Injustice: Gods Among Us - Characters and Voice Actors

Injustice: Gods Among Us – Characters and Voice Actors

Injustice: Gods Among Us – Characters and Voice Actors
Characters and Voice Actors:

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I made them safe shielded them but are they grateful do they appreciate my protection no they whine complain side with those criminals if they prefer chaos I'll give it to them it gets worse by the minute we have to get once I'm finished you're all going home you know I get it like you I've planned for the day when Superman might lose control but without help you'll die and the insurgency along with you then maybe that's my fate we don't believe in fate interesting my fame precedes me right in the belfry please don't go shut it fun huh oh did you hurt your leg how about a broken neck to go with it got a joke for you I probably heard it Harley Harleen a little bird told me some creep was dressed up like the Joker fighting a Batman wannabe you got the look and a lot of nerve what you don't have is the right Oh Joker was a hero you're not fit to lick his Boone ear this is your final chance to accept the high councilors amnesty Deathstroke it's the illest pain you okay how someone call me your Sinestro Corps Sinestro's right beers more effective than willpower so you ditched green and went yellow the color of cowardice I'm still about border like the Guardians I'm sure they're very proud sanctimony is easy when you don't save it time to kick my ass well we charge for the core you're outclassed here once a green lantern always a green lantern who do you work for you server Manta Lucian Master I'm the king of Atlantis I answer to no one unlike you mind your tongue you would give away your kingdom like a pair of worn boots to a surface dweller the treaty requires Superman to maintain Earth's oceans and recognize our autonomy you put your army at his beck and call unnecessary compromise more like appeasement I grow tired of this take him beautiful isn't it the moon or its light shining off your bald head I'm pleased you wanted to meet you're finally ready to join our little Club business is bad being hunted as Wars after so many refusals why now they made it personal Superman trains clearly eliminated conflict left me virtually powerless so if you didn't bring us here who did those who would end Superman's rule the insurgents heroes only one all of our hero's challenge Superman have been eliminated hey Victor hey you sick or something no fine we still on for tonight sorry you got a cancel new orders since when is that stopped you yeah we've had some wild times no we haven't Diana your army will stand down they will not abet Superman's madness you hold no sway yet Pretender I am in command you stain Amazon honor we are two temperament aggression not enable it after metropolis Superman showed me the truth the man's aggression could not be tempered only quelled slaughter the innocent as Zeus Volta politie Superman beguiles you your world's Amazon's must be weak willed you are their queen I've discovered anomalies I think these are places where the duplicates arrived this one may be the source of the transfer time to bring that hammer down back from the grave should have kept that suit buried I'm gonna enjoy giving you to Superman size doesn't matter dude you look like a chicken and you look like an egg the best and bravest soldiers this planet office yours is a heroic mission it requires that you can send your humanity embody the highest one earth principles obedience order control cleaned up by now Nightwing – Batman you there still living in Batman's shadow still using a litter box you fought your grandma I'm not Dick Grayson this is Damian Wayne Wayne his son but Superman's been more of a father than you ever were your trouble is your mommy here let's wrap this up Joker past your bedtime my god Ollie is that you in the flesh where's Batman my Batman he's off somewhere not being a murderer oh come on oh you know you can't hit me I wasn't trying to knock bad Robin Hood thanks Union suit five years ago the criminal Joker to sieved Superman into killing his wife and unborn son and destroying metropolis consumed by grief Superman killed the Joker no that's what I call an entrance you're about to become a pin cushion how about an arrow up to your ass time for the grand finale I have returned Superman muddled his government's after mine we allow no introduction this will always be a world of dictators wait we're wiping out whole cities invading worlds and other dimensions it's crazy it's going too far there have to be limits even on us especially on us we can't do this have you gone nuts Lois would never want it yes but I don't what you tiempo para esto now I break your back you're allowed to learn to fear me and yet you're attacking one thing better to be feared and respected you know nothing fancy take you had some solace Brundage like looking in new london hey girls slow stupid in a drug do not throw Grundy say fire bad time to liven up the toy I'm gonna see sure they don't call me the main man for nothing finish him Superbird you on your sassy row I'm Batman oh hell with you fatality you don't stand a chance admit I'm a great student lesson ones humility not sharing that nine with you what you didn't stand a chance this planet will be my submit will be destroyed all that was yours is now mine I will I always win I will defend earth gods of Mars continue I'm a mean green machine never underestimate a Marshall hair to be astounded think I'll turn you into a newt this lady will saw you in half magic is easy as one-two-three


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