K. Langloh Parker - Australian Legendary Tales: Mullyangah The Morning Star

K. Langloh Parker – Australian Legendary Tales: Mullyangah The Morning Star

Catherine Eliza Somerville Stow (May 1, 1856 – March 27, 1940), who wrote as K. Langloh Parker, was a South Australian born writer who lived in northern New South Wales in the late nineteenth century.

She is best known for recording the stories of the Ualarai around her. Her testimony is one of the best accounts of the beliefs and stories of an Aboriginal people in north-west New South Wales at that time. However, her accounts reflect European attitudes of the time.

Parker was born Catherine Eliza Somerville Field at Encounter Bay, in South Australia, daughter of Henry Field, pastoralist, and his wife Sophia, daughter of Rev. Ridgway Newland.Henry Field established Marra station near Wilcannia on the Darling River in New South Wales, and ‘Katie’ was raised there. The relocation brought the family both prosperity and sorrows. In an incident that took place in January 1862, her sisters Jane and Henrietta drowned while Katie was rescued by her Ualarai nurse, Miola. In recognition, Miola was taken in to be schooled together with the Field’s other children. The family moved back to Adelaide in 1872.

In 1875, on reaching her maturity at 18, she married her first husband, Langloh Parker, 16 years her senior. In 1879 they and moved to his property, Bangate Station, near Angledool, on Ualarai lands by the Narran River. Langloh Parker’s holdings consisted of 215,000 acres running some 100,000 sheep and cattle. He found time also to work as magistrate at Walgett. Over the following two decades she collected many of the Ualarai stories and legends which were to fill her books and make her famous. After drought struck the region, the station eventually failed and the Parkers moved to Sydney in 1901, where Langloh was diagnosed with cancer, dying two years later. Katie travelled to England and married a lawyer, Percival Randolph Stow (son of Randolph Isham Stow), in 1905. The couple eventually returned to Australia, taking up residence in the suburb of Glenelg in Adelaide until her death in 1940.


check the 16 of Australian legendary tales folklore this is a librivox recording all librivox recordings are in the public domain for more information or to volunteer please visit librivox.org australian legendary tales folklore by mrs. Kay Lang lo parker chapter 16 mullah Ganga the morning star mullion the Eaglehawk built himself a home high in a urine tree there he lived apart from his tribe with mooder the opossum he's white and Munna the opossum his mother-in-law with them too was but Agha a daughter the Balu or flying squirrel tribe Odegard was a friend amudha the wife of Mullen and a distant cousin to the mood our tribe Mali and the Eagle Hawk was a cannibal that was the reason of his living apart from the other bikes in order to satisfy his cannibal cravings he used to sell it forth with the big spear a spear about four times as big as an ordinary spear if he found a black fellow hunting alone he would kill him and take his body up to the house in the tree there the murder and butter gun will cook it and all of them would eat the flesh for the women as well as mullion work animals this went on for some time until it lost so many black fellows were slain that their prints determined to find out what became of them and they tracked the last one they missed they tracked him to where he had evidently been saying they took up the tracks of a slayer and followed them right to the foot at the error and tree in which was built the home of mullion they tried to climb the tree but it was high and straight and they gave up the attempt after many efforts in their despair at their failure they thought at the babies a tribe noted for its climbing powers they summoned two young babies to their aid one came bringing with him his friend Mara Wanda at the climbing wreck tribe having heard what the blacks wanted them to do these famous climbers went to the arrow and tree and made a start at once there was only light enough that first night for them to see to reach a fork in the tree about halfway up there they camped watch malian away in the morning and then climbed on at last they reached the home of Mayan they watched their chance and then sneaked into his humpy when they were safely inside they hastened to secrete a smoldering stick in one end at the humpy taking care they were not seen by any of the women then they went quietly down again no one the wiser at their coming or going during the day the women heard sometimes a crackling noise as of burning but looked round they saw nothing and as their own fire was safe they took no notice thinking it might have been caused by some grass having fallen into their fire after their descent from having hidden the smoldering fire stick Phoebe and Marwan de found the blacks and told them what they had done hearing that the plan was to burn out Malian and fearing that the tree might fall they all moved to some little distance there to watch and wait for the end great was their joy at the thought that at last their enemy was circumvented and proud were bebe and Marwan de as the black fellows praised their prowess after dinnertime mullion came back when he reached the entrance to his house he put down his big spear outside then he went in and threw himself down to rest for long had he walked and little had he gained in a few minutes he heard his big spear fall down he jumped up and stuck it in its place going he had no sooner thrown himself down then again he heard at fall once more he rose and replaced it as he reached his resting place again outburst the flame a fire from the end of his humpy he called out to the three women who were cooking and they rushed to help him extinguish the flames but in spite of their efforts the fire only blazed the brighter mullions arm was burnt on the muder had their feet burned and but a guard was badly bow to seeing they were helpless against the fire they turned to leave the humpy to its fight and make good their own xscape but they had licked a to light as I turned to descend the tree the roof at the hump II fell on them and all that remained when the fire ceased were the charred bones at the dwellers in the urine tree there was all that the bugs found at their enemies but their legend says that mullion the Eaglehawk lives in the sky as Mele angered the morning star on one side of which is a little star which is his one arm on the other a larger star which has murdered the opossum he's bought end of chapter 16


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