Jude Bijou with host Kristen White on Bestselling Celebrity Author TV

Jude Bijou with host Kristen White on Bestselling Celebrity Author TV

Bestselling Celebrity Author TV with host Kristen White interviews Jude Bijou author of Attitude Reconstruction at Book Expo America 2012. Instant Celebrity Academy and Bestselling Celebrity Author TV offer media workshops for personalized branding and video marketing for authors, speakers, coaches and entrepreneurs at their Done-for-you-Video Production workshops. For more information call us at 314-863-0668. We offer a complimentary Celebrity Strategy session. Please comment and subscribe below and we would also appreciate you sharing this video with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, in Forums and Blogs. Thanks so much for your interest, See you in the spotlight – Kristen White.

here we are in New York City at Book Expo America 2012 and i'm your host kristen white of best-selling celebrity author TV and i'm here with author jude bisous and she's written a book called attitude reconstruction i love that title it's what everybody needs who doesn't want a better attitude and who doesn't know that there's some things that just aren't working quite as well as they like how can you tell if you're one of the people who needs an attitude reconstruction if you're not experiencing joy love and peace as much as you want there's something that you can do to move from sadness anger and fear to more Jerry love and peace I love the way that sounds so it says that well you've won a lot of awards i see your cover it's got all these great stickers on it and it's a blueprint for building a better life what are some of the key elements of this blueprint well the blueprint is based on the fact that emotions exist in opposites so there is sadness and joy anger and love fear to peace and you can identify what's going on in your body and move that energy out and if you move that energy you leave some more space to think some better thoughts that are going to support you better to communicate in a better way to act in ways that are going to perpetuate those kind of emotions do you believe that when we move this energy to a higher vibration that better things happen for us in our lives absolutely because it's like when we're saying if we have a lot of fear like that's clouding everything we can't think like we're paralyzed or we're so jumbled up where if we move that energy I say out of the body get rid of it like shake and shiver like a leaf on a tree or like a dog at the vet if we move that energy out there space to like contact what's really there what you really know in your heart you raise such an important point I do think that there is so much fear out there and that seems to me as a way that keeps people stuck absolutely there's just those three emotions that are causing us problems sadness anger and fear but so much fear especially in our modern age but equally so much anger you know like there's so much there's road rage there's people aren't doing what we want them to do they're not seeing the things the way we want them to see so all of those emotions the fear the anger the sadness needs to move out of our body is it just energy do you tell me a little bit about you your background I'm a psychotherapist and I've been working on this book for 21 years and it's the combination of my father who was a behavioral psychologist and then my desire to put it together so i went to the east and got into the world of meditation and then as I started to be a psychotherapist I learned about emotions and the three forces had to come together and that's what attitude reconstruction is the whole blueprint of the mind and very practical steps to make the changes that you want to make what a powerful book so share with me one of the tips that anyone watching today can use to have an immediate shift an immediate shift fear is a really good example because it is so prevalent and that is something I already said move that energy out of the body allow yourself to just yes makes sounds him because you start to laugh and that feels better but its energy and we just got to move it out and so if you're scared if you're in a meeting and you have to present go running to the bathroom for just a minute and shake and shiver or if you don't know what you're going to say or what you're going to do just move that energy finishing it exactly but it's the same energy move that energy and in 30 seconds so where can we find your buck it's available through Ingram and through Barnes and Noble amazon my website which is WWE attitude reconstruction calm dude thank you so much for being with us here at Book Expo America in New York City thank you it's my pleasure


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