Kamal on Script writing Pushpak

Kamal on Script writing Pushpak

kamal at FICCI Script writing workshop. Sharing his exp on Pushpak, Pesum padam movie. with singeetham sreenivasa rao

other facilities so we pulled it off all of that in camera yes the dog went 300 we made that is yet to come yeah we are soon to make it a movie to do that so like that everything build up on spot and at T no Holland they found there that's another important thing morning we'll all get up I I will just brush my teeth yet to bathe get to shave we'll all come and it'll be 6:30 7:00 and we were hoods that scene and the shot will be set up and the whole saloon cost 30 lakhs that that's the beauty of it I mean in two days time it'll cost one and a half and we had this you must understand though he was not already moving should that be players the building where I stayed what's called and if you see the and we can afford of going to another man who have agreed but it didn't happen I'm talking about pitfalls of making saloons in the commercial the music for this film would have been mr. Cerf is afraid he would have agreed yeah I know for sure but it was shot down the idea was shot down so with all that I say for example how did this guy get the key to enter the room so we were we had not it worked a ton but he must get into the room that's there then we worked with the room boys did leave it without these all the time supposed to weather but then there was always this slip-up in beauty because you wanted to go I have a quick bath and watch his face because even the toilet see where it was develop yeah when we went there we suddenly got a tall man waiting so in the very chat witness so how do i beaten his height becomes a problem because before you push itself on the wall like you're right under his arm and take the toilet and by the time I'm ready to take the toilet I have choice life is like that and it should okay if you if you think that there's nothing important and there's nothing about writing here think again because there are sequences like where the hero and heroine become friends in a strange way it's only friend it's not the carnal desire yeah kind of a thing it's not a love story which begins with common desire the idea started with where the hero in hearing should meet the octet iconic things and the way he chooses her earring and for her is that you do after you become the lover after you become close to her but that's the first thing he does and she is touched by it and then the magic scene what he was talking about the breaking of this thing where it makes it he has to get away from them they can't meet their rock so some impediment has to be there that he can't stay and continue the last song with her and it's symbolic also very interesting that every time she yeah


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