January - June 2019 Book Haul | Part 3 | Romance & Historical Fiction

January – June 2019 Book Haul | Part 3 | Romance & Historical Fiction

Here is part 3 of my January – June 2019 book haul. This video will go through the Historical Fiction novels I’ve picked up along the past few months. I hope you enjoy!

hello everybody welcome back to my channel my name is crystal and you are watching little bird books and for today's video I thought that I would do a book haul these are all the books that I have purchased gotten received through the months of January to June and I am going to show them to you by genre the next category I'm going to go into or the next genre I'm going to do the two romance novels that I have and then the three historical fiction novels that I that I have so the first romance novel that I bought I picked it up because I was just in the mood to read a good romance novel so I picked up born in fire by Nora Roberts this one is book one in the irish-born trilogy it follows a lady named margaret married who is a glassblower and she makes like blown glass like faces and animals and heart and things like that so she is trying to get her glass blown pieces into art galleries to get her name out there in the art world and a man named Rogan Sweeney takes an interest in her art but he also takes an interest in her and of course you know there's gonna be some kind of remnants ailment where they fall in love and that's all I really know I think there are maybe two or three more books in this series that are out already I started reading this I have not finished it yet but so far I do like where it's going the next book I picked up because the synopsis sounded like it was going to be something that I would really really like that is autumn thorns by Yasmine Gil Noren a whisper Hollow novel and this follows a woman named Kara's who leaves her hometown to get away from everything but then she comes back because she inherits her grandmother's house but once she comes back she also discovers that she has these supernatural powers that and that she is a spirit shaman and she is a person that has been given the task to push back the dead into their graves she was told when she was a child that her mother just up and abandoned the family but it come to find out her mother may have actually been murdered so she enlists the help of her neighbor Brian to help her discover if her mother was murdered or what actually happened to her mother and what what was behind her mother's disappearance and of course there's gonna be some romance element between the two of them I started reading this and I I stopped reading it it started to get very cringy and so I'm just I don't know if I will pick this back up again and if I will continue to read it I did not like when I started reading so I may just DNFs and give this away or something like that or unhaul this but yeah this was this was not what I thought it was going to be unfortunately now I'm gonna do my historical fiction novels I have three of those for you the first one I have is the 5th Avenue artist Society by joy cab calloway this is a set in 1891 it follows this woman named Ginny who thinks that she is going to end up marrying her like childhood sweetheart or her like best guy friend and he actually ends up asking a rich woman to marry him so Ginny is devastated and beside herself and kind of goes into a depression then she discovers the world of the writers and the artists and like painters of that time and kind of dives into that world and she falls in love with a man named John but then her best guy friend from the past resurfaces and comes back into her life and so then she is torn between two men and she's also torn between two worlds and she discovers that the the world of the artists and writers and paint may not be all that it seems and there may be like a dark underbelly to that world so that sounded like it was going to be really good I hope it turns out to be I do sometimes like to read historical fiction that is kind of set in the Victorian era because I also have a fascination with the Victorian era as well so hopefully I I like this the next book I have is the taster this is by V s Alexander and this is set in the time of the Holocaust it is about these women who are taken from their families by their German soldiers and they are made to be taste testers for Hitler's food to make sure that it is not poisoned so they are taken up into the Bavarian mountains and they are forced to be food testers for Hitler and this book follows one of the women and her journey from being taken from her family up into these mountains and forced into this role that she never wanted to play a part and so I thought that sounded super interesting I cannot wait to see what happens the last historical fiction novel I have is the vengeance of mothers the journals of Margaret Kelly and Molly McGill by Jim Fergus this is a companion novel to his book 1000 white women which is such an amazing book it is one of my favorite novels of all time it's absolutely amazing it's crazy but it's amazing these books are written in diary format and I absolutely love any historical fiction that is written in a diary format you give me one of those I will usually love it so a little bit of backstory 1000 white women is about a historical event that it takes the question of that event and asks what if something else happened so in reality one of the Cheyenne Chiefs came to ulysses s grant and asked him to grant a plea of 1000 white women to the Native American tribes so that the men from those tribes could have children with the white women and their mixed children could integrate themselves into white society in reality ulysses s grant denied that plea but 1,000 white women the plea is granted and unbeknownst to the Native American tribes the US government sends them 1000 white women but they are women who are from asylums sanatoriums and jails so they are the women that would be seen as crazy or criminals and so these women are sent to live with these Native American tribes and it is one thousand white women and this book as well is written in diary format 1000 white women follows a woman named Mae died she has taken from an asylum and thrust into this Native American world this follows two of the other woman that are with her and 1000 white women and the books are about their journeys of being thrust into this world that they don't know and how they are having to cope and learn how to live with the Native Americans and it also goes into what happens when they are uprooted by the US government when they come in and try to place these Native Americans in the reservations so super excited about this this follows two of the other women that are with my dad during 1,000 white women book so I cannot wait to read this I loved 1000 white women it's crazy it's insane but so so good and I'm hoping to love this as well so that is all of my January through June book haul I hope that you guys have enjoyed it if you have read any of the titles that I mentioned please give me a comment down below and let me know what you thought if you haven't but you just saw something that caught your eye please let me know I hope that you guys enjoyed this video if you did 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  1. I'm so excited part three is up!! I've read Nora Roberts before and I generally like what I've read. The ones I've read are always intriguing but the romances are always "she's not looking for love, but he convinces her" which softened me over time. I like one enough I've re-read it a dozen times it's called The Witness. I'm intrigued by the one you listed though so if I see it I might pick it up! <3 Fantastic vid, Cristal!

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