is not really about gender and sometimes that confuses people but you know I often say it's like the goat or who is Sylvia is not about a man and a sex with a goat the title M is a third sex gender pronoun that a lot of transgender people were using in the 90s a lot of people are creating their own like my friend Justin Vivian bond is created v and I use Judy as my gender pronoun there's lots of different options but I chose to go with the the 90s one because it's pronounced here and I enjoy that that slight confusion and the duality of something being about gender and also being about place the prodigal son returns and everything is different Isaac's sister is now his transgender sibling his father who ran the house with an iron fist has had a stroke and is now debilitated and his mother who was a battered wife is now in charge and thriving all of that on the surface seems like it would be a good thing but the play ultimately is about can he fit it into it all can he change his expectations to fit into it I think I'm always trying to test to figure out what I'm ignoring in the world and then to tell that story and often what I'm ignoring in the world I notice other people are ignoring I wanted to tell the story of progressive responsibility we often get so wrapped up in and how things should be that we don't often consider what the casualties are I grew up in this small town that it's not a small town a small city that that was really dysfunctional I wanted nothing more than to get out because of my queerness I felt like I was able to get out and so many people like me would always leave I have all these friends that are wonderful activists in the world but they've they've they're all living in New York and servants in the Bay Area where all the progressives and the Liberals are because it's more fun and more interesting but meanwhile then the rest of the country does kind of exist in this cesspool so so I've always could have thought what's my responsibility towards trying to make that world better do I have one do I let them just live in their juices but I mean at that at the same time I was a kid and I wanted somebody to come and help me in that environment


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