Katarina Tonks at Fairleigh Dickinson University - Creative Writing

Katarina Tonks at Fairleigh Dickinson University – Creative Writing

Fairleigh Dickinson University – Creative Writing – Katarina Tonks Interview March 2015

I'm Katarina Cox I'm a freshman at ftu I started writing I was 14 years old on the website called Wattpad since then I have gathered about 40 million reads on my death series my main project is death as my BFF so tell us about your Tuffle these recent awards in 2014 I won best in progress for my death with my BFF rewritten novel which was very big because I had gotten I think on my original death series abruptly but I've been reading ask for team and had collectively about 20 million reads and for people to continue reading the rewrite which was basically the plot was completely changed for me when I was 14 I had like my ideas there wasn't really place the way he wanted to be placed so rewriting that and getting that getting this huge award for something now because basically they know from reading he began all over again was incredible it was basically he gave me kind of gave me a lot of inspiration to continue that series the way I envisioned it originally and I guess I couldn't really get it out I was younger and now I feel like I can really plot without the way I want to so it was very exciting to get that award and to be acknowledged in that way literally say enough how important it is to have others read your work and give you opinions give you criticism it's very hard to take criticism when you're a new writer it's like your baby I know that for like four years I've written this series that's my baby you know getting you know getting even an evening class getting people who are saying you know this is this needs to be condensed needs to be cut out it's hard but you really learned from that kind of feedback and you learn to become a better writer and you do need that third perspective on your writing because sometimes you can't see things as other people can see I can't say it enough it sticks to keep writing you really have a maker make a goal if I'm gonna finish this at this time you don't have to make it a job you don't do it like three hours four hours a day just set a goal for yourself and you know you're free to be free time really focus on getting past this threshold and you just just really focus on just keep writing it when you stop writing and you get like you get like writer's block this then relax and nudism it's okay having a solo but it's just you know relax and it's trying to plot out your ideas and maybe write write down one no it's like I do that all the time and don't stress about it if you can't write you just overcome to you eventually it is great yes the one in one of the best parts of being in a classroom and communicating with people is because you get the face-to-face and it actually needs people begin to see people's emotion like you can tell when someone really is invested into work even if they don't even if they have criticism you're telling someone's like this is really good and I need you to work on this you can tell them you can't believe you really get that emotion that face-to-face interaction on Wattpad you get and a lot more frequently the people that come out people that like your story people that don't like your story don't usually comment so you don't get that this is what you need to work on I think this is where all you missed a comedy you don't really get that as frequently as you would get on a face-to-face in class interaction and definitely that was it's dead certainly one of the benefits of being in ed of two year being the creative writing class being in a workshop but what drew me in general to have to you is definitely the close-knit community I think I would have been a little bit too overwhelmed with because I know what NYU's and the choice I had that seemed a big difference move to you it was kind of being overwhelming you know it's also not a campus and when you hear it's very close-knit the fabrics you dissolve are all really sweet and all really you can tell they're really good friends and they really want to try to help you it's a very difficult major obviously what I meant you of course not to be you know Brown observer would've met you I was like this is a great professor I look forward to having room as a professor and David Daniels that he was also very sweet and I like I loved him as everyone I've met so far the professors I really enjoyed it if they're difficult it was it was very it was nice to meet that one nice to change my writing style banquette become a stronger writer because of their own techniques and their own woman opinions and so it was there was I knew it was gonna I knew his the right choice after speaking with all professors I knew it was a good choice to come after you and I've invited me the choice cook very happy here this is creative okay this is Andy he's kind of our mascot and the story is long come to after you and you'll find out about Andy


  1. I love Kat so much! I really love her books and her writing style is so great! I've never heard her voice before, I kinda like it! LOL XD! Now the only question would be (and this is solely because I am one myself so I always wanna know) can you sing? LMAOOO XD It's just the fact I'm a singer myself so if I hear your regular speaking voice and it sounds nice like that I'll immediately wanna know. XD

  2. You are an excellent writer! You were the one who made me interested in reading death is my bff and I cant put it down!it is The best book on wattpad and I love it!! 🙂

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