Leadership and Acting: Karma

Leadership and Acting: Karma

Can leadership be learnt? CEIBS Prof Juan Antonio Fernandez says it can. Watch CEIBS MBAs’ final exam performance from Leadership & Acting class and give them a grade.

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ladies and gentlemen good evening we're here today to tell you a cautionary tale I see humanity seems destined to repeat all the stories in every complex ways tonight we bring to you a story of passion a story of deceit and a story of the Karma following us so join us now in a story of young love so successful today less than one hour yeah what do we do oh my god you're so smart hey put and they okay that's a good idea I'm also an envier it's perfect so they lose hope our trap okay I think this is the fish Oh Shanghai Life Shanghai dating life is so boring I'm gonna try my luck on tinder let's see if I can catch a good fish let's see let's see oh my god annamaria how hot she is she might be the one I'm gonna swipe right to see what it happens swipe swipe swipe it's a man oh my god okay we have to do first Wow even bikes first this is a Mickey thing what do you come from are you Shanghai again are you from Colombia now what happen example right I'm such a good guesser hey do you think we should go for a coffee tomorrow today about it good I'm sure no problem but not actually in some right now really 1000 euro this is big amount of money but maybe it's worth it maybe she's the one okay give me 24 hours I'll send you the money ah yes boy-meets-girl oil in this case unfortunately for men well girls clouded by emotion our young lover finds himself desperate for money willing to do anything to get what he needs to bring his Anna Maria to come see him in this moment he crosses paths with Brian a rookie cop coming off a string of recent mistakes and incidentally running late for work again wait a minute there's a stupid police farther whoa with the stupid cop maybe I can get my 1,000 bucks far away from bingo right there it's gonna kill me I might not tell anyone correct just give me the money I'll go to hospital yeah I just happen to have a thousand euros whoa thank you amazing right ninth inning we look at you right now [Applause] yeah no see I'm your boss right yeah so what happened I'm sorry I'm late okay it's running late so then I was like driving really fast and then I was like drinking my coffee this though everywhere else I'm trying to clean it up and then show these guys how they can get up finally that that I know they say that even a blind squirrel can find a nut from time to time and such as true with our young cop Ryan who shortly after lean the police station stumbles across Manuel right outside at an ATM nonetheless unfortunately for Brian this is a little too late and then to Columbia sin WeChat check money San Columbia yes she's coming there's the money no money where's the money you see this buddy he went to the hospital Trump the action-y where's the money money was sent to Colombia for a hot chick cheep-cheep Paula fine you finally saw your first case come on so what if you're paying back my money but getting over here right now my cash on a lawyer how did you come so quickly two hours ago oh my god this is amazing oh it's amazing she's amazing okay for you what is weather clouded by passion through sheer dumb luck we're chasing after their next dollar karma tends to follow us all often dealing justice in comical ways I hope you take the heart this cautionary tale and remember sometimes it's just best to swipe left [Applause] [Applause] you


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