Lear - Canterbury Shakespeare Festival

Lear – Canterbury Shakespeare Festival

‘The weight of this sad time we must obey:
Speak what we feel not what we aught to say’
– Act V, Scene III

Lear, a single mother of three, slips into madness after ill treatment from her daughters. Set over one night, the play explores family, love, mental health, and the experience of the human condition.

Location: St Stephen’s Church Hall
Tuesday 23rd July 7.30pm
Wednesday 24th July 7.30pm
Tuesday 30th July 7.30pm
Wednesday 31st July 7.30pm

Location: The Beaney House of Art & Knowledge
Tuesday 6th August 7.30pm
Wednesday 7th August 7.30pm

I'm Mabel I'm the director of Leah this year's experimental way I'm Rosie and I'm saying Regan my name is Jody and I'm playing Gloucester my name is Eloise and I'm going to be playing female I play King Lear so this play is based on Shakespeare's King Lear but is adapted and staged so as to be following Lear as a single mother of three she tried to divvy up her inheritance amongst her daughters but it doesn't exactly go well and she asked them who loves her the most and they all say I love you more than gold I love you more than their some of the women that the youngest daughter she is the one that goes no I'm not going to play this game with you the oldest two daughters they kind of don't take things right it offers a quirk of character old age and if it's fundamentally about the different responses from the people that phases to her when you explore these characters feeling the same things that people today will feel problems with identity and betrayal and loss I think that's universal I really hope that the audience brings away from it some questions and conversations about mental health about older women in older women and how we treat them but also questions about Shakespeare and how we can adapt Shakespeare's stories and Hollister relevant and interesting and how there are so many levels that can be explored so it's definitely I play that that prompts questions and I hope that that's that needs some audience really snuck away I was in last year and I had so much fun and everyone is so supportive as quite relaxed so it helps people who aren't so familiar with shapes there


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