Jataka Tales - Careless Tiger - Short Stories for Kids

Jataka Tales – Careless Tiger – Short Stories for Kids

Jataka Tales
The Careless Tiger: Too much of anything can be dangerous. A tiger’s exaggerated attachment to a deer spells his doom.
Moral : Too Much of Anything can be dangerous..

The jataka tales for young viewers are marked by humour and wit. The aim is to inculcate moral and ethical behaviour in a simple and colorful way. The Jataka Tales contain deep truths about moral beauty, self-sacrifice and other vital human values.

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Oh once there was a very wealthy man who burned a large bird of cattle he hired a monkey too after them the monkey used to take the cattle to the forest every day and bring them back safely during the time of year were filled with the green the monkey to protect them to the forest to graze from there he brought the milk butter and cheese to the rich man it just so happened that being in the forest put the cattle in a very frightening situation there was a cunning Tiger which lived nearby the tiger was very ferocious Monty when the cattle were grazing the monkey caught the scent of the tiger he herded back all the cattle safely home sensing the presence of the tiger get the candle in constant fear this made the cows tense and high strong leaving them TV to give more than a little middle one day the owner of the cattle called the monkey why are you bringing such a small quantity of milk bottle and cheese sir cows need to be calm and contended to give much male to a lucky tiger your cows are always afraid and tens so they give less mouths I see can you fight the hunter who can kill the tiger sir the tiger has already killed hunters highly ferocious yeah very cunning – how do you see that friend of mine Aswang helped him when he was sick by giving him food but when he recovered he called her and made a dinner of her how good so you need to kill the tiger tell me sir there happens to be a variety of deer living in the forest they are called mini deer because they are so small even the adults only grow up to be about 1 foot tall the tiger has become very friendly with a certain little deer making your children Tigers friend and rub poison all over her body then we can read for a couple of days before releasing her she to trap the tiger excellent idea my column would be a fish I will be able to keep their usual bill then he shares and happy again but who can bring the media I can lure a deer with some grass and bring him here according to the plan the monkey brought the mini deer the owner smeared the body of the media with poison and after a day it was left in the forest when the tiger saw his favorite mini deer back he was so overjoyed that he threw all caution to the winds without even sniffing the air around her he immediately began licking her excitedly forward because of too much joy and too little caution he fell into the poisonous trap the tiger died on the spot the owner was very happy and appreciated the clever monkey you have saved all my cattle from the tiger the cunning will fall into cunningly conceive traps from them home the monkey took the cattle to the forest and all the cattle placed happily in the forest too much of anything can be dangerous


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