KJ Apa (Archie on Riverdale) - My World

KJ Apa (Archie on Riverdale) – My World

what's up guys welcome back to fresh I'm cagey upper this is my world I can't help it I just get tangled up what do you think you do that's my guitar are you sometimes it hey I'm KJ that stands for kinetic gems I'm 17 I met Shortland Street and I'm cortisol more I've never done any other acting apart from trollin Street I've done a couple of modeling things beforehand yeah he just wanted to enter money no he was he was looking for a job no was he actually winning he went to this job interview at food town OH the next week I got shoreland Street so I just called him saying that I don't want to work with you anymore okay J when his little boy you're watching a movie it might be Batman or whatever and he doesn't store for long he'll leave the room and come back and he's in full costume he's Batman he's acting it out so this is this is just what it was like I thought it would be news it to be honest because cages worst been an entertainer he started piano when he was five and yeah he's sort of learnt a guitar off YouTube just that was there's my valentine right here the owner yeah just giving you profiles just quite skinny budget but fetter she's a bit Road Bridger we've got Darrell over there the mace Daryl cage is very talented and music he's at a amazing performer you can play the guitar and you can actually sing really well too for we have to look at what God has actually given them and not be a barrier to the wonderful things that can be achieved so it all comes back down to what does KJ want to do improve his life but what's he keen on doing and we just need to support him the best that we can he has to work really hard and I think that keeps him grounded okay Jay still has to mow the lawn Tina's bedroom okay basically is very tea I told you it would work I'm prepared to to work hard because the positives from it differently our needed


  1. It kinda sucks how he’s only known as β€œArchie from riverdale”. He is so much more than that! Being from New Zealand I saw a lot of him before he was world famous on riverdale and he has definitely changed since then. I just want my boy to be treated like a normal person. πŸ’™

  2. No wonder why he's so handsome, look! his beautiful parents. You can tell he was raised with full of love and support. Many blessings to u KJ and your career and your aiga. I love Riverdale and you're an awesome actor! #proudsamoan

  3. what ridiculously amazing talent: acting, singing, guitar
    He's gonna be bigger than Drake Bell for sure
    And he's a New Zealander, so I praise him more

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