Indian Folk Tales - Three Magic Pumpkins - Short Stories for Children

Indian Folk Tales – Three Magic Pumpkins – Short Stories for Children

Indian Folk Tales – The Three Magic Pumpkins –
A good man gets a magic pumpkin and all the goodies……but when his greedy brother tries to get another one for himself, all he gets is the pumpkin leaving the magic for us to savour….There are no shortcuts to goodness of heart and the great things that it brings.

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once in a small village there were two brothers in a poor family they were Nanda and you are you were married a poor girl whereas Nandamuri rich girl after marriage nanda drove you are out of the house you was luck ran out further all that he had was a piece of useless land one day he was sitting outside his barren land he saw a Sparrow's nest on the top of the tree lovely sparrows these sparrows have enough food to eat I don't even have that I'm not able to support my family either when he was thinking suddenly an eagle attacked the nest of the sparrows and fought with the sparrow the brave sparrow fought with the eagle and drove it away however the sparrow broke a wing and fell down you are ran to the sparrow what battle he took it to his house applied medicines on the sparrows bones and fed it properly in a matter of two days the sparrow was hale and hearty it flew away happy it's chicks pants dropped a few days the sparrow flew away with its chicks one day dear let us leave this town and move on to another town what will we do with this land this land is of no use maybe but I'm not interested in leaving this place suddenly they heard the sound of a bird uwah came out and saw the sparrow he was immensely happy to see the sparrow minam come and see this pan the sparrow came and sat near you boy it had three seeds in its mouth it kept the seeds near him and flew away uwah was surprised by the act of the sparrow dear what is this they appeared to be pumpkin seeds Minu what will we do with these three seats but the sparrow is very affectionate is it not of course it's quite surprising why don't we plant the seeds and see as you please go and get some water both you were and his wife planted the seeds and water date night came and they went off to bed the next morning when you became to the garden he shouted in wonderment he was not able to believe his own eyes Minu come fast see this great Murphy Nino was immensely happy to see these three fully ripe pumpkins is it a magic the sparrow has brought the blessings of God to us let's sell these pumpkins we will eat one and sell the other two you are brought in the yellow pumpkin and cutters his eyes widened in astonishment from the pumpkin came all sorts of food we know and you are date where dear let us bring the other two pumpkins and cut it too uwah brought the second one and cut it from the pumpkin came all sorts of clothes and jewelry me know almost fainted you arrested her to consciousness he cut the third pumpkin from that came loads and loads of gold and silver coins you were took a sack and gathered all the gold and silver coins he was rich he built a beautiful palace gave food and clothes to the needy soon news reached London Nina did you hear about you luck here's the top of the top there is something fishy I will find out Nina went to us house found out the cause of their new wealth from his wife and informed her husband nina immediately get a sparrow from somewhere and place it in our god the servants were informed they caught a sparrow broke its leg and brought it to Nanda let me now apply bombs to the wounds of the sparrow he applied the medicine and let the Sparrow fly away after it was schemed soon the sparrow returned and gave a single seed to Nanda hahaha Nina come here and see a lock what a surprise but we have got only one seed I think we will be getting everything from this single seed Nina went and planted the seed both husband and wife did not have a wink of sleep that night they waited for the day to dawn nanda ran to the garden he saw a huge pumpkin Caray Nina we will drive you out of the city both of them took the pumpkin and cut it huge swirls of smoke came on Nanda and Nina watched in surprise suddenly there was a big blast and the house collapsed both Nanda and Nina were reduced to the plight of bread they lost everything because of baked meat love is natural nothing can be achieved by Falls and breathe


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