Jeremy Irons talks about the early days of his acting career

Jeremy Irons talks about the early days of his acting career

Jeremy Irons, star of Godspell, The Lion King, Die Hard, The Man Who Knew Infinity, and British Television broadcaster, Tania Bryer, presenter and executive producer of the critically-acclaimed series CNBC Meets, as they discuss Jeremy’s illustrious film and stage career.

I think there still is a newspaper called the stage and on the back of that there were adverts and they had advertised for an acting SM on the back of the safe newspaper in for Canterbury the male theatre encountered it so I applied and I got the job and I went down to the Marlowe Theatre in Canton got a little bed sit and absolutely loved it I loved the hours I loved the fact that we didn't have to go to work till 10:00 and that we didn't go to sleep didn't sort of leave the pub till about 2:00 and we seemed to sort of work we worked whenever else was was playing and we played whenever else was working and I I love the smells of the thus the stuff once they make the flaps within those if they're below the glue whatever it was there's a whole theater smelter band and I was able to make my props and for the show I mean we did was doing the dancing years with Marion Grimaldi and what do you remember Mary Anne Grimaldi no she was wonderful


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