JUNE WRAP UP | All The Books I Read This Spring!

JUNE WRAP UP | All The Books I Read This Spring!

My reading wrap up for Apri, May and June! It had been a while since I’ve talked about all the books I read, but now I’m completely up to date again. I hope you enjoy!

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hello everyone and welcome to my June reading wrap-up but actually it's more like my April May and June reading wrap-up so you know basically my spring reading wrap-up I haven't done a reading wrap-up since March and also I haven't been reading that much at least for like my standards for the past couple of months so I haven't been doing reading wrap ups I haven't been filming a lot in general so you know it's definitely time to do another reading wrap-up and yeah that's what we're going to do today I will warn you most of these books are rubies and with all most of them I listen to the audiobook because I was just way more in an audiobook reading mood than with like physical books but you know let's just get started with this video and I'm going to show you all the books that I've read in April May and June so because it has been so long I don't really remember like the specific order in which I read all of these books so I'm just going to throw everything together and yeah the order is just a bit random so my first book that I'm going to talk about actually I reread as I mentioned before but it is Daisy Jones and the six by Taylor Jenkins read so I read this book earlier this year I've talked about it I think in my February wrap-up or either my January wrap-up I'm not completely sure but yeah this book is about a fictional band called Daisy Jones and the six and their story takes place in the 70s and these stories told any presence with interviews with all the band mates and such and yeah at this time around I decided to listen to the audiobook because the audiobook got a lot of praise and I can definitely understand why the audiobook is amazing because every single person has like its own voice actor so that makes it really interesting to listen to and basically I still have the same feelings towards this book as I did the first time around I really enjoyed it I think Taylor Jenkins read is an amazing writer and I love this story and I love the characters and the audiobook is definitely a nice bonus like definitely something that enriches the story even more but I do still prefer these seven husbands of Evelyn yoga like that one will just be my favorites I love Daisy Jones but for me it will always be more of a or star read than a five star read next up I have the other villain girl by Philippa Gregory again a favorite of mine and if you have followed me for a little while then you know that I just loved this book and that I have to reread it at least once a year so it was time for another V read again it was an audio book and this book tells the story of Mary Boleyn the sister of the more famous Anne Boleyn I absolutely adore this story I love history and I love the Berlin sisters and I love this book and even though I won't say it's like the best written book ever like if I wasn't very fond of this story in general that it probably wouldn't be my favorite book ever but you know it's just so dear to me on a personal level and I love it and I just love listening to it or reading it and yeah this story will just always be one of my favorites and I will always enjoy this book so for me personally this The Other Boleyn Girl is a five star read even though I don't think like it's a five star book in general it's a bit hard to explain what this book I just have so many memories attached to it and I love it so much and I just love rereading it and this time was no exception then next up I have another one of my historical fiction favorites and it is the Ellis network by Kate Quinn this book tells the story of two incredible women first of all if Gardner who was a spy during World War one in a second of all a young college girl named Charlie Sinclair who is pregnant but not married which is of course not very accepted in her high social class and shortly after the Second World War she goes to Europe to find her missing cousin named Rose and her path crosses with that of Eve and yeah that's sort of the premise of this story and yeah of course I have raved about this book so much already so this was again a rereads with an audiobook and I hadn't listened to the audiobook before but I really enjoyed it the only thing I will say is that it's a bit annoying that they do different time lines likely to different perspectives they don't have separate voice narrators and that makes it a bit confusing at times you really have to pay attention who is telling the story I will say though that the narrator use a bit a different voice for both you and Charlie but personally I like it when two different perspectives have two different narrators but of course I still love this book with all my heart it is such an incredible story I love the way it is written it's so addictive and both Eve and Charlie are incredible main characters I just got sucked into this book again I love it so much it's really one of my all-time favorite historical fiction book and I cannot recommend it enough and again I've talked about this with many many times before in my historical fiction recommendations video in my favorite books of 2018 video and yeah I just love it so much it's such an incredible story it really grabs your attention and yeah what can I say again a 5 star read for me and next not a very surprising book but it is Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by JK Rowling deep for any Harry Potter series I know I know it has been quite a while since my review of Prisoner of Azkaban and D reviews will be coming back I promise I have finally read the fourth book again I am I do have notes and I'm going to work on a review but they do take a bit of time to make so you know I'm going to talk about this book in a lot more detail in a video that's hopefully going to be online soon but yeah in in the meanwhile you know that this is a five-star book read for me go to the fire is my all-time favorite Harry Potter book and yeah of course I loved it again what else can I say next up I have inked by Ellis Broadway who has this beautiful shiny cover which looks even more beautiful with my ring light on it this book tells the story of a girl named Laura she lives in this sort of town slash world where everything you do or achieve is tattooed on your skin like marks on your skin so your age your education other special things and that is very important because therefore people can say can see who you are and what your story is and stories are very important in this world at the beginning of the book Leora's father dies and that sort of sets in motion a certain search for her and yeah that's all I can say about it again every read I know this wrap up I'd be a bit boring and again I listen to the audiobook there's definitely theme going on here but I really enjoyed this book the first time around and now I read it again because I want to read the sequel and yeah I just really enjoyed it again it's sort of like a more classic why a story I feel like you don't really see those a lot anymore but it's quite an easy book to get into this story is original but entertaining and I just enjoyed my time with this book again it's definitely not a masterpiece but it's just such a fun interesting story and I really want to read the sequel now very soon which I can do now because my memory is all freshened up with my reread and yeah I haven't seen this book that much around but I think it's definitely a recommendation it's a book that you can read when you're not really want to sort of read a heavy or long book it's quite easy to get into it's fun it's sort of like your typical y.a but with a unique twist and yeah I just really enjoyed it and for me this is a four out of five star review the next book that isn't a reread I know it is meatless by Stephen Fry this is a book written by Stephen Fry it's basically sort of a fun reimagining of all the Greek myths and like Greek mythology and Greek mythology history I mean it's not really a reimagine Asian it's the ancient stories but told and I found sometimes more modern way so I absolutely love mythology I have a bit of a background with like Greek and Latin stuff I did Greek and Latin in high school and I also got mythology there so with quite a few of the stories I was familiar but this book also told me some stories that I didn't know yet so that was very fun and I just love Stephen Fry's writing style you know it's fun entertaining it's just sort of casually telling you about the Greek stories and just Greek mythology is so interesting and I love all of the things about it you know with all the gods and the punishments and it's just I love it I love to read it I also listen to a bit of the audiobook because Stephen Fry narrates it himself and he has a wonderful narration voice and I was very happy to have learned something new from this book and to just sort of spend a bit of time with Greek mythology and yeah I can see why this book is a best-seller because it's definitely a recommendation from me I don't read a lot of books like this but I'm happy that I did with this one and I gave metals 4 out of 5 stars then for my next book I do have another reread and it was cites by Neal Shusterman I don't have my physical copy right now because my sister has borrowed it from me and she has it with her on her holiday so hopefully she will enjoy it as well but yeah again sighs one of my all-time favorites it's a book that takes place in our world but in a future where death no longer exists and all diseases are cured and basically society is perfect but there are still sites and those are special people that are trained to kill people there are the only persons who can kill people and at the beginning of the book to young people named Citra and Rowan are taken on as sites apprentices and I just adore this book and I love the world-building of sites so much I think it's so wonderfully done because it feels very realistic even though it's not realistic at all but it feels very much like our role but how it would be if nobody would die and it makes you think about what is important and how do certain things have meaning if there's no debt like if your life just goes on and on and you can have multiple families you can get younger again and it's just so interesting to read about and how people feel about that and also the meaning of sites and death and how different sites do it in different ways and I just love this book so much again and yeah I know I sound like a sort of repeating records with all of these books but I wasn't in the best reading mood and when I feel like that I just go back to rereading my favorites and side is definitely one of my favorites I think I should reread tumblr had the second book in this series as well I believe the third and final book in the strategy comes out later this year I'm not completely sure but when the third book comes out I have to get it immediately because the series amazing and I love it and it's sort of like I just know I don't know it's so good and I can definitely recommend it so much but I believe almost everyone has already read it by this point just a really good book and I love love reading it's 5 out of 5 stars you can then next up I read slated by Terry Terry I know that's really her name territory but okay slate is about again our world but in this society if you're younger than 16 and you have committed a crime your memory will be completely slated you will be completely blank and you can get a new chance and a new life this book follows Kyla who has been slated she doesn't know anything about her past she gets into a new family but of course she starts to discover things and she wants to know more about her past and what she did and what was her crime and this book is just a fun easy not too difficult story it's very typical why a like sort of the concept you know a dystopian concept of a sort of punishments I love the idea that you without your memory you're a completely different person like you can get a completely new personality it's really not high literature whatsoever it's also not a very long book but it's just so easy to get into again a book that I think is very good to read when you're in a bit of a reading slump it's also the first book in a series and I really want to read the second book now yeah it's just it's it's a fun story it's an interesting story and I don't really have any deep thoughts about it apart from that I just really enjoyed it and it's a good book to read when you're not really feeling like reading all that much if that makes sense and I gave Slade that's three out of five stars you know it's a fine book it's okay it's not my new favorite but I had a good time reading it then for my next book I have a Twitter and it is playing cited by Karin slaughter so care law is of course one of the you know best-known Twitter altars at the moment she has a lot of books and this is her very first book published and I believe 2001 so it's quite a bit older than I thought it would be and this book is the first book in a sort of series that follows detective Jeffrey Tolliver and dr. Sarah Linton and you know the murders in their town and in this book a young woman is murdered a young professor is murdered in a toilet and yeah as you know it's your typical thriller you know a crime a crime book technically this book would be a real for me because I've read this book indulge like a very long time ago when I was 15 years old my mother absolutely loves Karin slaughter she has all her books in Dutch and she reads every new release of her and she loved this series so I read it as well but back in the day when I was 15 I found it a bit too brutal because let me tell you dick crimes in this book are quite brutal they're also quite graphic and of course I can handle a bit of thriller but back in the day I found it just too brutal and it made me a bit nauseous because it's really you know it's not it's not just a murder it's like a bloody murder but now it had been so long and I craved some like blots you know I craved a trailer I loved trailers during the summer I've said that many times before so I ordered this book in English I read it again I really didn't remember much of it so it felt like a new read to me like the only things I really remembered were the brutal crimes and yeah this time around I really enjoyed it a lot more maybe because I was also a bit more mentally prepared for like the brutal murders but yeah I just I had a good time reading it and I think it's very good for a first book you know crime novels they're always fun or like well not fun because I don't like I don't think murder is fun but it's just a good book to read during the summer it's just nice sometimes just read about those things and not think about anything else and this one is dem Kiev all written and I'm very excited to read some of her more recent work to see how her writing has improved because I'm definitely going to do that this summer and yeah I just really enjoyed by inside I'm going to read more of Karin slaughter now and I gave blind-sided 4 out of 5 stars then lastly I also read two books in Dutch from Dutch author so if you're not Dutch then this might not be very interesting for you but you know you can watch it anyway first of all I read a book called focus and it's by Mark de Fleur which would mean focus on off and this is a book about focus and working effectively and it's full with tips and tricks to work better and to get your mind to be more focused and how to take care of yourself and all that sort of thing I really really like this book because it had a lot of tips and tricks that are really useful to me what I liked about it it's that it's not just a long story but it's also full with like actual practical tips that you can try to do so you know you'd know what to do and it's really useful in that way it's also a bit about how your brain works and how your concentration works and it was just very interesting and definitely something that can help you if you want to be more focused for school or work or such and I gave focus and I was four out of five stars and the last book that I read is a book called no more fast by yeah woman and I would translate as like summer for summer skin it's a bit weird and it's about a young boy named Brian and his sort of neglectful father but during the summer his heavily handicapped younger and a older brother comes to live with them in their Caravan and it basically falls on Brian to take care of him and I think it was good it was well-written but I also thought the book lacked a good ending I felt like there needed to be more and and also frustrated me a lot because when I read about parents who neglect their children who take very badly care of their children that just always makes me angry because I just don't like to read about that and this case the father was horrible it is a fine book and sometimes it is nice to read something by a Dutch author and I gave this book 3 out of 5 stars so yeah dad was is for this collective reading rep Bob it's not the most interesting I think because it's so many rereads but now I'm all caught up with my wrap ups and I'm ready to read some more during July and basically during the summer and I also really hope that I didn't forget a book I mean I'm not completely sure but you know it's just nice to be finally filming again and doing wrap ups again and that makes me really happy and well that means that this is it for this video and I really hope you enjoyed this video if you did maybe go subscribe or give it a thumbs up because as always I would really appreciate it and hopefully I'll see you again very soon in my next video bye


  1. I'm in a book slump again.Currently listening to Chamber of secrets hoping it will get me out of it.I still haven't read Scythe and Daisy Jones yet but hopefully I will get to them soon.Loved watching your video as I always do.

  2. I always love watching any new video you make! Have you read the Wolf Hall series by Hilary Mantel, since you love history and you love Anne Boleyn? There's also the TV show based on Wolf Hall that is really great. If you like documentaries, you should check out Six Wives by Lucy Worsley, in which she goes through all the history and fascinating details of the six wives of Heney VIII, and all the various effects the wives and marriages had on British history. Lucy Worsley is one of my favorite historians!

  3. I just finished scythe about a week ago and thunder head two days ago , to be honest this is one of my all time favorite as well ❤️❤️❤️❤️ please keep uploading Don't let us miss you 😁😁

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