Knox Grammar Prep Book Week 2019

Knox Grammar Prep Book Week 2019

See the costumes and colour of Book Week 2019 as our Knox Prep boys and staff celebrate their love of reading.

Knox Grammar School, Wahroonga, Sydney, Australia

book week is a celebration of reading and of learning and it is the culmination of work that cater to have been doing in the Literacy Center and 3:00 to 6:00 in the library where they've been immersed in literature that's been shortlisted for awards this year and this then is our celebration of that and the boys then choose their favorite characters dress-up and you can see from the enthusiasm and excitement on the boys faces that reading really is their secret power [Applause] my name is delish and this book's called Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory I love bad dreams that like when you can read the book I was like when my dad pulls me to like stop breathing I can't hear it cause like I'm just always in my head just in another way I am yellow crayon from the day the crown's clips I like reading because there are fun stories where you can understand and you can have fun and imagine a lot and I like to write my own at home – I choose Harry Potter and the full of his system I choose this book because I like it so much and in in the middle of the night when my mum was gone I turned the light on and started reading it and a library reading is pivotal I do see that one of our most important responsibilities is to get the boys to have a authentic lifelong interest in reading reading is really important for 21st century literacy skills we've got the importance of collaboration digital literacy reasoning critical thinking being able to argue a case all of that comes through reading and developing opinions so it is a core skill in learning

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