Lori Lansens takes readers' questions about The Wife's Tale

Lori Lansens takes readers' questions about The Wife's Tale

Lori Lansens takes questions from readers about her new novel, The Wife’s Tale, in a live Q&A session via videoconference.

story oh what oh that's disappointing at disappointing it was mentioned in the observer in the UK so putting yourself in marriage position wondered help there are kind of reaction re always sort of physical state just wanted held angel um thanks to those questions Chris to answer your first question I had to do some academic research when i wrote the girls i think people assume that i did much much more research than I did but the fact is that there are very few incidences of conjoined twins and it was really a flight of imagination once I had you know the sort of need to know medical questions answer the rest was a flight of imagination and an act of empathy as I think writing this kind of story and sort of finding that kind of character it and it was the same for Mary Gooch I'm in in terms of academic research of course I didn't do a lot of academic research for this story but at a dohtal research and relying on the thousands of conversations that I've had with women throughout the years and of course like most people I have overweight people and and obese people in my orbit so one draws on on those things in an emotional way as well oh I'm sorry yep yep that was the next question I've had wonderful very passionate and heartfelt responses from overweight people I have people I have a section in my website Lori Lankans calm where readers can write to me and I've been very moved and gratified by how generous people have been to write to me to share their stories um frequently people obese people are writing to me I'm talking about a little bit about what they talked about in the observer in the newspaper that they are enjoying and feel pleased to see real life and in real situations of the real struggle with obesity on explored in fiction that's interesting I yet I think you shouldn't be I think you shouldn't be nervous about that um yes that might might might the response that far has been extraordinarily positive from overweight and obese people yeah thank you Chris hi Janet was that nebulous ending he didn't feel finite there was no the closure was purely mental for the reader so when I started while i was sure about how it felt when I found the closure with in the book the next book and I'm wondering what drove you to do that to end it where it in oh oh um well it's very it's touched upon in the wife's tale but we I think that we understand when we read the girls even even though they can't write their own death scene in the fictional autobiography I think we understand at the end that it is the end we've you know certainly been led to believe that and I thought I felt it was impossible to set a book in labor at the same time the girls lived and not mentioned them not have married mentioned them and and I especially like the way that Mary um wanted to see herself in the book and was surprised that she was not the earlier that she was I think she said something about big how can I love such a large woman be so incidental but but as I said earlier there's a connection that the three books feel oddly and only to me I understand that they feel oddly like a trilogy a little right right okay right okay thank you hi Becky focus the process eight and writing and also in the editing process to decide to be such well maybe a lengthy beginning for you feeling it into the dynamic of the changes are tougher I guess journey will lift interesting um everyone every reader will come to the character hit in a different way there are some there some readers who have told me that they fell in love with her instantly that they that they you know we're sympathetic toward her and and fell in love and so any any part of her journey would have been interesting in that case and and again it depends on the individual nature I suppose as to how long it might take you or if you ever fall in love with Mary coach but in in terms of her story I I wanted to express her inertia in the first half of the book so that you understand what her life is the rut that she's in how the o beast has taken hold of her life so that the rest of the story is is poignant and matters at all to the reader Thank You Becky hi the title of this book came after a long a long process and conversation with a number of different editors I work with the Canadian either an American editor and a UK editor we all decided that this because this is a journey that's set the wife's tale it resonated for us and it made sense it fits a book but it's but it's not there it is not necessarily a reference to chocolate but thank you thank you so much hi Marian I'm cooking my point swelling you look fabulous characters living with you for many years how did you know well that's an interesting question um it's not just the character of very good that's been living with me for all of these years but it is the overweight female character that I have been writing about in many different guises but both in my screenwriting in the few plays but I wrote in the short stories that I wrote and it in fact my empathy for this character I think it's tens past the beginning when I started writing and but in terms of now why now it I suppose it's because she has become so conspicuous in society and not not just overweight but but the morbidly obese woman is is more conspicuous in society and and I'm drawn to tell the stories of the silent people or the people who sometimes they're standing on the fringe Thank You Marion great to see you


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