MadFlavor TV explores Essence25 Authors Corner & Bookstore

MadFlavor TV explores Essence25 Authors Corner & Bookstore

For Black and Brown book lovers, there is no place more magical than the Essence Bookstore during the festival. Stacks and stacks of books by African American authors are displayed on tables and shelves throughout the area, providing a wide array of books for festival-goers.

know me you know that I love this woman and I appreciate all of the work that she's done and I'm you're finding here with you somebody well you are an amazing black woman made such an impact on especially Barack Obama I know you're excited about being Michelle this weekend [Applause] so we couldn't be here to have you do and with you and guys if you have not already practice your craft of finding my voice make sure you do so you will never be sorry all about the journey of to the West Wing hey guys your girl Kayla and I'm here at 25 copies one of mine because we know you as an actress but you are an author to share them with thank you amazing any you amazing empowering you're gonna be bringing up a whole not enjoy it tonight honey pearl arias comedy show Larry Sherri Shepherd melons Camacho and just Blair the show in the shower go to the shop want you to tell us about your product line real quick yes so boo-boo-boo said she knows [Applause] and text the word rule wo wo ho capitalize to 69 $6.99 is the telephone number is the text word and then I'll get you on my special list all right see I just got some a solution see on this product line this comedy show tonight and this new book we're so proud of you you've got all the scoop


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