Katie Walker wants sex trafficking education in public services

Katie Walker wants sex trafficking education in public services

Katie Walker is looking to improve ways to communicate to the public about “sex trafficking”. Katie was inspired to take action after accepting and working and playing the mom of a trafficked daughter in the movie 8 Days. See trailer here

In this interview you will learn about her work and how you can help. all of us should be helping, learn about Share Together Now Org here

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​Katie Walker grew up in Shreveport, LA and at an early age she began her love walk with Jesus Christ.  She graduated from Louisiana State University in Kinesiology/Cardiac Rehabilitation. She has been an active participant and fundraiser with Major League Baseball during her husband’s twelve year MLB career including working with the Boston Redsox and Chicago Cubs. Katie has always had a love for acting. She is an avid actress and is drawn to projects that portray a purpose and message especially projects that equip and encourage the millennial generation.  She has always had a love for acting and has completed and continues to study in acting methods and techniques.  She was supporting lead in the poignant film, “8 Days” directed by Jaco Booyens and premiered across the United States and internationally fighting the crime of sex trafficking. Katie has also appeared in several television commercials and is often featured in stage plays. She recently completed feature films “Grace Wins” and “Color Me You” due out in 2017.  She is a sought after speaker for schools, churches, events to influence other’s to fulfill their destiny and see their purpose in God’s plan for them.  Katie lives in Shreveport, LA, with her husband, Todd Walker, and their four children.

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if you love great coffee and you want to support in Poland and military families visit military-grade coffee calm intentionally hello everybody welcome to infowindow we are so glad that you joined us today and today we have Katie Walker back on our show one of our contributors thank you for coming on again Katie how are you I'm doing great thanks for having me that's great that's great you know the conversations that we always have around the house here in my house anyway because I'm in the news business I constantly like hearing things about different things that you're involved in with human trafficking not necessarily your organization's but a lot of different aspects of human trafficking and the things that are going on in the world and one of the things I'm frustrated with is is that people you know the we tell them exactly what's going on and they look at us like we're kind of crazy but you're finding out different so you know you know what is going on in your life with you know I know you said you were in the movie eight days and that's how kind of the celada this started folks and folks if you haven't seen the movie eight days please get it and I have a copy here if you want to we can have a watch party together here in Des Moines and I plan on doing that I just got so busy that I made a couple phone calls the first week and then I didn't get it you know move through so I'm going to consult with you after this interview to kind of get your opinion on what I should do for next but what's on your heart when it comes to what it you know things are running into today and what tools are available for people to get educated that's a great question thank you for asking because human trafficking human sex trafficking specifically is the area where I'm an advocate and feel passionate about because of the film a days I was booked as to play the role of the mother of a daughter who gets trafficked for eight days this is a feature film based on true life events and we filmed that in 2013 and I will tell you as an actress it was one of those projects that I it's I don't know how to explain it I I just did not believe it was happening but as you know when you do your work as an actress and you have to visit with survivors visit with and you see real-life people not just numbers you know because they can do so many stats on this is what we're seeing in human trafficking and somehow it doesn't connect as much as when you're looking eye-to-eye with someone and you're actually putting a number to a heart and that particular role changed my life forever because I said if there is one we've got to go after them and with eight days we've travelled across the United States internationally to many places to as a tool but because it's so hard to talk about you can watch a feature film and then have an open dialogue discussion afterwards and it's easy for parents to talk to their teens because we can say hey let's watch this film and then they think about it and become aware and educate themselves on this crime so with that passion it's still a continuous journey to educate and bring more awareness because we want to have as many tools as we can for for all of us to educate the generations behind us and educate us yeah right so we created this year we just actually this past weekend finished filming a documentary FBI HSI homeland which is homeland security survivors dancers of sex work past John's prostitutes everyone involved in this arena people in search and rescue people in restoration homes people that are fighting the fight and on the ground every single day so that we can give people an accurate picture of what it like right now in 2019 and how and what we can do to fight and and join and help that's so cool and so so refreshing that you're doing that and this is the reason I started my show for people like you to come on and give your you know your action points the things that you're involved in and real life real time so keep going to keep telling people how they can get educated about this through the organizations that you're involved with and we all know we heard the story on your first interview here that that was a wonderful way to that got you started in this wonderful cause that you're in is as being an in that movie eight days so so yeah keep going yeah well we were let me think we produced this film the film eight days through a nonprofit called share together now org and that is our nonprofit that funds these projects to do the docu-series that we are hoping to go into Airlines so when you sit down in your seed and the airlines come on and see your seatbelt you know and the safety procedures and then you get a docu-series on sex trafficking and what it looks like and where it is so that people you're kind of like stuck you can't move yeah I love it so you'll have to see or at least look at it you know because it's a world epidemic you know it's a world epidemic it should be on there okay right so that's that's the ideas and tools to use and we've even used eight days to Train FBI on different ways and tactics because human sex trafficking looks so different every individual is different when you watch the stock you series you will see every story so different so you know people there are red flags but when you're saying you know I know as mom I want to be like what's a flag what we're gonna help what how do I know and it's so very hard that's why one-percent are found because it's so very hard it's like underneath the surface so the more though that we're aware the more we find the more I can say that scene doesn't look good I might need to make a phone call just the very fact that there's a fifty five or a hundred different anti trafficking organizations around the assuming in the United States is what it says here on your on share together org and it says that our projects have benefited 55-plus anti trafficking organizations and we are currently working towards bringing these teams together as a coalition yeah so just the fact that you know I mean folks I mean there's this is going on this is a big fight this is as big as this is a big political fight it's a it's as big as everything and it's one of the top issues that we are we are exposing and so there's a about five key ones it seems like that keep coming out of my show and this is one of them human trafficking so we we the so just the fact that there's so many organizations out there you know I just I'm like you I'm a little frustrated that when I talked to people they just seem to not really care enough to even kind of research it but anyway go ahead and let's you know I'm trying to I want to keep positive you know we want to keep positive out there we want to keep we want to open up the channels for those ladies and and men are being affected by this and in there and the men need to be awake to it if they're you know patronizing certain you know doing this the sex thing that they they are supporting they could be supporting okay that those trafficking organizations and so keep that in mind everybody should be aware of everything so education is key so you know educate a some more if you want me to be really honest and very very open it it goes very it goes back to humans valuing humans valuing a life valuing a man valuing a woman and not using her as a piece of the prize or as I you know deserve this but as as a gift because women are a gift to men we yeah I mean I know that we could be probably not a gift in Thai at times but honestly we are created to be a gift to influence and to help and to discern things you know you've ever heard of the woman's intuition you don't don't and you might not have facts but you feel a certain way I mean women are created with this knowledge and and we should be valued so it's going back to men valuing women women valuing themselves and if we can create this you know porn is a huge issue because it's it desensitizes you to the value of a woman or the value of a man mm-hmm value of any any gender and and so there's a fight against that there's a fight against the selfish the lust and the greed because in sex trafficking it's the lust of I want to fulfill what I'm feeling right now I want to take care of my needs and then there's the greed of I can traffic these women and there are a product that never goes away and I can keep using them and reusing them and reusing them as a product and not a human you know as of as a value so it's it's getting to the core of of selfishness yeah value and so you know my my ammo is going heart deep because you can put band-aids and say no porn and you can put band-aids and say get the trafficker and absolutely we should be fighting porn and we should be fighting the traffickers 100% and we should be rescuing and bringing justice but we should be going heart deep heart deep to the value of the human life and the value of who we are and what we're created to be in our destiny and exactly the greatness and the gifts that are in every single one of us there's not a person on the planet of this earth that has not been given a gift now whether they have acknowledged it or use it but they have been given a gift that the world needs and so it's pulling that out of people and realizing their worth no matter what situation they grew up in they are so incredibly valued and if we have eyes to look that way we change it culture and we transform from the inside out yes one of the things were running to in Iowa on a similar subject is custody laws and we found that that the the court systems aren't enforcing good policy either they're letting for instance if somebody has a custody problem and the guy has the custody or the woman has the custody and they they said they say I don't want that guy to see or that girl to see this kid for this this and this reason and the court doesn't stand behind the other side at all you know and says well okay well that's not really a good enough reason you know why you couldn't see your child so to speak so in child trafficking and sex trafficking I guess I'm I'm certain that there's some judicial problems out there with how this is all being run out there especially the porn industry seems to just run rampant and whenever they want and I wonder you know about that and how you know you know from the legal system are you involved at all with any political legislation that would support you know a more stringent pressure on the porn industries and that kind of thing I want I will say yes not directly but indirectly with friends that are the House of Representatives with Louisiana and that fight on push because we can have so many laws but are they enforced and let me tell you something the United States has great laws we do have some good laws and we have a lot of freedom fighters so I don't want to give a picture that we don't but there's so many loopholes and there's so many that are not enforced is where the issue is you know we had we had an FBI agent that was amazing that we interviewed and I can't wait for it to come out and I don't even actually don't even know if I could say this but I'm gonna say it anyway because I was so fired up cool because the technology that we have for anti-terrorism in this and this is by far the best in the world you know far where you can find things and and we're applying starting let me say through different organ like private organizations to apply that to traffickers and and this particular agent looked at camera in the eye and said if if you're a trafficker and you get on the internet I will find you and I know that like I can say it that way but there was so much information that they have that I was like yes this was like so I wanna I'm encouraged that's the hope you were talking about you know there is some hope out there that's for sure yeah and and also it's hope when the woman when the women start seeing that support you know it's hope for them as well right right it's on all we need it in every area so we need the laws and the laws being enforced and we need the the justice system right and we need the rescuers and we need the restoration to take a broken heart a broken soul and somewhat try to help them put their lives back together after they have been ravaged by another human you know that to me is is one of the most difficult and challenging places yet most rewarding to watch survive favours be warriors and what do you think about politicians that are involved in human trafficking have you heard anything do you have any stories do do you know anything that I don't know when it comes to the stories that we hear about politicians being involved from what I understand and this is you know people that are you know in some Intel this is this is one of the big blackmailing tools that is used throughout government's not just our government but other governments and I just wondered if how deep you know you're into that kind of thing because it seems like if we can get to the politicians and and and figure out where that hush money always is going and all that stuff and get that to stop and you know really put the pressure on those folks to to a real strong point I wonder if that would really make some difference as well but it seems like every time we get to the point where we expose something on the powerful politicians then it just kind of gets swept under the rug eventually years yeah it disappears so I just wondered if you know what kind of things you've experienced with politicians as any of them admitted that they've heard of other you know situations you know it's got to be some stories out there with there are there are many stories and sex trafficking happens at every level every level of government in every level of no matter where you are in life it happens from teaching to to politicians you are correct is it also true that the things we hear and I'm bringing out things that I hear are true is it true that that that people can buy a child on the Internet it's it's not is that through the dark web it is through the dark web and they have codewords and you know an FBI or HSI agent would be so much better at answering that particular question I can only kind of regurgitate what I've heard them say but it's they speak in code and there are codes out there that they look for to catch that particular thing I mean obviously it's against the law and obviously if child porn or selling a child is out there but I'll tell you from a from a perspective from Louisiana what I've seen physically in my city is family members selling their child within their neighborhood to keep it hush-hush to pay for their rent to pay for a drug addiction and so that is so much harder to catch because it's within the family or it's within the neighbors or the neighbors use another child to sell to this particular person so that it pays for everybody's rent that's crazy yeah so it's it's it's heartbreaking it's hard for me to say it yeah without emotion but but that's where I see it and that's why I'm so adamant about speaking into the very deep core heart because we're missing we're missing the mark on on our value of human life yeah yeah and I think that started years and years ago and now here we are but we're we're fighting it and there's a lot of good things happening and like you say the information the way that we can gather information these days has got to be helping to I know there's been I think around 1,200 arrests or something since last couple years and human trafficking due to a couple things I think yeah there's gonna be a lot more but there was a lot of action in the last two years right at the beginning of the Trump administration they put out Ivanka we have started that whole organized effort so how have you been affected by that and tell us a little bit about you know when when they did that I was impressed and I and I and I knew that they were doing that for a reason and they know that the politicians are partly to blame so they're going after and the politicians and the top corporation people you know people with a lot of money has been a huge push in the help of bringing the awareness and education so in the past two years because of her initiatives and her fight it's it's more of if you say used to if you say human trafficking they what sex trafficking what is that what what do you mean by that now because of this push and because of this awareness and and what they are doing we have we have more more voices coming out hey I'm being traffic more organization saying we're gonna have a phone so it's created the you know when they know it's out there people know they can go to help go for help so that's great but I also want to mention in 2015 under the Obama administration the ambassadors for the Dominican Republic actually brought us in with eight days to and I'll say this because this is a humanitarian effort this is not a political thing yes politics help in certain areas but this is not a Democrat Republican issue this is a human issue this is one that on both sides of I'm talking way liberal or way conservatives should be fighting for life now I know that gets crazy I don't even want to get into politics but I'm saying this is a human issue this is let's hear people let's take care of people yeah honor people yeah I agree I agree and then as part of the mental health issue you know altogether to just the way people are treating each other and it's good it seems to be getting worse now it's like in in terms of culture which is really sad yeah so I mean you can't some people can't even walk outside in France you can if you're a Christian now in some neighborhoods you can't even walk out your door and walk in a couple blocks without being harassed here I am I am so incredibly thrilled with what the Trump administration is doing with sex trafficking they are bringing it to the forefront they are fighting they are opening the doors for for rescue and Rehab and restoration so I am I mean I'm like we keep rolling we keep rolling anything else you'd like to bring up any recent stories that there anything you'd like to get out there to the public before we close I think I would love to leave the leave you with the thought that everyone can do something you can do something to help this fight there is always one that is out there that is broken and and I'm an actress so I did an acting film towards this right I'm if you're a hairdresser you could maybe give your services to a rescue home to to you know cut the girls hair I mean there's so many things so many needs that every organizations if you check out share together now org we are a coalition all across the world trying to bring organizations and you could look on our website and check out and see hey I'm in California is there a good nonprofit that I can help sex trafficking here and we can hook help and connect you that way because it's it's raising an army if your yeah and they are and even businesses can get involved corporations can back and and can offer help to these organizations as well looking at your on the website share together orga it talks about you know that you're driven by a unique core model that allows companies and organizations to come together to get you know and and create these resources finances and all the rest of it that are out there so if you're listening to this today I would just recommend go to go to the movie what's that the movies eight days so if you just look up eight days the movie I think the keywords if you just go eight days the movie you'll find all kinds of links out there folks so the movie is easy to find and I know you're I think it after eating pitchers is under construction right now so I'm not going to plug that I check that out but that's all right so yeah I just we're here to help and come back on and we want you to come back on maybe once a month once every two months and maybe more and and and just keep keep this to keep these stories coming and then I'll bet you now do you have any positive stories of a saved person lately that you can I know you're on your nightly sometimes on the front lines your onion know what I do have one we had a mother call our hotline or actually I take that back they actually called me it was a friend of a friend that had a daughter that was trafficked living in Dallas trafficked out of Houston couldn't find and we got all the information and you know the first 48 hours are very critical as far as fight finding an individual and so within 48 hours she was found on in Fort Worth so she had been trafficked from Houston to Fort Worth and she was found and she is you know getting the help that she needs and I to me that was a rescued because after 48 hours you you can you can hide you can write pretty easy especially most of these are dealing with drugs and kind of out of it and not a and this particular child who is underage think she was 16 I'm sorry she was 17 still underage was found and so I call that a success story I did continue growing obviously with with rescue but yeah I think I asked you this before do you remember I asked you about Craig Sawyer seemed the last time but he's all over Twitter he's a big I think he's an ex-military and he goes around trying to bust up these human trafficking places sex trafficking I'm gonna sign it I'm gonna send you his links soon because I actually trying to get him on the show over the last couple of months and he just hasn't accepted yet so we'll see I'll keep trying I think I'll send them your interview that should put him over the top that's right let's bust them up well go on about your day and thank you for coming on again and gosh I don't know what else to say thank you so much and guys everybody go to share together dot org check that out and get involved especially if you're a corporation you know and you could you could make a difference you can make a big difference and all you little individuals like myself us little individuals you know we can make them therefore difference too so the movie eight days is out there it's available for around fifteen dollars I believe or I can't remember eighteen or something like that and it was easy yeah I I bought it and it was great and it came and within a couple days and then and so now folks go out there and you need to check out the movie eight days and get started with that maybe and I'll bet you you'll come back and you'll probably email though Katie yeah here and you'll you'll you'll thank her and then you'll ask her what what you can do for to help the situation so thanks again Katie Walker for coming on and have a great day thank you so much


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