Jeffree Star Shuts Down James Charles Clothing Line + James Upsets Australian Fans

Jeffree Star Shuts Down James Charles Clothing Line + James Upsets Australian Fans

James Charles collaborated with Jeffree Star on James’ clothing line Sisters Apparel. It is distributed through Jeffree’s company Killer Merch. Over the weekend, James was in Australia for an appearance at a Sisters Apparel pop up shop. Fans were outraged at James arriving over 2 hours late due to “personal reasons.” Today, the Sisters Apparel website is listed as coming soon and now redirects visitors to James’ YouTube channel. Did Jeffree Star shut down Sisters Apparel and cut all further ties to James Charles?

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I'm a poodle do you have drama for daddy about James Charles oh my goodness tell me the drama oh my goodness drama poodle I had no idea about that thank you for telling daddy the drama bitch drama poodle was just telling me all the drama surrounding James Charles Jeffries star and his sisters apparel line that's distributed through Jeffries company killer merch we have all that tea for you today and bitch it is piping hot but first off if you're new here and you're wondering who is this kid in his poodle my name is Steven mango this is drama poodle we are a drama channel that talks about Beauty drama and the beauty community so if you want to stay up-to-date on all our videos please make sure to go down below click on that subscribe button as well as go right next to it and hit that Bell icon so you stay notified whenever we release a new video and hey if you unsubscribe from James Charles you may have extra room in your subscription box for a new youtuber that you want to support and if you like tea spill videos please make sure you are subscribed so without further ado let's get right on into today's drama hi again guys and thank you for joining me today I know a lot of you guys have been wondering where is mango tea in the midst of all this James Charles drama I am here and I'm going to be catching you guys up to speed on the latest breaking news on what is actually happening with James Charles more specifically today like I already said we're gonna be covering what is actually going on did Jeffrey star actually drop sisters apparel from his company killer merch which was the distributor of James's merchandise now I had a mental health break over the weekend so I know I missed a lot of different videos on James if you want me to give you guys a full recap I can but right now I'm just going to pick it up where we are left off with whatever is happening right now in the world of James Charles in this drama get in that we are experiencing so to fill you guys in if you didn't know James had a pop-up store for his brand sister's apparel down under in Australia over the weekend now this is something that was contracted months ago and this is all relevant to what we're going to be discussing since it involves killer merch and Geoffrey star so keep up with me even if you heard this story so he announced this a few weeks ago on his channel that he's going to be going down to Australia killer merch also announced this appearance on their Twitter page saying attention Australian sisters the first-ever sisters by James Charles pop-up shop opens tomorrow at the Pacific fare mall on the Gold Coast in Australia so when James was in Australia this is when Tata actually released her video which spread like wildfire she's had probably 30 to 40 million views on these videos and Tati has made if you look on her social blade she's made something in the amount of like a hundred to one hundred twenty thousand dollars if not more money off of this scandal now James also made just as much money sad to say you know that he's being rewarded for all of this but people have gone on his channel to try to see his apology and everything so it may be a spike but of course it's like Laura Lee and Manny anyway and a lot of these other influencers were cancelled last year the income is going to steadily and progressively decline and he better keep these coins while he has them because they may not last forever so he was already contractually obligated to make this appearance at these sisters apparel merch store in Australia now a lot of drama went down because James actually showed up two hours late to this appearance a news story reported on James's tardiness in an article titled fan slam youtuber James Charles for arriving hours late to Australian meet-and-greet amid Tati Westbrook feud now I can only imagine this is because James is so obsessed with his numbers even before the scandal I see James is the type of person where he's just constantly refreshing as sociably trying to see his subscribers go up late at night at 3:00 in the morning he's just in popcorn sipping a pink kitty drinkin tea and watching his numbers go up now that he's plummeting I'm sure he's the type of even if he lost like 125 subscribers he's the type I appear to be calling for like an emergency meeting to try to figure out what happened to call his therapist or something like that but to be one of the most unsubscribed youtubers in history I think James is losing his mind and I'm really worried that something bad may happen with him just because of how important his subscribers and his numbers and social media presence is to him he brought this all upon himself not that you know something did that happen you know I'm hoping that is not the case but he makes social media the main priority of his life but to leave his fans disappointed standing out in the Sun waiting for him a lot of fans were really upset so this is what some of them had to say on social media his trip to Australia was a failure only a few hundred people showed up to his meet and greet which he was two hours late for mum is keeping their children away from him Katy Perry can do a whole concert after her husband breaks up with her with the text a James Charles shows up two hours late to his meeting greet in Australia because of quote personal issues lol so apparently James Charles was two hours late to his tour date in Australia I don't care what is happening in your life kid which you brought all of that on yourself bTW after making people pay that kind of money to see you you should at least have the blanking decency to be on time now I saw this online as well about the appearance and they said when he finally arrived they wrote he is not himself this is cringe before less than 10 minutes later adding and that was that these poor people he spoke for about seven minutes doing a Q&A apparently James said he had some personal things to sort out that morning as he thanked fans for waiting could it be something to have to do with dusters apparel and Geoffrey star since this is kind of almost like an appearance I jeffree star possibly set up but I think which we'll get to but for James even show up after all this I'm surprised rather to say he wasn't booed and heckled offstage because he has fans all over the world and I can't believe that he actually showed face during the scandal it only got worse he made his apology video in Australia he should have Chuck probably a few days to let his thoughts and everything compose and put together because an apology video in the YouTube world's can make or break you there's people who's made videos like before when Gabriel's more did his video and he saved his face if we're keeping it a hundred let's keep it a hundred there's people like Laura Lee who have completely you know ended their career based on their apology so sit down you don't have to have a public relations response but you need to sit down and actually be authentic with your audience and not just go and apologize to your mother for or talk about your mother or something like that like it was a very weird apology I can get into that as well maybe I'll apologize as James Charles if you guys are interested in seeing that but he completely didn't do it the right way so he has continued to lose millions of subscribers up into this point I believe her Tati as well as with Jeffrey star and a lot of these other influencers this is a long time coming guys I know it seems like taught – you may have came on camera and spilled the tea on her friendship and it might have been something impulsive but this went back to her birthday party in February I did a video about that yesterday like I mentioned so check that out about the waiter who spoke forward and I've all that receipts and tea for you there but that was several months ago and there has been just countless instances of other people who have had bad experiences with James and as ego got so big that he started turning into a monster so for a Jeffrey star he posted this tweet which I'm going to show you guys and then we're gonna discuss there is a reason that Nathan banned James Charles from ever coming over to our home again there's a reason why I haven't seen him since glam life gurus birthday in February he is a danger to society everything tachi said is a hundred percent true for Jeffrey and Nathan should not want James in their home really says something I wish a lot of these youtubers and other people spoke out right away instead of waiting for one person to speak out and then all coming forward it's like me leaving Scientology I could have waited for Leah Remini to do her TV show and then spoke up when it was more like the social acceptable thing to do but it real shows your character I feel like if you do it when there's repercussions to face or you're going up a power up against a powerful conglomerate it's actually really respectable to speak out at that rate regardless it's great that people feel comfortable to come forward some people are shy or they don't feel like their story's gonna be taken seriously and they wait for the group of other people to come out and speak out so that's fine if that's the mentality of people I wish Jeffrey spoke out but he as I was thinking about it has stake in James Charles in the sense of their collaborators on sisters apparel now like I said you guys may not really know much about sisters apparel I know a lot of you guys came up with all the tea the second it comes out for those of you who don't know killer merch is Jeffrey's merchandise company they design they do fulfillment they do printing they do everything for different youtubers as well as celebrities Jeffrey actually went into more detail Jeffrey actually went into more detail about killer merch in Shane's documentary series that he did on Jeffrey where Jeffrey actually explained more in detail what killer merch actually is and what they do yeah so that's something I don't ever talk about work remote okay this is obviously a fulfillment center and a merch company so me and a few friends started killer merch and we ship a lot of people a lot of people you probably will recognize the whole separate business from the cosmetics I just merged it together and we've it's like a whole you know this is crazy as of today James is still listed on the killer merch of the list of different companies so given that they actually have this collaborative relationship I think it was probably hard for Jeffrey just to like completely axe James because it's bringing in millions of dollars I'm assuming for both of them so Jeffrey's just not going to be like hey like let me get rid of some easy bread and butter when it's probably something that isn't to a boiling tipping point where Jeffrey really felt like he had to speak out right away like we have to end James right off the bat so on the killer March website James is still listed amongst the other celebrities and people that work with killer merch but when you go on the sisters apparel website a lot of other people have reported this but they haven't reported the update on it this is what actually shows when you go in the sisters apparel website it says sisters apparel we'll be opening soon site currently under construction sign up below for launch updates so a lot of people actually looked at this and saw it as wow Jeffery must have dumped James from killer merch obviously Jeffery isn't someone who needs to take a paycheck and be quiet a lot of us if we have a day job and we have like a really bad boss or something like that we have to kind of bite her tongue because they're feeding our family and we're paying our bills but Jeffery who has hundreds of millions of dollars if for him it's more important I think to like make a point and say like hey like I'm not gonna work with someone who's like this someone who's taking advantage of people he's clearly friends with tachi Westbrook he's even made post congratulating Tati on her getting 6 million subscribers before she really popped off and got almost 9 million subscribers huge congratulations to the makeup Queen at glam life guru on heading 6 million subscribers on youtube today you are one-of-a-kind I think that jeffrey said I can keep working with James and having to have business meetings or whatever about the merch or we can just end the relationship yes I'll lose out on income but he's already cancelled anyways I don't want to be associated to James Charles and maybe if I remove myself from my partnership with James then maybe he's gonna sizzle off and you know it'll be harder for him to continue to be a youtuber look at Laura Lee look at mani anyway they've never fully recovered Laura Lee lost what a hundred thousand or two hundred thousand subscribers maybe she didn't lose millions of subscribers so that's why this situation is almost bigger than drama get in that happened last year what a lot of people haven't seen though is now when you go to sisters apparel website it links you over from the coming soon maybe James and his team saw that or like hey is there drama going on with Jeffrey or we don't really know like I'll probably redesign because maybe Jeffry owns some of the copyrights of the logos perhaps or some of the different designs are now owned by killer merch because of killer merch well let me say this let me get to what it does it's now linking over to his YouTube channel I was just trying to say a moment ago I think that maybe Jeffrey star and killer merch owns maybe sister's apparel maybe they have trademarks maybe they're gonna have to work with James to say like what's your price James Charles to buy out the designs or buy out the company maybe Jeffrey has some sort of ownership maybe James has to pay out Jeffrey or vice versa I think that it's just more so that if there's designs of the merchandise James is going to have to either redesign or rename the company or something's going to happen it's just interesting that he's linking it over to his YouTube channel and maybe having like some sort of temporary storefront or something but I think that it happened today instead of this weekend because when they were in Australia it was for the pop-up store so they probably had to take online orders anything of course Jeffrey was going to cash in on that and then after it came to a place where they could kind of like cut ties I think that's why today they put up with the coming soon things so if James wants to take over sister's apparel come up with a new fashion designer or whoever to fulfill and design and do everything I mean it was very high quality from what I could tell from the internet it wasn't just like a t-shirt that is just from one of these YouTube green printing things not that any of them are really bad I use one I have merchandising stuff and it's really great quality but this is more so like a fashion line this wasn't just supposed to be just like a t-shirt we changed his face it was supposed to be like stylish with like different sort of tops and hoodies and different things and it actually did seem like really cool merchandise so I don't know if James is going to actually redo sister's apparel if he's going to find a new manufacturer or do something because I'm sure it was very profitable for him but for him now to have a dying YouTube channel who knows if he's even going to post again for awhile if he just made say a hundred thousand or two hundred thousand dollar in the last couple days I can see him taking a break for two-three months it's not a smart idea to post right away and no one's going to be able to take it seriously if he just goes and ignores everything and continues on like nothing ever happened people are going to be like what the hell James like you have to be able to be honest with your subscribers or do something to make a difference don't go do charity work like Laura Lee and film it because that comes off as very inauthentic you have to be able to face the music and either continue with your channel or maybe do something behind the scenes and work with other youtubers or do makeup on set for people I'm sure someone will hire him nowadays but I don't think he's gonna have the sponsors and the different people to back him after all this controversy now it wasn't as bad as Lord Li because I was based off of racism and other stuff so I know a lot of people are talking about like morphe and stuff like that I don't think morphe is gonna drop him in the code and everything right away because it's not like it was a scandal where James was doing something to you know affect asserting community in a very negative way and maybe I will cancel his palette I'm not sure but I just think speculating on it I don't think it's the same situation as Laura Lee or Mannie where they're going to completely shut that down but for Jeffrey to put his foot down it's like good for Jeffrey I know a lot of people were coming for Jeffrey as well we're not Jeffrey coming at Tati because you know she was friends with or is friends with Jeffrey and she kind of covered up some other situations for James just like how she was kind of defending Jeffrey after certain racism stuff by kind of being like okay like we have to like move on and some people were upset about it I think that everyone deserves a second chance and if you apologize the whole thing that I'm thinking with this whole cancelled thing that's going on was I wish people were taking it in a what like a learning lesson to be like hey like you know what just because you are so famous doesn't mean you could treat people this way or like educating James or putting him in therapy that doesn't mean he shouldn't be still cancelled but I think that it would be nice if when these situations more so with racism for example it comes as an opportunity to start a healthy conversation because I think that everyone has made mistakes in their past and maybe they're just not like I but nowadays if you're youtuber whatever you can be completely ruined for the rest of your life and it's all on the internet playing out and it's affecting people's bottom line and their reputation and everything so I know that this was an a racism scandal not necessarily but I just think that you know it would be nice if the conversation was turning more positive than actually bullying and attacking someone because you don't see me coming on camera attacking I'm just reporting the facts for you guys unlike some other channels that are really taking really hard digs I'm really curious here what you guys think about this whole entire situation but first off I wanted to give a shout out to one of my subscribers who actually became one of my friends her name is Paige she actually did this really cool makeup mango tea I look I want to show that for you guys right now she's actually one of the sweetest her Instagram handle I'm gonna also link it down below is at page violet B B EE and if you guys can check her out tell her that I sent you guys over to her Instagram I know she wants to serve YouTube eventually she has been writing to me she's always so sweet and she promotes my stories and stuff like that and we've been talking just like privately behind the scenes I have a lot of friendships with my subscribers which is cool I know a lot of other channels especially drama channels don't talk to other people that are subscribers and maybe some do behind the scenes but I know that I really value you guys so much that I want to feel like we have a connection here in a community where some of these channels they get so big and you know they spilled the tea maybe for like two hundred thousand people maybe you're four hundred thousand or whatever but they don't really have that one-on-one connection with their viewers and you guys are my friends I don't have friends in real life and that's a whole nother story but you guys are my true friends and I'm really glad that we got to hang out have a little gay keiki and chat with each other and I'm really curious hear what you guys think on that note go down below and leave a comment down below about this whole situation you think Jeffrey is no longer going to be working with James with killer merch anymore do you think that was the right business move for Jeffrey should he maybe have held on just to take the 10 or 15 or 20 30% Commission however much on the sales I mean I think James is now officially cancelled do you guys like what is your thoughts on all of that I think it's our AP for James Charles's career I don't think that there's any hope or recovery for him to come back unless he's gone for a year and he comes back as a completely different person but actions speak louder than words he's gonna have to take a long break and then change his ways and we'll see what actually happens but anyways guys please make sure to go down below check out yesterday's video make sure you're subscribed to this channel after unsubscribe from James you need someone new to watch so check out mango tea I'm gonna be posting more daily videos especially about James Charles so turn on your bells so you don't miss any of my uploads I am going to be doing more research I'll try to put out as many videos as I can in the next couple of days without losing my mind and I'm already kind of getting over it a lot of people been asking me to do videos about the Nicolette Grey drama and I have couple people who want to speak out on a couple who are nervous to speak out so I might be covering more about the Nicollet gray drama so if you were here for that you don't know what I'm talking about that's also on my channel i exposed nicola gray who is a social-media influencer and a big youtuber anyways guys thank you so much for watching my video i'm gonna stop rambling i hope you guys have a great night also find me on social media at stephen mango if you want to ask me any questions talk to me hang out you can also find me on social media Jeff likes to post Instagram stories with me and stuff like that too so if you guys missed seeing us as a couple we're on Instagram a lot of the times to get there too so that's a good place to follow us thank you so much for watching and I'll see you in my next video bye guys


  1. What do you guys think about this drama? Do you feel that Jeffree shut down Sisters Apparel to operate under Killer Merch? Sound off below! Also don't forget to hit that subscribe button and turn on your bell notifications for my channel so you stay posted on all of the latest tea!

  2. Mango,I really knew that it was all fake but for your sanity and everyone else's please let it go about channon👍I know your getting views but in the long run we want you to drop it and be your funny entertaining self 😉

  3. When you mentioned his merch I went and looked it up and he wants 45 dollars for a pair of regular black leggings with the words sisters on it I can make a walmart and a michaels trip and make those on my own for less than 15 dollars smh


  5. I have been a longtime subscriber and I love your channels…..and I have also been through a recent "friendship-breakup" too, so I know a lot of the feelings you're feeling. That said, I would still urge you to re-evaluate your former friends and see if any of them deserve forgiveness or reconciliation–it's possible they don't, but it's also possible that some of them do. A Dialectical Behavioral (DBT) therapist can help with that, even if you're not diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), because they've realized that toxic work environments can make people manifest BPD symptoms. Hollywood sounds like that. I definitely think you should leave behind toxic or parasitic friendships, but it's possible to read into what other people are thinking and assume too much. I have done that in the past. Also, I have spent my adult life living in different countries and different cities, and my experience is that you end up with 2-3 good friends you stay friends with after you leave that place. So, take that for what it's worth. Love your work.

  6. where are James parents? he clearly is not mature enough to run a beauty empire,like every young famous kid.
    he had the money,why not get a someone to deal with PR. and another person to be a voice of reason, not a yes men as that never ends well.

  7. His issues vs. Manny and Laura's is astronomically higher…..

    I think Manny may have a way to redeem himself, James could too, he needs to step back from the limelight, work on his mental issues, he clearly has some & he took a kind hearted person for granted, step back reflect, seek counseling and if you truly become a changed person, then maybe people will open up to you again.

  8. When I tried to go to the sisters apparel website, I got a warning that the page was an impersonation and not secured. So I got off real quick because I didn’t want my info stolen. 😳

  9. I feel there is more to this story and sounds a little like the student was surpassing the teachers and the have teamed up to put him in his place. I do not buy for a minute that Tati was afraid of James.

  10. The sexuality thing I feel is not just a oh he’s young and doesn’t know better type thing like I’ve seen people saying. At 19, you should still have morals and class. He is lacking in a serious way in both areas. At 19 I was a mom and wife and had no choice but to act like an adult. He has a lot of young people looking up to him and as a mother that really doesn’t sit well with me and makes it even more important to model to these young people respect, class, morals, etc.

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