July 2018 Reading Wrap Up [CC]

July 2018 Reading Wrap Up [CC]

In which I talk about the 26 books (aka 8113 pages) I read in July of 2018.

Just… how did this happen?

I also stayed up until nearly 2am doing the captions before letting this video go live, and they are taking their sweet time syncing up, so I might have to tweek them whenever I wake up because I nearly feel asleep typing captions on more than one occasion.

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  1. I can't wrap my brain around how much you read that month…
    Also, I'm a little heartbroken that you missed the opportunity to say, "At work, he stocks groceries. After work, he stalks people."

  2. Excellent video, my friend!! I do hope making this video did not take up too much reading time for Booktube-A-Thon!!

    Aw man, Bandette sounds like such an adorable comic series!! Without a doubt gonna check that one out!!

    I was at Barnes&Noble the other day, and did actually happen to stumble upon The Prince and the Dressmaker and like….WOW, it's an amazing concept and I'm glad you enjoyed it!!

    I look forward to watching more of your content soon, my friend!!


    I always end up the same way with short story anthologies — there is usually one or two that I dig, but then many that I'm very "meh" about.

    The Prince & The Dressmaker was just SO precious. 😀

  4. Wow, you read so many books and pages in July! I really liked The Marvels too. Long Way Down sounds good, it's going on my wishlist. I loved The Prince and the Dressmaker too. Girl Made of Stars is on my TBR (I own it but haven't read it yet), as is Dear Martin. I'm eagerly anticipating Record of a Spaceborn Few as I absolutely loved the first two books. But I'd like the edition that matches my medium size paperback covers that I already have (which are the UK covers), and my usual shop doesn't have it listed yet. I'm hoping it will come out soon. I'm planning to get What If It's Us when it comes out (probably going to ask for it as a birthday present).

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