Lil Mayo | Before They Were Famous | Storm Area 51 They Can't Stop Us All

Lil Mayo | Before They Were Famous | Storm Area 51 They Can't Stop Us All

Lil Mayo | Before They Were Famous | Storm Area 51 They Can’t Stop Us All | SUBSCRIBE:

Before They Were Famous:

The Rich Life:

Before Lil Mayo partied and flexed his way to becoming the most lit alien on the gram, with 2 million followers, his own popular merch store, a line of weed, a work out plan, and a Ferrari
Before Lil Mayo was kicking it with rappers like the Game, the late Nipsey Hussle and even stealing kisses from Rihanna.
Before Lil Mayo was nominated for a shorty award, and appeared in Rich the Kid’s video for Plug Walk

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Producer / Editor: Tamara Comas

Host: Michael McCrudden

Writer: Matt Rubel


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Before Lil Mayo partied and flexed his way
to becoming the most lit alien on the gram, with 2 million followers, his own popular
merch store, a line of weed, a work out plan, and a rari Before Lil Mayo was kicking it with rappers
like the Game, the late Nipsey Hussle and even stealing kisses from Rihanna Before Lil Mayo was nominated for a shorty
award, and appeared in Rich the Kid's video for Plug Walk By any measure, Lil Mayo is the biggest influencer
on the planet, aside from those actually born on it. While his popularity is skyrocketing, few
know the story behind the self-described most savage alien on the gram. So to help tell his story, I reached out to
the little space dude himself and was introduced to the man behind Lil Mayo. His name is Alex Martyn… a once aspiring
professional skateboarder and filmmaker who was settling into a 9 to 5 building cabinets. In his spare time, Alex would make dank memes
and eventually built up a following big enough to justify spending $750 dollars on a rare
vintage movie prop that would become Lil Mayo. As he put it, “I would search far and wide for alien photos
online to make memes with until I'd literally used all the meme-worthy photo of aliens on
the internet.” “Then, one day I thought, If I just had
my own alien, I could take my own photos and make more dank memes.” At the time his dad though his kid had gone
crazy, but look at him and Mayo now. All I know is that if were storming Area 51
we should nominate Lil Mayo as our chief commander. What's going on guys? My name's Michael McCrudden, documenting the
life and career of Lil Mayo, and his creator, prior to fame, here for you on Before They
Were Famous. Just yesterday we dropped a Before They Were
Famous on Area 51 and in it I asked you guys if you want me to make a video on Lil Mayo
and you guys flooded my DM's asking for this video to get made. I also asked you if you wanted me to hit up
Area 51 as I drive from LA to Vegas next weekend and again you guys said you wanted me to do
it. Your gonna need to follow me on Instagram
and Twitter to see what I see, maybe Lil Mayo will come with me – give him a follow as
well our social links are down below. Alright, let's get into this video. (GRAPHIC INTRO) Lil Mayo was purchased on around March of
2015 but the story starts with Alex Martyn was born on December 28, 1990 in Beverly,
Massachusettes, population 39 thou. The youngest of four, Alex spent most of his
childhood in Gloucester, Mass. That city, according to Alex, is famous for
three things: fishermen, lobsters, and the pregnancy pact girls. Dont know who they are? Well, back in 2008, Gloucester High School
drew international attention when news broke about 18 students getting pregnant at the
same time. The principal of the school claimed that the
girls had made a pact to become pregnant, with one even propositioning a 24 year old
homeless man to help her conceive. While one pregnant student denied the existence
of a pregnancy pact in a Good Morning America interview, the story was just too juicy to
stop. Law and Order SVU aired an episode inspired
by the pregnancy pact, as did Bones. Finally in 2010, there was even a Lifetime
movie made about it. Lifetime never misses a beat! Would of been and extra epic twist to this
story if one of those girls gave birth to an alien. Alex actually went to the very same high school
as these girls. Before that, he attended East Gloucester Elementary
School and O Maley Middle School. He was a self described pyro, who hated school. From a young age, he would work after school
and weekends in his dad's shop building furniture for libraries, schools and courthouses. Alex started working there sweeping floors,
and would eventually work his way up to the top, but were not there yet. Growing up, Alex had two serious passions:
skateboarding and video production. He's been skateboarding as far back as he
can remember and received his first video camera as a Christmas gift from his mother
at 13 years old. It wasn't long before he'd be taking that
camera out to the skate park, filming himself and his friends, and cutting together his
own videos. He would eventually upgrade his camera, and
in true skater style, he got himself a fish eye lens. Alex was a big fan of CKY, a video series
by Bam Margera and Brandon DiCamillo, initially released in 1999. The videos featured skateboarding, stunts
and comedy segments, and would eventually become the basis for what would become Jackass. Their work would become influential in Alex's
own productions. When it comes to skate videos, his magnum
opus would probably be Piff Juice, an 18 minute video he filmed entirely with a decked out
iphone and cut together in final cut. The style and tone would also help to influence
his later work with Lil Mayo. As Alex evolved as a video creator, he also
developed as a skater. Since childhood, he dreamed of one day becoming
a professional skateboarder. He took the sport seriously, and even managed
to get sponsored by converse and a local skate shop. Let's take a look at some of his skills. Alex was talented skater, with a ton of creative
energy. But after graduating high school, he had a
much more practical opportunity waiting for him…going to work full time for his dad. Without a clear game plan on how to make it
as a skater or an artist, Alex took the gig. He told Vice, “I had no idea what they fuck I wanted to
do when I grew up, so I just went with the flow and kept working at the shop.” “Fast-forward to 2014. I was 24 years old, vice president of the
company and accepting that was my golden ticket to a successful life, so I stuck with it.” “But all I thought about while I was at
work was skateboarding and the next time I'd be filming or editing something.” Aside from skateboarding and videos, he was
also getting deep into internet culture. He loved alien memes, and one in particular
caught his attention. The ayylmao alien. According to Know Your Meme, that meme first
began circulating on Portuguese and Spanish language paranormal cites in 2012, and made
an early appearance on twitter in 2013, before taking off on the celebrity gossip blog Oh
No They Didnt. An early example of the meme is this image.That
image was originally taken from an episode of the X files called Jose Chugs From Outta
Space. Around 2014, Alex began regularly posting
on an Instagram page called ayylmao dot memes. As the page began to take off, Alex saw some
serious potential, but images of meme worthy aliens were getting scarcer and scarcer. He realized that the best way to keep it going
would be to find an alien of his own, so he could take his own pictures. He searched the web to find an alien worthy
of the project. Most full size models did not have the quality
and detail he was looking for, but eventually he found what he was looking for. It was a film prop that, as far as Alex knows,
was never actually used in any movies, but copies have gone on to appear in a couple
of tv shows. He purchased the prop for 750 dollars, and
got to work featuring Lil Mayo on his own instagram page. As for the name Lil Mayo, well thats just
a play on the name of the meme, ayy lmao. In the early days, his own pictures of Lil
Mayo would be featured alongside pics he scooped from google. But eventually, the doll would clearly become
the main draw of the page. Especially when he started making Lil Mayo
videos. One of these videos, a compilation set to
Futures 56 Nights, would gain huge traction, getting shared by World Star, Blac Chyna,
and a bunch of comedy pages. As Alex poured increasing energy into Lil
Mayo videos, he would take him out to bars and clubs, where fans took selfies with the
doll, pour beer on him, and chicks would make out with him. After just six months, the partying took its
tole on the doll, and Alex had to spring for a replacement, which cost him 1500 bucks…double
what he paid for the first. But if that seems expensive, Alex says more
recently, hes seen the doll listed on ebay for up to 7k. A lot of these little alien models are listed
as Lil Mayo, but don't be deceived. The real Lil Mayo model has been pimped out
with an armature to allow him to do a better job posting for pics and video. Obviously, Alex has also learned to handle
Mayo with a lot more care, only bringing him out for content creation. As Lil Mayo's socials began to skyrocket,
brands began to reach out to Alex, sending him free clothes for the alien to pose in. The most crucial of these brands was RIPNDIP,
with whom Lil Mayo would release a merch collaboration. Realizing that these kinds of opportunities
would be impossible to find in the Boston area, Alex realized that he would have to
move out to LA to make it big. His point of contact at RIPNDIP asked him
to come out, and even offered to let him crash at his home for a few months, until Alex could
make it on his own in the city. Ceasing on the opportunity, Alex left everything
in Massachusettes behind, including his day job working for pops, and most of his stuff. He put only a few clothes, and Lil Mayo into
a duffel bag, and flew out to tinsel town. Sure enough, LA had more opportunities. Banking of the success of his RIPNDIP collaboration,
Lil Mayo would soon team up with Dog Limited founder, Andy Paz, to create a merch line
of his own, Succ, which is by the way, short for success. And that name proved pretty accurate. The clothing line drops new stuff just about
every month, and it typically sells out within a week…sometimes just a couple of days.Now
a fashion icon, its no surprise that Lil Mayo would get an invite to chill with Rihanna
at the 2017 Fenty holiday party. Well, actually, it was a surprise to Alex,
who at first wasnt sure if the invite was legit. Since then, hes also been invited to other
Fenty events and has tons of other appearances. In the future, Alex also has plans to launch
a Lil Mayo tv series, a rap career, and possibly even a run for President of the United States. As for the rest of the story, well, you know
the story, because this is Before They Were Famous. My names Michael McCrudden, thanks for watching
this video. Big shout out to Alex for helping me put this
one together. If you're a fan of Lil Mayo, you'll probably
also want to check out his official origin story. That's over on Before They Were Fiction right
now. Also, if for some reason, youre not already
following Lil Mayo, I've got links to all his socials in the description box. You can also check out the official Succ International
store at nice succ dot com.



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