Kumbhakarna - The Sleeping Demon - Short Story from Ramayana - Animated Stories for Kids

Kumbhakarna – The Sleeping Demon – Short Story from Ramayana – Animated Stories for Kids

Kumbhakarna, the brother of Ravana in the Ramayana fought on behalf of Ravana against Rama, but not before speaking up for justice. Kumbhakarna is a colourful figure, extraordinary curse of sleeping for longs spells of time. His relationship with Ravan, as also his affection for his righteous brother Vibhishana and his tragic death in the battle are immortal scenes from the Ramayana. this film presents the graphic story of Kumbhakarna’s life and death in a very interesting manner.

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#kumbhakarna #ramayana #shortstories #cartoon #mythologicalstroy – Kumbhakarna – The Sleeping Demon – Short Story from Ramayana – Animated Stories for Kids

kumbhakarna was a Rakshasa and a brother or robber he was a giant and had a huge body he was a man of strong principled King Robin the ruler of Lanka was a demon with ten heads he was so powerful that even the blondes were scared of he abducted Graham's wife Sita when he was away and kept her in captivity in the city of Lanka Robin had two brothers vision and kumbhakarna a vision did not like the ways of Robin he left him and joined his second brother kumbhakarna stayed with Robin as he felt that it is his duty to protect him though he was against his villainy kumbhakarna was a great warrior he was an ardent worshiper of Brahma one day o brahmadevaya namaha Oum brahmadevaya namaha the celestial abode of Brahma saraswathi Kumbhakarna x' meditation shakes me up I am amazed at his power of concentration and deep meditation my god you love your devotees and shower your blessing on them without worrying about their background yes I only respond to their sincerity and devotion I accept but kumbhakarna is a demon granting him boons will harm the world as it is his brother Robin is giving much trouble Saraswathi Kumbhakarna is not like Robin he might be of the demonic race but he is a person with good qualities well if you have decided to give him the boon Who am I to stop it solace one his devotion to me is tremendous I will appear before him and grant him the boon that he seeks Saraswathi made a plan she knew that kumbhakarna was very intelligent she also knew well that kumbhakarna was seeking the position of Lord Indra as he had driven Indra out of his abode suddenly the wind gathered in force the earth shook as if there wasn't it but Kumbhakarna did not open his eyes drama appeared before him kumbhakarna Kumbhakarna opened his eyes to see the radiant drama in his gracious warm my lord I am blessed by your presence I am one dastan kumbhakarna your prayers have brought me here tell me what you want thank you my lord when kumbhakarna started to speak Saraswathi who was listening to the conversation acted quickly she created an illusion in the mind of Kumbhakarna and made him speak differently he wanted to ask for mil David oh I should be above all gods but asked fall need drama the endlessly Great Lord please grant me Nitra what what haha I grant your wish you will sleep for six months at a stretch you will get up once have foot and then again go back to sleep for another six months ramaa understood that saraswathi his spouse and the goddess of learning had clouded come back on us understanding and made him ask for a boon that would put him out of action like you my lord from then on kumbhakarna would lapse into his long long sleep his snoring would raise a storm no one would be able to wake him up from his deep slumber one day the marriage of my vision was planned and it was a grand ceremony rather all the arrangements have been made in a grand manner everything is fine but I want Kumbhakarna to take part in my wedding location it's my wish – but who will wake him up I will do that a patient called on his men soldiers I want all of you to join together and wake up Kumbhakarna for my wedding enough Oh No My Lord I'm sorry to interrupt but it is highly impossible sir food has to be arranged for him more than what we arranged for our wedding do what I say don't tell what I should do the soldiers had no choice but to obey orders the next day all the soldiers went to come back on us please Hey thought you see some different yes I feel something dragonis yes we are getting closer to Kumbhakarna as they walked a few steps suddenly they were tracked by a force Goomba cannot read the soldiers were hurled to the ground and then dragged along they were in the other foot of the Giant one of the soldiers luckily hitters today and all others stopped we are saved the soldiers gasped hope red another group of soldiers came with bows and arrows I'm going to aim arrows at his chest in no time he will wake up and swallow all of you for you will soon understand what the result of your foolhardy action will be the soldier shot a bunch of arrows on kumbhakarna for Kumbhakarna the effect was like that of a few eggs fighting him still sleeping he stretched his hand towards the arrows in the process the soldiers fell down here and there Oh save me long no mistake of my royal orders certainly in deep slumber the Giants turn sideways the soldiers who were standing near Kumbhakarna speed were now trapped on the hill oh oh we are dying oh oh please save us just then a group of soldiers came with elephants to wake him up the soldiers make the elephants spray water on combat this time he has to wake up better be careful else we will fall into his mouth when the elephant's sprayed water kumbhakarna got wild because of the disturbance he caught hold of one of the elephants and threw it into the air the soldier and the elephant were throw Oh all the soldiers and the elephants started running oh it's cool fly away fly away why don't we bring trumpets and horns and blast them into his yours good idea a huge band of trumpet ears were brought and the racket was aimed at Kumbhakarna but nothing could move kumbhakarna he was like it wrong a mountain he was irritated with the south with eyes closed he caught hold of a computer and grant him away the man flew along with the trumpet broke open a drum and fell inside all the soldiers started running nothing could move come back haha soldiers approached division my lord please forgive us we tried our best but everything failed my vision was confused but could not think of anything to awaken Kumbhakarna days passed robbing abducted Sita and kept her in Lanka Division did not like Robins waves he moved away from Robin and joined ROM ROM had brought the huge army of sugreev along with Hanuman to Lanka the palace of robber Robin was in a confused state of mind he had lost his grave some integer in the battle against round his brother Babycham has joined rom now brother Kumbhakarna was the last option he decided to wake him up ministers make arrangements to wake up Kumbhakarna he will smash the entire monkey army in no time my lord that's true but what's that Kumbhakarna cannot be awakened that easily do what you want but wake him up as you please my lord the minister's made arrangements to wake up kumbhakarna Kumbhakarna was sleeping peacefully given their past experience with kumbhakarna the soldiers were scared to go near him they stood at a distance and blew the trumpets ah we have tried all the same times if we get closer he will finish us off there is one more solution tell me he is fond of food if we bring loads of delicious for quickly huh good idea loads and loads of delicious food and sweets were piled up near Cumberland the delicacies were kept piping hot you the aroma slowly made Kumbhakarna come back to his senses he stirred he is working on if we are near him he will swallow us up in a minute all the soldiers ran and watched Kumbhakarna from a distance kumbhakarna woke up and was immensely happy to see the food he cuts down all the food sweets fruits and all the stuff he threw all the vessels as if they were tiny toys he ate his pillow and started walking the soldiers trembled with fear and ran in all possible directions why did you wake me up who had the guts to do this one of the ministers approached kumbhakarna Great Lord King Ravan wanted to meet you that's why we woke you please bear with us tell the king that I will meet him the minister fled from the palace in the meantime division comes to understand that kumbhakarna has been called to fight against the monkey army he also knew well that maximum damage will be caused to the army if Kumbhakarna steps inside the battlefield he went to meet his brother Kumbhakarna was walking towards the palace and was interrupted by his brother vb shal kumbhakarna good to see you after a long time welcome brother how are you I am fine when I find no peace of mind why you're under the protection of the great raw Kumbhakarna how can I be happy without you for eat just duty you made your decision – made I know about you well I also know that you don't like the ways of robbing that's wrong if we do not like the ways of the king we should correct him if we cannot we should leave him ha ha ha ha ha why do you laugh but he is also our brother that's true but what can we do I don't say what you have done is wrong kumbhakarna I am very much bothered about you I want you to come and join Lord Rama thank you very much for your kindness and concern what have you decided let me come to your point if a king makes mistakes if we don't like we can leave but if the King believes me and thinks he can depend on me in times of trouble how can i betray him rawan has looked after me all these years I belong to him I may disagree with him but I will fight for him I am ready to die for him brother I know Ram is a noble personality you will be safe with him please permit me to be with Robin and fight for him Kombucha now reached the palace you the people symbols with fear seem to giant come back at 9:30 Palace of robber welcome my dear brother I'm immensely happy to see you brother why are your eyes red Indrajit is no more kombucha now were shocked he stood like a stone his whole body shivered Kumbhakarna I want you to teach a lesson to the monkey troops and to wrong as you please brother Kumbhakarna are you alright are you not happy being with me brother how can you think of me like this Kumbhakarna don't mistake me as we've even left me I thought even you may not be interested in staying with me your brother you have been my guardian and king people shudder at my size and strength he's you Robyn looked at him in surprise Radha I don't agree with your ways I told you so earlier these unlawful ways may lead us into dire trouble anyhow I am ready to face the war I might win or my time if I die please mend your ways and rule uncle forever Robert hugged his brother Kumba come even if I die in the war I will not be worried as I have the greatest blessing in life in the person of kumbhakarna kumbhakarna left for the battlekey as he stepped in the hole he was covered with dust the monkey army was stunned to see the huge demon kuba Pumbaa cannot wrap elephants in Swanton in the air like the wheel the elephants and horses ran in haste seeing kumbhakarna Lord Ram appeared before him kumbhakarna stood before robb you're robbed I know that you are a symbol of righteousness you are the noblest man in the entire universe kumbhakarna I know that you are blessed by Brahma and you abide by righteousness but why did you come to fight for a Burma Laura you're a great human being I am an ordinary man I know my brother Robin has chosen the wrong path but I have to stand by him and show my gratitude to him from looking up for me all these years Kumba Connie I appreciate his love to me brother but you could have avoided this warrant but convincing your brothers and Eddie for compromise public announced minds why do you smile my law you hail from a true subtree of families that played some of the great each of our tenacity after losing everyone in our family if we go in for a compromise we will be taken to be why cowards let me face the wall Dom appreciated kombucha now stash the battle was all Kumbhakarna wreaked havoc Bromden severe Goomba Karnas Han that was holding the sole Kumbhakarna did not waste a moment he grabbed his severed right hand with his left he used the severed hand as a formidable mace and started hitting and thrashing the monkey the entire army was afraid of the hand that was cut as endure rather than the hand that was still intact then Graham cut his left hand too kumbhakarna used both his legs and tramples over the yardage grinding them to nothing more than lumps on the ground now one leg was removed by another Adil kumbhakarna did not stop with the single remaining leg he jumped hither and thither still causing untold damage Rahm cut the second led to making him fall on the ground Kumbhakarna did not give up even there he turned his face to the sides picked up massive rocks with his teeth and holding them there he used his tongue like a catapult to flip them into the air finally Rahm aimed an arrow at Kumbhakarna chest that did it Goomba cannot closed his eyes slowly rom hurry towards the dyeing Kumbhakarna Laura I'm happy to die at your hands kumbhakarna closed his eyes Robin was shocked to hear the news of his brother's death for the first time in his life he bet as he has not wet even for his son in Roger kumbhakarna though a demon was a person of great hands that's why he was blessed by Lord Rama again he believed in righteousness and this weighted Robin from keeping Sita in captivity but once he knew that Robin would not listen to his good advice he decided to stand by him and fight for him he had two ways before him to stand by righteousness or to show his gratitude to his brother the latter option meant dead but he chose to die with his brother and make the supreme sacrifice a great hero


  1. Rahma..Rama..is th Godd’ of Compassion….only Rama can kill , th demon…when it touches th heart! Th Demon, th negative side of being a human..represents th mind..th Ego..th will of “ be it my way..no matter if its harmful or not for th whole…”l thats th capacity of th mind…
    Th mind can create a logic based on its own experiences and arrive to false logical beliefs….very logical, but false! That s th mind! Th king in th human being!
    Th demon is all th negativity that supports th ego..no matter if its right or not…

    being human , or human being, means to be in th middle of th road, between Demon and Angel…wether th demon dies, or not, and we continue th journey forward,depends on Rahma..Compassion!
    When you learn about Rama, you see that he was th example of caring and serving th people…th perfected human being!
    This demon that serves th leader, th king..th Ego in a way…is faithful…obedient..
    depends much on th war: th whole war Th whole army of caracters in th hindu history, all of them, like Rama, Krishna,..Sarasvati..etc, they r all inside each one of us…
    all th Goddss
    ( Godd’= God+Goddess..unity..non duality…Creation..Creator..Totality…dont we need a word to erase th notion of gender, male and female,? This duality is only present here in our reality because it s not Total, yet…we r humans!
    as Angels, perfected beings, ther is no fixed body nor gender…yet, gender exists, here on earth, to create!….
    when a Godd’ creates, it takes from its own force to, give life to another part , apart from itself,: th universe! Life : humans:..
    On earth we see this truth in th figure of th mother… and th child as th universe, th entirety of th creation…
    Th female represents Goddess giving birth to th world…
    Th male? It reminds th Earthly creature, th human, that, th human is not th creator of itself…th mother is not th giver of life to th child,on her own…
    If it were so, if we only had one gender..th human will soon , th female mother , think that she s th giver of life..she alone….we r selfish enough..arrogant..to forget Godd even now with things as they r…
    Cant imagine humans with only one gender..lol
    on earth, , in this reality we have male and female, to remind one another that we dont create life without each other!
    That we depend….
    It represents our co_depandance on Godd’..
    For me, duality is th principle of co dependance! Since ther s me, and th other…ther s a connection…a dual presence..so as to know that l m not th only one…yet, both parts are equal in rights..mights..freedoms…
    Just, as it is on a higher level: Godd’ giving life to humans and all its masterpiece with th possibility to become conscious!
    of course there are many more interpretation…as many as individuals..each one of us sees th horizon , travelling on a different ship, at sea, from a different coordinate! Each body got its own eyes,thus sees differently..yet..how can we grasp that which is above us? We r only th children..our mother father, totality, Godd’(Goddess God) encompasses us…we r inside it like a baby inside th womb…can a baby see its mother? Does anyone know its mother before it was born? No..we werent there when she was a child..when she was growing up…mother will always be older than th child…equally, with Th Creator, we ll always be smaller..how can we pretend to know Godd’?

    Anyway..back to th hindu story…Myths that once walked th earth..
    All th Goddss, are explained in th Hindu Vedics…they explain through simbols, how we can overcome being a demon to rise as Angel..that is , nearest to God…when a person on Earth reaches a state of Angelic bliss, they r called Godds, becuase, they develop certain powers…Magic…but, if they fall into pride, again they loose their Power to continue towards higher levels of light, perfection…
    Each time we choose a positive thought, we advance!
    Each time we emit a negative thought, we go backwards…
    Arent we stuck in this battle? But it s a battle of choice!

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